miftiamen to be exempt from the regular

DIRECTORS. militia for two years after the expiration of Sir James Hall, Bart. | Thomas Thomson, their service. The allowances to wives and Lord Webb Seymour Esq. families to be the same as under the present Professor Christison Lord Meadowbank act for the regulár militia. Men not to be Thomas Allan, Esq. Mr Andrew Mylne trained for more than 28 days in the year. Mr Alex. Adie, Op-Gilbert Innes, Esq. The act to continue for four years."


James Russel, Esq.

Mr Stevenson, Civil Alex. Keith, Esq. HORRID MURDER.


Dr Gordon Extract of letter, dated Resolis, 4th

James Jardine, Esq. Daniel Ellis, Esq. June 1812:-“ On Tuesday last, the 2d

Civil Engineer

James Innes, Esq. current, Captain Charles Munro, late of the

And. Waddel, Esq. Sir H. Moncrieff, Brt. 42d regiment, and Robert Ferguson, ship carpenter, both residing at Inverbreaky fer On the 24th of June, the University of ry, parish of Resolis, having met at a neigh- Edinburgh conferred the degree of Doctor bouring work shop, a trifling dispute arose in Medicine on the following Gentlemen, between them. After a little altercation, after the usual public and private trials : Ferguson pulled a large knife out of his

Of Scotland, Alexander Hannay, James pocket, and plunged it into Captain Munro's Watson, George Barclay, Robert Sanders, side. Dr M‘Donald, at Cromarty, who was Nigell Maxwell, James Weir, John William immediately called, dressed the wound with Watson, Richard Kellett, William Robert. the greatest skill and tenderness, and af

son, William Bell, John Robertson, David forded every possible assistance, but all to Scott, John Smith. no purpose, the wound was mortal, and

Of England, Henry Stephens Belcombe, next evening, about twenty-eight hours Andrew Boutflower, John Dick, Marshall after receiving the cruel stab, the Captain Hall, Francis Whaley, Jonathan Mercer died! Upon perpetrating the atrocious deed, M‘Culloch, John Churton, Richard Williams, the base assassin attempted to elude the Gcorge Wallis, James Barry, Joseph Collier violated laws of his country, by absconding. Cookworthy. In consequence, however, of the exertions Of Ireland, Thomas Putnam M‘Cabe, of Captain Mackenzie of Newhall, .whose Thomas Charlton Speer, Victor Lud. Heractivity on this occasion merits the highest view, William John Bell, Samuel Forbes praise, the miscreant was taken on the same Crawford, Henry Clements, John Foley, evening, and lodged early next morning in William Champion, Samuel Lindsay, James the jail of Tain. Captain Munro has left F. Carrol, Henry Irwin, William Ryan. an indigent widow, and a numerous help Of Wales, James Cove Jones, Francis less family, to deplore his premature and James Hughes, cruel death,

Of Bermudas, Agustus Edward Dalzell At the third annual meeting of the E

Of East Indies, William Bruce, James

Mouat. dinburgh Bible Society, on the 22d of May, the following noblemen and gentlemen were

Of Madeira, Nicolas C. Pitta chosen office-bearers for the current year :

Of St Croix, Jas. Carden, And. Kenney.

Of Jamaica, Colin Campbell. The Right Hon. Lord CATHCART, President.

On the 27th June, the silver club, given VICE-PRESIDENTS. The Right Honoura- | John Balfour, Esq,

by the city of Edinburgh to the Company of ble Lord Calthorpe John Campbell, Escl. gained by Burnet Bruce, Esq. advocate.

Golfers, was played for on Leith Links, and Adam Rolland, Esq. Alex. Bonar, Esq.

At a meeting of the Faculty of Advocates, Rev. James Pedie Mr Christopher An held on July the 1st, John Dunlop, Esq.. James Bonar, Esq.


advocate, was unanimously elected one of the Sir William Forbes, Baronet, Treasurer,

Collectors of Decisions for the Second Divi. and Mr George Brunton Sub-Treasurer. sion of the Court of Session, in the room of

Andrew Murray, Esq. advocate, resigned. At a General Meeting of the Proprietors of the ASTRONOMICAL INSTITUTION OF

The Annual Prize given by his Majesty EDINBURGH, held in the Royal Society

to the Royal Company of Archers, was shot apartments, on Saturday the 30th May, the

for on the 4th of July'at Burntsfield Links, followingGentlemen wereelected Office-bear

and gained by Donald Horne, Esq. ers and Directors :

The Right Hon. the Earl of Morton has President-Professor Playfair.

appointed Mr Alexander Simpson, pre cher Vice-President-Sir George Mackenzie. of the gospel, to the church and parish of Treasurer James Bonar, Esq.

Kirknewton, vacant by the death of Mr CaSecretary-Dr Brewster.



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We understand, the Lords Commissioners ness's Attorney-General ; and Samuel Shepof his Majesty's Treasury have appointed herd, his Majesty's eldest Serjeant at Law, to Mr John Sands, formerly second assistant be his Royal Highness's Solicitor-General. architect, to be sole assistant architect in the Barrack Department, North Britain ;

AUTUMN CIRCUITS. Robert Reid, Esq. first assistant architect, having resigned.



Inverness,... Tuesday, 15th September. [From the London Gazette.]

Aberdeen,... ... Monday, 21st September. June 1.--Major-General Pinson Bonham Perth,...... ... Saturday, 26th September. to be Governor and Commander in Chief


GILLIES. Colonel George Robert Ainslie to be Governor and Commander in Chief of Do Inverary,... Saturday, 26th September. minica.

Stirling,..... ..Friday, 2d October. 5. Rev. James Stanier Clarke, F. R. S. to

Glasgow,.......... Tuesday, 6th October. be Historiographer to his Majesty, in room SOUTH-LORD MEADOWBANK and LORD of the late Rev. L. Duttons.

WOODHOUSELEE, 9. This day Robert Banks Earl of Liver. Ayr,............... Saturday, 26th September. pool, the Right Hon. Nicholas Vansittart, Dumfries.......... Thursday, 1st October. Snowdon Barne, Esq. and the Hon. Berke. Jedburgh,......... Tuesday, 6th October. ley Paget, were appointed Commissioners for executing the office of Treasurer of his

BIRTHS. Majesty's Exchequer.

This day, the Right Hon. Nicholas Nov. 16. 1811, At Calcutta, thc Lady of Vansittart was appointed Chancellor and Alex. Fraser Tytler, Esq. Register at KishUnder Treasurer of his Majesty's Ex- nagur, a daughter. chequer.

March 23. 1812, At the island of Madeira, 11. This day, Henry Earl Bathurst, and the Lady of Major-General the Hon. Robert Henry Viscount Sidmouth were sworn in Meade, a son. to be two of his Majesty's Principal Secre- May 2. At Gibraltar, the Lady of Lientaries of State.

tenant-Colonel Molle, 9th regiment, a son - This day, Dudley Earl of Harrow by and heir. was declared President of his Majesty's 30. At Rothiemay, Lady Jane Taylor, a Most Honourable Privy Council.

son. This day, Sir Thomas Tyrwhit, Knt. June 1. Mrs Wishart, York Place, a son. was appointed one of his Majesty's Gentle- 3. At Edinburgh, the Lady of William men Ushers Daily Waiters.

Menzies, Esq., a son. 12. Francis Earl of Moira was elected a At Crichton, the Lady of Colonel Knight of the Garter ; and Sir Thomas Pringle, of Symington, a daughter. Tyrwhit, Knt. appointed Gentleman Usher 4. Mrs John Logan, Hassendean Mains, of the Black Rod, and Ranger of his Ma- a daughter. jesty's Little Park at Windsor.

At Hastings, the Lady of Lieutenant This day the Hon. Lieut General Sir Colonel Hugh Halkett, a son. Edward Paget was elected a Knight of the 6. At Castle Craig, the Lady of Sir Thos. Bath.

Gibson Carmichael, a son and heir. 18. Henry Duke of Newcastle elected a 10. At London, Mrs Mundell, a daughter. Knight of the Garter.

At Hillingdon Cottage, the Lady of 20. The Rev. Dr George Henry Law, ap- Captain Hodgson, Royal Navy, a son. pointed Bishop of Chester, in room of Dr 14. At Wester Lavlands, Mrs Rind, a Sparke, translated to Ely.

daughter. 22. This day, the Right Hon. Charles 16. At Abercromby Place, the Lady of Bathurst was appointed Chancellor of the William Ferguson, Esq. of Kilrie, a son. Duchy of Lancaster.

19. At Oatfield-house, East Lothian, Mrs. This day, the Rev. Neil Kennedy was Wallace, a son. appointed Minister of Barwas, in the pres- 20. The Lady of J. M. M*Culloch, Esq. bytery of Lewię, in room of the Rev. Don- of Ardwall, a son. ald Macdonald, translated to Ursay.

26. Mrs Gordon, Abercromby Place, 4 July 1.- The Prince of Wales has been daughter. plea ed to appoint Joseph Jekyll, Esq. of the At Clarkington, Mrs Hepburne, ef Inner Temple, one of his Majesty's Counsel Clarkington, a son. learned in the Law, to be his Royal High- July 3. Mrs Bartlet Buchanan, adaughter.


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Lately, the wife of Mr Howson, of Un 8. At Edinburgh, James Balfour, Esq. thank, near Penrith, was safely delivered of merchant in Leith, to Mary, eldest daughter three children (two girls and a boy,) who of Robert Anderson, Esq. late of Antigua. are likely to do well.

John Gordon, Esq. of Cairnbulg, to Lately, at Lisbon, the Lady of Major Law. Miss Katherine Forbes, daughter of Sir Wilrie, 79th regiment, a son.

liam Forbes of Craigievar, Bart.

At Aberdeen, Mr William Thomson, MARRIAGES.

of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchant, to Isa.

bella, daughter of the late Peter Mellis, Esq. Mareh 8. At St Simons, Georgia, Lieu of Aberdeer. tenant-Colonel Wardrope, late of the 47th 9. At Glasgow, Mr Edward Morris, to regiment, to Miss Harriet Baillie, daughter Miss Janet Bryce, daughter of Mr John of George Baillie, Esq. deceased.

Bryce, late merchant there. May 28. At Chelsea, the Honourable At Milton, John Glen, Esq. of Mains, Thomas Cranley Onslow, second son of the to Miss Riddoch, only daughter of Robert Right Honourable Lord Viscount Cranley, Riddoch, Esq. of Milton. to Miss Hillier, second and younger daugh At Castle Toward, John Campbell, ter and co-heiress of the late Nathaniel Hil. Esq. Customs, Greenock, to Miss Jane May, ljer, of Stoke Park, Esq.

youngest daughter of Alexander May, Esq. 29. At Hatfield House, in Hertfordshire, At Bogrie, the Reverend Christopher Lord Delvin, eldest son of the Earl of West- Nicholson, minister of Whithorn, to Miss meath, to Lady Emily Cecil, the second Mary Ki trick, daughter of John Kirkdaughter of the Marquis and Marchioness of patrick, Esq. of Bogrie. Salisbury.

At Musselburgh, Walter Scott, Esq. June 1. William Davidson, Esq. Ayr of Wauchope, to Marion, eldest daughter of Green, to Anne, eldest daughter of T. Mac Thomas Macmillan, Esq. of Shorthope. lelland, Esq. banker.

At Edinburgh, David Steuart Gal. At Hayfield, Mr John Knox, writer breath, Esq. of Lochsanish, to Miss Eliza in Glasgow, to Grace, youngest daughter of Fraser, only daughter of the late James Patrick Ewing, Esq. merchant, Glasgow. Fraser, Esq. master attendant of his Ma

At Leiphenmore, Charles Stewart, jesty's dock-yard at Plymouth. D. D. minister of Strachur, to Miss Jane In Queen Street, George Forrester, Macfarlane.

Esq. principal Surveyor of the Customs at 2. At Edinburgh, Mr John Sutherland, Leith, to Miss Jane Thomson, daughter of bookseller, to Christian, eldest daughter of the deceased A. Thoinson, Esq. Deputy Mr Alexander Tweedie, merchant, Edin Cashier of Excise. burgh.

12. At Clober, Mr John Young, mer. At Greenock, Hugh Hamilton, Esq. chant, Glasgow, to Agnes, daughter of John to Miss Sinclair.

Tennent, Esq. Well Park. 3. At London, the Honourable Henry St 15. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant-Colonel John, eldest son of Viscount Bolingbroke, Charles MʻQuarie, of Glenforsa, late of the to Miss Mildmay, second daughter of the 42d regiment, to Miss Marianne Willison, late Sir Henry St John Mildmay.

youngest daughter of the late George Wil4. In George's Square, John Lyall, Esq. lison, Esq. of Edinburgh. wine-merchant, Edinburgh, to Mary Ann, At Crieff, by the Rev. Mr Stirling, Mr daughter of the late David Brown, Esq. James Millar, merchant, Crieff, to Miss MO Melrose.

Kenzie, daughter of the late Laurence M.KenAt Leith, Mr George Elder, merchant, zie, Esq. Collector of Excise, Campbelton. Kirkcaldy, to Miss Johanna Lang, only At Monivaird, Charles Greenhill, Esq. daughter of the late Mr Alexander Lang, Easter Cash, to Christian Anne, second Royal Navy.

daughter of the Reverend C. Baxter. 5. At Aberdeen, Captain William Rait, 16. At Burnham, the Rev. Townshend Royal Navy, to Miss Helen, eldest daughter Selwyn, to Charlotte Sophia, eldest daughter of the Reverend Jobn Thomson, of that of the Right Hon. and Right Rev. Lord G.

Murray, late Bishop of St David's. 8. At Edinburgh, Archibald Buchanan, - At Edinburgh, Dugald Campbell, Esq. Esq. merchant, Glasgow, to Mrs Isabella of Kilmartine, to Miss Helen Lamont CampAnderson, youngest daughter of the late bell, daughter of the late Captain Scipio Mr Mungo Park, Fowlshiels, Selkirkshire, Campbell

- At Edinburgh, John Mackenzie, young 18. At Ardgour, Argyllshire, Captain er of Hillton, Esq. to Elizabeth, eldest Robert Stewart, royal marines, to Margaret, daughter of Kenneth Mackenzie, Esq. writer eldest daughter of John Maclachlan, Esq. of to the signet.


22. At


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22. At Dumfries, David M‘Culloch, Esq. 1. At Grangehall, Morayshire, James, of Torhouski, to Mrs Weir, widow of Os-, youngest son of James Peterkin, Esq. of wald Weir, Esq. and daughter of the late Grange. William Denholm, Esq. of Gullyhill.

2. At Kilmarnock, in the 80th year of her At Greenock, John Paterson, Esq. of age, Mrs Sarah Taylor, relict of Mr Thomas Merrynatts, to Mary, eldest daughter of Ross, merchant there. Duncan Campbell, jun. Esq. merchant there. At Glasgow, Mrs Agnes Wilson, wife

23. At London, A. J. Dalrymple, Esq. of Mr John Bennet, writer. Major of the 10th regiment of light dragoons, At Glasgow, Mrs Jane Clark, wife of eldest son of Sir Hew Dalrymple, to Anne, Mr Henry Knox, merchant. the only daughter of Sir James Graham, 3. At Edinburgh, Marion, Foungest Bart.

daughter of the late Reverend Mr Malcolme At Crieff, the Reverend Alexander Macaskill, minister of the Small Isles. Young, of Logiealmond, to Helen, eldest In Albany Street, Robert Stark, Esq. daughter of Mr Fenton.

of Kirkhill. 25. At Leith, John Thorburn, Esq, to At Richmond, Surrey, Major-General Miss Partis, daughter of the late Mr Wil Clark. liam Partis, merchant, Leith,

At Dornoch, Mrs Elizabeth Suther. 29. Mr David Shaw, merchant, Glasgow, land, relict of the late Reverend Mr John to Miss Agnes, daughter of Mr William Sutherland, minister of Dornoch. Jamieson, manufacturer.

At Armadale, the Reverend Dr Mar. At Dumfries, James Dinniston, Esq, tin M.Pherson, minister of Slate, in Skye. one of the Magistrates of Dumfries, to Mary, 4. At Port-Glasgow, Allen Stevenson, youngest daughter of the late Rev. James Esq. merchant there. M.Millan, of Fourmerkland, minister of At Flemington, Ann Dickson, wife Torthorwald.

of Mr William Weatherly, farmer at Old- At Edinburgh, David Somerville Ra- cambus

mains. naldson Dickson, Esq. of Blairhall, Lieu 5. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Cal. tenant in the 21, or Royal North British lender, at the advanced age of 97. Dragoons, to Anna, youngest daughter of At Edinburgh, Sir John Dalrymple the late Charles Crymble, Esq. of Ballyclare, Hay, of Park Place, Bart. county of Antrim, Ireland,

7. At North St James's Street, after an 30. At Glasgow, John M'Intosh, Esq. illness of five years, Mr John Gibson, aged 27. merchant in Glasgow, to Miss Marion M‘Call, At Cultoquhey, Miss Rachel Robertfourth daughter of John M‘Call, Esq. of son, daughter of the deceased Henry RoBelvidere, late merchant in Glasgow. bertson, Esq. late of Clackmannanshire.

At Glasgow, Mr James Hood, cooper 8. At Govan, Miss Ann Fleming. Glasgow, to Miss Graham, only daughter of At Lympston, Devonshire, Alexander Mr William Graham, Brownfield.

Hume, Esq. of Hanes. July 1. At Eskgrove, Charles Peter Hay, 9. Át Dumfries, Mrs Lucy Gage, relict Esq. Captain in the Honourable East India of George Maxwell, Esq. of Munshes, aged Company's service, to Helen, eldest daughter 61. of Sir David Rae, Bart.

At Burntsfield Lodge, Mr William 3. At Edinburgh, James Borthwick, Esq. Callender, writer in Edinburgh. merchant in Leith, to Miss Finlay, daughter At Bognor, Sussex, Mrs Matilda Linof the late Reverend William Finlay, mini- ning, wife of Dr Woodman, physician there, ster of Polmont.

and youngest daughter of the late Reverend Lately, at London, Viscount Ashbrook, Thomas Linning, minister of Lesmahagow. to Emily Theophila, eldest daughter of Sir 10. At Eldin, John Clerk, Esq. of Eldir, Theophilus Metcalfe, Bart. of Fern Hill, F. R. S. Edinburgh, and author of the Na Berks.

val Tactics. At Edinburgh, by the Reverend Mr At Gilmore Place, Mr Samuel GilJ. Thomson, Captain Archibald Neilson, to more, rope-maker. Mrs Jane Bentley, of Mousebank.

11. At Paterson's Court, Broughton, Miss Catharine Douglas.

At Rothsay Manse, isle of Bute, Mrs DEATHS.

Isobel M'Leod, daughter of the late Roder

ick M.Leod, Esq. writer to the signet, and May 1. At Mountfair, Mr Peter Thom. wife of the Reverend Doctor M.Lea, minison, tenant there

ster of the gospel' in that place. At Aberdeen, Mrs Hope Burnet, relict 12. At Penzance, in Cornwall, where he of the late Alexander Donaldson, Esq. of went for the recovery of his health, in the Achmull.

16th year of his age, Sir Wm Langham, Bart.


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of her age.

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12. At Brownsea Castle, Dorset, Charles 19. At London, William Hunt, Esq. of Sturt, Esq. brother-in-law of the Earl of Pittincrieff. Shaftesbury.

At Leith Walk, Miss Violet Wright, At Navity, Lieutenant Colonel Lind- only child of Adam Wright, Esq. say of Navity,

At Pilrig Street, James Wilson, Esq. At Edinburgh, Miss Jean Lamb, only At Callander, much and justly lamendaughter of Mr William Lamb, upholsterer. ted, James Robertson, D. D. minister of that

13. At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Saunders, parish. assistant-surgeon in his Majesty's ship A. 21. At Glasgow, John Mackenzie, Esq. lexandria – a young man, respected by his 22. At Aberdeen, Mrs Ann Farquharson, officers, esteemed by his messmates, and widow of the late John Davidson, of Tillymuch regretted by all who knew him.

chetly. At London, the Right Reverend Dr At Edinburgh, Alexander Kincaid Thomas Darnpier, Lord Bishop of Ely, fell Tate, Esq. writer. down in an apoplectic fit, and suddenly ex. 23. At Arbroath, Bailie James Rennie, pired. The death of this distinguished in his S1st year. scholar will be sincerely regretted. He was At Brounlee, William Harvie, Esq. of in such perfect health, that his lady, Mrs Brounlee. Dampier, was at the Concert of Sacred Music 24. At Edinburgh, Colonel Charles Stuart, when the melancholy event took place.

late of the 63d regiment. 14. Af Mountjoy Square, Dublin, aged At Ayr, Mrs Mary Cameron, wife of 82, the Reverend William Digby, Dean of Convener John Campbell, in the 89th year Clonfert.

At Stobs Castle, Roxburghshire, sud At Ralston House, William Orr, Esq. denly, Sir William Elliott, Bart. of Stobs. of Ralston, aged 65 years. He is succeeded in his titles and estates by At Linkwood, near Elgin, Mr Alex. his eldest son, now Sir William Elliot, Bart. Warren, Land Surveyor.

Mrs Livingston, of Parkhall, Stirling 25. At London, Edward Malone, Esq. shire.

At Orroland, Mrs Cutlar, relict of 15. At Cupar, George, second son of Mr Roger Cutlar, Esq. of Orroland. Horsbrugh, Cupar.

At Edinburgh, Mr William Dickson, At Dun, John Erskine, Esq. of Dun. bookseller.

At Eglinton Castle, Mr Walter Rus. 26. At Edinburgh, the Reverend Andrew sel, Private Secretary to the Right Honour- Marshall, minister of Tullynessle, Aberable the Earl of Eglinton.

deenshire. By all his friends he was as 16. At the Manse of Rosskeen, the Rev. much esteemed, as his death is now general. Thomas Urquhart, minister of that parish. ly regretted.

At Montrose, Lady Bannerman, relict At Ayr, in the 63d year of her age, of the late Sir Alexander Bannerman, of Miss Jean Mitchell, post mistress. Elsick, Bart.

At St John Street, Canongate, Mr At Callander, Mrs Agnes Campbell, Archibald Cameron, painter, aged 68 years, wife of Charles Campbell, Esq. of Lochdo 27. At London, the Dowager Lady Forchart.

tescue. Her ladyship was in her 85th year, 17. Margaret, second daughter of the and was mother to the present Earl. Reverend John Dempster, minister of Denny. 28. At Parkly, Mr David Lees, farmer ;

At Langholm, the noted miser, Philip highly respected and much regretted by all Cowan, of that place, advanced in years. who knew him. At Laurençekirk, Mr James Thom

At Edinburgh, Miss Christian Anne son, schoolmaster there.

Cowe. At Glasgow, Mr James Robertson, 29. At Edinburgh, where he had come manufacturer.

to attend the General Assembly, the Rev. Matthew Lewis, Esq. formerly chief Thomas Martin of Langholm. Secretary in the War Office.

At Ayr, Mr Peter Hume, student of At Sprouston-stead, Mr John Bruce, medicine. tenant there.

Lately, At Madeira, Robt. Willan, M.D. At York, the Dowager Lady Foulis, F.A.S.-As a gentleman, a scholar, and a grandmother of Sir W. Foulis of Ingleby physician, his acquirements were very ex. Manor.

tensively acknowledged and admired. 18. At Teddesley Hay, in Staffordshire, At London, aged 69, the Right Rey. Sir Edward Littleton, Bart. M.P. for the Dr John Douglas, Roman Catholic Vicar county of Stafford.

Apostolic of the London District, and Bishop At Leith, Mrs Dorothea Le Grand, of Centuriæ in Numidia. relict of John Cundell, Esq.

At Ryacottah, Major-General Robert


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