The Edinburgh literary journal; or, Weekly register of criticism and belles lettres, 第 4 巻


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167 ページ - The fig-tree ; not that kind for fruit renowned, But such as at this day, to Indians known, In Malabar or Decan spreads her arms Branching so broad and long, that in the ground The bended twigs take root, and daughters grow About the mother tree, a pillared shade High over-arched, and echoing walks between...
286 ページ - Our love was like most other loves, — A little glow, a little shiver, A rosebud and a pair of gloves, And "Fly Not Yet," upon the river; Some jealousy of some one's heir, Some hopes of dying broken-hearted; A miniature, a lock of hair, The usual vows, — and then we parted.
71 ページ - Flung into life in the midst of a revolution, that quickened every energy of a people who acknowledged no superior, he commenced his course, a stranger by birth, and a scholar by charity; — with no friend but his sword, and no fortune but his talents, he rushed into the lists where rank, and wealth, and genius had arrayed themselves ; competition fled from him as from the glance of destiny.
24 ページ - To have produced it, to have preserved it, to have matured it, constitute the immortal claim of England on the esteem of mankind.
25 ページ - FRESH clad from heaven in robes of white, A young probationer of light, Thou wert my soul, an Album bright, A spotless leaf; but thought, and care, And friend and foe, in foul or fair, Have " written strange defeatures...
71 ページ - ... assumed the air of history; nor was there aught too incredible for belief, or too fanciful for expectation, when the world saw a subaltern of Corsica waving his imperial flag over her most ancient capitals.
286 ページ - Persian stories; Soft songs to Julia's cockatoo, Fierce odes to Famine and to Slaughter, And autographs of Prince LeBoo, And recipes for elder-water.
71 ページ - Grand, gloomy, and peculiar, he sat upon the throne, a sceptred hermit, wrapt in the solitude of his own originality. A mind bold, independent, and decisive — a will, despotic in its dictates — an energy...
209 ページ - I speak, saw, right before him, and in a standing posture, the exact representation of his departed friend, whose recollection had been so strongly brought to his imagination. He stopped for a single moment, so as to notice the wonderful accuracy with which fancy had impressed upon the bodily eye the peculiarities of dress and posture of the illustrious poet. Sensible, however, of the delusion, he felt no sentiment save that of wonder at the extraordinary accuracy of the resemblance, and stepped...
286 ページ - There, when the sounds of flute and fiddle Gave signal sweet in that old hall Of hands across and down the middle, Hers was the subtlest spell by far Of all that sets young hearts romancing: She was our queen, our rose, our star; And then she danced, — oh, heaven, her dancing!