The New Monthly Belle Assemblée, 第 16 巻

Joseph Rogerson

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253 ページ - Three years she grew in sun and shower, Then Nature said, 'A lovelier flower On earth was never sown ; This child I to myself will take; She shall be mine, and I will make A lady of my own. 'Myself will to my darling be " Both law and impulse : and with me The girl, in rock and plain, In earth and heaven, in glade and bower, Shall feel an overseeing power To kindle or restrain...
253 ページ - She shall be sportive as the fawn That wild with glee across the lawn Or up the mountain springs; And hers shall be the breathing balm And hers the silence and the calm Of mute insensate things.
253 ページ - The stars of midnight shall be dear To her; and she shall lean her ear In many a secret place Where rivulets dance their wayward round, And beauty born of murmuring sound Shall pass into her face.
253 ページ - She shall be sportive as the Fawn That wild with glee across the lawn Or up the mountain springs ; And hers shall be the breathing balm, And hers the silence and the calm Of mute insensate things. The floating Clouds their state shall lend To her ; for her the willow bend ; Nor shall she fail to see Even in the motions of the Storm Grace that shall mould the Maiden's form By silent sympathy.
253 ページ - And vital feelings of delight Shall rear her form to stately height, Her virgin bosom swell; Such thoughts to Lucy I will give While she and I together live Here in this happy dell.
325 ページ - Book; to discompose the gravity of the bench, and provoke naughty interrogatories in more naughty law Latin; while the good judge, tickled with the proceeding, simpers under a grey beard, and fidges off and on his cushion as if he had swallowed cantharides, or sat upon cowitch!
63 ページ - All of high-born maiden's grace, — Who is there could look on thee And doubt thy nobility? Round thee satin robe is flung, Pearls upon thy neck are hung, And upon thy arm of snow Rubies like red sun-gifts 'glow ; Yet thou wearest pearl and gem As thou hadst forgotten them. — 'Tis a step, but made to tread O'er Persian web, or flower's head, — Soft hand that might only move In the broider'd silken glove, — Cheek unused to ruder air Than what hot-house rose might...
269 ページ - Our outward life requires them not — Then wherefore had they birth ? To minister delight to man — To beautify the earth. To comfort man — to whisper hope, Whene'er his faith is dim ; For Who so careth for the flowers Will much more care for him.
347 ページ - Can gold gain friendship? impudence of hope! As well mere man an angel might beget. Love, and love only, is the loan for love. Lorenzo ! pride repress, nor hope to find A friend, but what has found a friend in thee : All like the purchase, few the price will pay ; And this makes friends such miracles below.
217 ページ - E'en hoary priests the sacred combat wage, And clothe in steel the palsied arm of age ; While beardless youths and tender maids assume The weighty morion and the glancing plume.