Für I, on the day appointed ; For he and I, F'r'e 'n I. -In all these, and similar cases, the former syllable must be swelled and dwelt upon so as to flow distinctly into the next, without stopping the stream of sound.

In all these examples it may be observed that when for is a conjunction it does not change the vowel sound -and it may be known to be one, when because can be substituted for it without destroying the sense.

As articles, prepositions and conjunctions have no meaning in themselves except as they relate to other words, or serve to connect other words together, good taste and good sense require us to utter them with no more force than is sufficient clearly to show such relation or connection : for the more force we give to unimportant words, the less are we able to bestow on those that are important. How often do we hear the conclusion of the Lord's Prayer expressed in this manner ? Fur thine is the kingdom, and the power, and I the glory forever. Expressed properly, it would be ; For thine is thě kingdom, and thě power, und thě glory ' forever.

Some persons have contracted the disagreeable habit of stopping upon the article, preposition or conjunction till they can think of words to put with them; and when the words come, they pour them forth in a sort of spasm : and this makes their talking a constant succession of nervous twitches ; and it makes others nervous to hear them. This habit sometimes prevails in reading, irrespective of emphasis, and tends to give an unnatural prominence to most of those little words. What advantage it is both to the talker and the reader, always to keep his mind sufficiently in advance to embrace lan

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guage enough for a full measure of speech, before any of the words escape his lips ! For in no other way can they be naturally adjusted to each other, and uttered agreeably to their relative importance.



THE following classes of words ranged under their respective sounds, are designed to help the student the better to fix in his mind their true pronunciation; and to train his organs to utter with ease the most difficult elements, and combinations of the language.-He should first express the element by itself; and then in words, till the organs obey every demand of the will. à --Fate, ale, day, freight, obey, danger, gaol, chasten,

gauge, pátron, patriot, patriarch, patriotism, pastry,

ere, prey, alien, convey, stranger, feign, feint, detáil. å ---Far, army, alms, calm, ah, aye, master, martin,

guard, art, are, calf, aunt, haunt, heart, hearken,

father, era, America, command, laughter. å-8 - Fall, all, awful, water, daughter, broúght, sought,

ought, naughty, appall, orb, lord, for, laud, law, saw, raw, flaw, draw, straw, author, autograph, morn, adorn, warn, forlorn, ball, call, tall, hall, fall, pall, caught, fought, wrought, inthral, saucy, sauce, ward, sward, exorbitant, lawn, gone, also, albeit, almost, was, war, column (collum).

å-Fat, at, alley, alternate, advance, chance, dance, hat,

sat, canal, bade, had, plaister, passion, afilict, affection, áscent, after, pass, sacrifice, sacrament, sacrilege, patriotic, patronage, patronize, patent, románce, finance, scath, jubilant, arrogant, metal, musical, circum


á-Dare, bare, care, their, scare, fair, pear, air, rare,

stare, tear, there, wear, repair, parent, prayer. é-Eel, keel, receive, believe, machine, police, ravine, rear,

clean, beard, either, neither, mien, liege, besiege, leis

ure, antique, debris (debrée). -Met, yet, yes, err, error, terror, recreant, heroine, ter

ritory, system, stereotype, heifer, says, said, leopard, leper, guess, goodness, matchless, novel, grovel, therefore, were, wherefore, ate, deaf, weapon, prelude, prelate, prelacy, again. But e, ea, or i, followed by r and another consonant, has a sound approaching to the second sound of u, viz: mercy, imperfect, infirinity, pearl, mirth, girl, sermon, virtue, confirm, person, virgin, learn, earn, fern, term, germ, earth, stern, earl,

eternal, terse, heard, perpendicular, termination. 1-Pine, mine, thine, prime, time, isle, while, find, kind,

eye, wry, thyme, time, rhyme, buy, ally, choir, aisle, height, inicroscope, oblige, mild, child, behind, refined,

mind, sacrifice, aspirant, synopsis, synonomy. i —Pin, fill, spirit, masculine, genuine, feminine, rigid,

lithograph, been, circuit, subject, sieve, live, certain; fountain, mountain, curtain, miracle, minute, (minit,)

sensible, aspirate. ó-No, note, old, own, oak, whole, sloth, yolk, yeoman,

sow, show, pour, court, course, divorce, force, porch,

2 0

horde, sword, bourn, shorn, source, port, forte, host, ghost, ford, oath, control, revolt, export, impórt, effort, engross, morose, porter, portrait, trophy, deportment, glory, glorious, sonorous, notable, portable, potentate, moan, stone, more, home, only, forge, prorógue, toward.

- Move, lose, shoes, soon, moon, poor, food, hoof, your, youth, youths, truth, truths, canoe, uncouth, bruise,

recruit, fruit, prune, rumor, amour, soot, to, rule. o --Not, sot, forehead, watch, what, warrant, docile,

swan, laurel, quantity, trough, quandary, hog, log, frog, flock, lock, clock, providence, proverb, novel, prospect, sophist, torrent, demonstrate, constitution, observation, inconstant, profligate, authority, anonymous, monastery, doctrine, longitude, dollar, collar, solemn,

column (collum), volume (vol-ume), onerous. ů —Tube, puny, hue, beauty, junior, feudal, view,

adieu, cure, juice, ague, nuisance, blew, new, news,

particular, virtue, vol-ume. ů -Tub, nut, run, her, heard, bird, sir, turn, come, some,

doth, son, done, none, does, sovereign, worth, colander, front, shove, dove, love, attorney, slough (sluff),

nothing, covenant. ů -Bull, full, pulpit, book, look, crook, would, could,

should, foot, put, soot, di Oil, soil, join, loin, purloin, poison, joist, hoist,

boy, toy, decoy, annoy, destroy, choice, rejoice, joy, point, appoint, broil, coil, toil, coy, cloy, void, poise, spoil, exploit, oyster, cloister, voyage, loyal, royal. oỉ —Pound, astound, couch, avouch, slough, plough,

slouch, crouch, without, gout, cow, now, how, bow, power, drown, crown, scowl, count, counter, loud,


crowd, mow, coward, doubt, drought, council, avow, endow, found, ground, renounce, lower, tower, sour,

cower, flower.

CONSONANTS.—It has been thought that consonants cannot be sounded without the help of a vowel ; but it is not so.

The names of the consonants cannot; but their elements can, though imperfectly. The student will find it a good exercise to sound them separately, and then in combination with the vowels.

b-But, ribbon, orb, able, abbey, benefaction. d-Day, aid, and, deed, dandle, dimple, deacon. f-Fife, off, calf, sphere, geography, physic, drought. g-Get, gave, go, give growth, indignant, again, goal. h-High, huge, humble, withhold, enhance, homage. j-Jail, jewel, gem, gibe, ginger, judge, suggest, gaol. k-Key, claim, club, clock, succinct, tocsin, acme. 1-Lame, lot, link, call, alláy, álley, allíes; allot. m-Mark, met, common, incommode, manly. n-New, not, mountain, anger, angel. ng-Long, song, singer, language, length, strength. P-Pin, pen, point, appoint, pewter, preposition. q-Quart, quince, queen, quality, liquefy, require. r (smooth)-Army, mercy, barbarity, guard, regard. r (rough)-Regal, wretch, rural, rough, roar, rupture. 8-Cent, cease, cigar, fascinate, precipice, false. sh-Shall, crash, ocean, issue, chaise, nation. t-Trifle, trust, contrite, but, cut, commit. tch-Change, discharge, achieve, franchise, stretch. th (sharp)—Thin, truth, truths, youth, youths, wreath

(a verb).

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