Bell's Edition, 第 5〜6 巻

J. Bell, 1782
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19 ページ - anon I wol you telle, Sin he is gon: the foule fend him quelle, For never hereafter wol I with him mete For peny ne for pound, I you
31 ページ - that is mis I ment. This Tale was not only told for you But eke for other mo : ye wote wel how That among
36 ページ - pray ? It is a water that is made, I fay, Of the elementes foure, quod Plato. Tell me the rote, good Sire, quod he tho, Of that water, if that it
30 ページ - Now, goode Sire, go forth thy way and hie the. He went his way, and with the eoper he eame, And this ehanon it in his hondes name,
94 ページ - humilitee in herte, and another in the mouth, and the thridde in werkes. The humilitee in herte is in foure maners; that on is whan a man holdeth
41 ページ - And wete ye what ? I have here in my gourd A draught of win, ye of a ripe grape, And right anon ye
26 ページ - ynow; But unto God of heven I make avow, For all our eraft, whan we han all ydo, And all our Height, he wol not