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Aug. 8. At Larchmount, Mrs P. Ewart, a Aug. 28. At Wartling Church, S. Boone

Inglis, Esq. paymaster 2d light battalion The Lady of Mr Fraser of Farraline, a King's German Legion, to Miss Mary Bara daughter.

rett Curteis, eldest daughter of Edward 10. Mrs Alexander Douglas, Prince's Jeremiah Curteis, of Windmill Hill, Esq. Street, a daughter.

Sussex. 11. In Queen Street, Mrs F. Walker, a 31. At Edinburgh, Mr William Crais,

surgeon, R. N. to Miss Janet Anderson, 12. At Kincraig, Mrs M'Intosh of Bale only daughter of the late Mr Henry Ander. nespick, a son.

son, merchant, Glasgow. 14. At Durie, in Fifeshire, the Lady of At Selkirk, Mr Gilbert Amos, writer, Mathew Fortescue, Esq. a son.

Hawick, to iliss Margaret Veitch, youngest 17. At the Manse of Mid Calder, Mrs daughter of Mr John Veitch, Seikirk. Somrers, a son.

At Brunston house, Mr James Ste18. At Stobo Castle, Lady Elizabeih venson, merchant, Leith, to Janet, second Montgoinery, a daughter.

daughter of James Scarth, Esq. merchant, At Portobxilo, Lady Elibank, a Leith,

Aug. 4. The Reverend Thomas Chalmers, On the 19th current, at Bainfield the minister of the Gospel, Kilmany, to Grace, Lady of George Joseph Bell, Esq. advocate, second daughter of Captain Pratt, of the Ist

Royal Veteran battalion. 21 At Ballindalloch, the Lady of George At Perth, Mr Charles Read, of Ro-lin Macpherson Grant, Esq. of Ballindalloch bleachfield, to Miss Isabella, youngest daughand Invereshie, M. P. a son.

ter of the late Mr John Read of Stornont- At Edinburgh, Mrs F. Brodic, Nor- field. thumberland Street, a son.

At West Colinton, the Reverend Mr 22. At Caldwell, Mrs Mure, a daugh- William Bryce, minister of Aberdour, to ter.

Miss Jane Grahame, fourth daughter of 26. Mrs Grant, Duke Street, a daugh. James Grahame, E.q. Mugdock Castle. ter.

At Anderston, William T. Johnstone, 27. At Edinburgh, the Lady of David Esq. of Knockhill, to Miss Jane Braidie. Clephane, Esq. Commissioner of Excise, a At View Park, Burntsfield Links,

John Watson, jun. Esq. merchant in Leith, Sept. 3. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Pro- to Elizabeth, daughter of James Inglis, Esq. fessor David Ritchie, a daughter.

banker in Edinburgh. Lately, The Countess of Caledon, a son 5. At Banff, Mr Alexander Allan, mere and heir.

chant, Leith, to Sarah, youngest daughter At Hythe, the Lady of Major-Gen- of the late John Grant, Esq. of Kincardine, eral Mackenzie, a son.

Aberdeenshire. - At London, the Lady of Colonel Dal. At Edinburgh, William Little, Esq. zell Assistant Adjutant-General to the Home Lieutenant in his Majesty's 92d regiment of Departinent, a daughter.

foot, to Miss Martha Louisa Robson, daughAt Geneva Barracks, the Lady of ter of the late Colonel Robson, Governor of Blajor Balfuur, of the 40ih regiment, a St Helena. daughter.

7. Richard Henry Bonnycastle, Esq. of At Gottenburgh, the Lady of William

the Royal cngineers, to Frances, second Gordon, E:q. a son and heir.

daughter of Captain William Johnston, of Edinburgh.

At Salisbury Green, John Smyth, Esq. MARRIAGES.

writer to the signet, to Miss Anne Dick, July 21. At Woodhorn, Northumberland, second daughter of the late Sir William the Revererd Daniel Hunter, of Glasgow, Dick, Bart. of Prestonfield. aninister of Widdrington, to Miss Grey, 8. At London, Lieutenant-Colonel Me!. eldest daughter of Charles Grey, Esq. of lish, of Hodsack Priory, in the county of Morrick.

Nottingham, to Harriet, daughter of the 27. At Invermoriston, Roderick Kilgour Marchioness Dowager of Lansdowne, and Dlackenzie, Esq. of Flowerburn, to Ann, co-beiress of the late Sir Duke Gifford, Bart. second daughter of the late Colonel Grant, 10. At Eskmount, James Carnegy, Esq. of Glenmoriston.

of Balnamoon, to Miss Mary Anne Hunter, At Linkwcod, Lieutenant - nel daughter of the late David Stewart, of the Eth West India regiment, to Blackness. Miss Mary Brown, second daughter of George 11. At London, William Howe Knight Brown, Esq.

Erskine, of Pittodric, Esq. Lieut.-Colonel


ter, Esq. of

in the 27th regiment of foot, to Miss Nor ancient family of his name in the Highlands mand, only daughter of Captain James Nor. of Scotland. mand, in the service of the Honourable 21. At Lucea, Jamaica, Mr Don. CampEast India Company.

bell, second son of the late Archibald CampAug. 15. At Montrose, Mr John Parke, of bell, Esq. of Lerags, Argyllshire. London, to Christian, second daughter of 23. At Salamanca, while gallaatly leading James Dickson, Esq. of Montrose.

on his company to an attack on the French 17. At Edinburgh, Thomas Rutherford, forts at that place, Captain Sir George ColEsq. of Ancrum Craig, to Miss Bunyan, quhoun, Bert. of Tillyquhoun, of the 2d or daughter of Mr Thomas Bunyan, farmer, Queen's Royals, much and justiy regretted. Cavers Mains.

Ai Falmouth, Jamaica, Mr William 18. At Stonehouse, Mr George Paterson, Gillespie, eldest son of the late William Gilof the Bank of Scotland, to Jane, eldest lespie, Esq. merchant, Edinburgh. daughter of Mr James Neilson, merchant, July 4. At London, Donald Malcolm, Baltimore.

Esq. of Mountpelier, Jamaica ; general in 19. At Tain, Mr David Ross, writer the provincial militia, and member of the there, to Christian, yoimgest daughter of House of Assembly in that island. the late William Sutherland, Esq. Sheriff 10. At Berlin, Professor Wildenow, the Substitute of Sutherland.

celebrated botanist. 21. At Shields, Captain and Adjutant 15. At Ballisparden, near Fort George, Thomas Clark, Forfar militia, to Miss Jean Capt. Allan M.Pherson, of the 9th Royal Munro, daughter of Quartermaster Munro. Veteran battalion.

31. At Glen-Stewart, Henry Alexander 17. Mrs Sophia Heriot, widow of the deDouglas, Esq. third son of the late Sir ceased Captain Robert R. Campbell, late of William Douglas, Bart. of Kelhead, to Eli the 36th regiment of foot. zabeth Dalzell, youngest daughter of the 23. At Lochfinehead, Hugh Fletcher, in late Robert Dalzell, Esq. of Glenae.

the 90th year of his age; who at times fol. At Mount Floridon, David Kay, Esq. lowed the occupation of a fisher, and, till of Duntiglenan, merchant, Glasgow, to Mrs within ten days of his death, was seen freJane Reid.

quently to his waist in the water, when purAt Mountblow, Mr James Graham, suing his favourite sport. manufacturer, Glasgow, to Miss Sophia Aged 94, John Davies, Esq. first couBowie, daughter of Henry Bowie, Esq. sin to his Grace the Duke of Norfolk, and

At Perth, William Henderson, M. D, Captain in the Royals. This gallant veteto Margaret, daughter of the late Mr James ran took his degree at Cambridge, in the Morison, merchant.

year 1733, and soon afterwards entered into At Millburn, Harry Thomson, Esq. of the above regiment, in which he served with the Honourable East India Company's ssr great reputation at the battles of Dettingen, vice, to Jane, second daughter of the Rever- Pontenoy, and during all the German war. end Thomas Burns, Renfrew.

He was selected to succeed the immortal Sept. 1. At London, Sir J. Bland Burges, Wolfe as aid-de-camp to the celebrated Geof Bean Port, Sussex, Bart. to the Right neral Hawley. In the year 1762 his Ma. Honourable Lady Margaret Fordyce, sister jesty, at the particular request of William, of the Earl of Balcarras.

Duke of Cumberland, was most graciously --- At Garthamlock, Mr Rober M.Farlane, pleased to permit his retiring on full pay. distiller, Port Dundas, to Marion, youngest 29. At the manse of Colmonell, Mr Rodaughter of John Harvey, Esq.

bert Mochrie, late postmaster, Bathgate. 2. At Greenock, Peter Reddic, Esq. Royal 30. At Rathleague, in the Queen's counNavy, to Cecilia Duncanson, daughter of ty, Sir John Parnell, Bart. James Noble, Esq. late merchant there. - At Knowsouth, Roxburghshire, Mrs

Ainslie, widow of the late Thomas Ainslie, DEATHS.

Esq. of Overwells. Feb. 17. At Masulipatam, John Jameson, At Edinburgh, Miss Christian Chcape. Esq. surgeon in the service of the Honour Aug. 1. At Worthington, aged 70 years, able East India Company, eldest son of Dr Ambrose Serle, Esq. one of the CommissionJameson of Edinburgh.

ers of the Transport Board. May 21. At Pennant Vere, Jamaica, Mr At Edinburgh, Mrs Taylor, widow Robert Spence, eldest son of Mr Spence, of the late John Taylor, Esq. writer to the jeweller, Edinburgh, esteemed and lament signet. ed by all who knew him.

2. On the coast of Norway, Mr J. Lan. June 9. At Demerary, Alexander Macrae, ders, Assistant-Surgeon on board his NiajesEsq. a member of the Court of Policy of ty's ship Horatio, of the wounds he receive that colony, and chief of the respectable and ed when cutting out two Danish armed ves


sels, and an American, their prize. He was able Lord President Müller, and Lord Glena most amiable and much respected young lee. man.

11. At Strathmartin House, Rear-Admi Aug. 2. In Prince's Street, Anne Margaret ral Laird, of Strathmartin. Anderson, wife of David Irving, LLD. emi. 14. At Edinburgh, Mrs Eliz. Houston, nently beloved, and deeply regretted by her wife of John Campbell, Esq. Receiver-Go family and friends.

neral of the Customs for Scotland. 3. At Dumfries, Mr Andrew Finlay, late 15. At Edinburgh, Mas Mark Douglas, editor of the Dumfries and Galloway Cou. widow of William M.Ewan, Esq. of Muckrier.

ly, writer to the signet At Stirling, Mrs Bruce, wife of Mr 16. At Carlourie, Robert Stewart Falco David Bruce, merchant there.

ner, youngest son of David Falconer, Esq 4. Mr John Carmichael, candie manufac of Carlourie. turer, Water Gate, in the 64th year of his - At Edinburgh, Mrs Ferguson, relict a age.

Neil Fergusson Esq. of Balmacruehie, advoAt Torquay, Devon, aged 25, Marga. cate. ret, eldest daughter of Sir John Stuart, Bart. 20. At Maybole, John Niven, Esq. of of Allanbank.

Kirklandhill, in the 88th year of his age. 6. Robert Waldie, Esq. of Carlisle, of 21. At Park Place, Wigtonshire, Miss the late firm of Scott, Lamb, Waldie, and Elizabeth Hathorn, daughter of the late Co.

Hugh Hathorn, Esq. of Castlerigg. 7. At Ardgowan, in the 74th year of his · At Kilmarnock, William Muir, Esq. age, Sir John Shaw Stewart, of Greenock late surgeon, in the 88th year of his age. and Blackhall, Bart. He is succeeded in his 24. At Windlestone, in the county of title and estates by his nephew, Michael S. Durham, in the 720 year of his age, Sir Nicolson, Esq. of Carnock, now Sir Michael John Eden, Bart, eldest brother to Lord Shaw Stewart.

Auckland, and to Lord Henlev. - At Edinburgh, Capt. Alexander Chis At Portobello Mrs Broughton, relicto holm, of the 72d regiment, in consequence Edward Broughton, Esq. late Accountant of wounds received at the taking of the General of Exise. French colony at the Cape of Good Hope, 25. At Durham, Frederick Humberstone, under Lieutenant-General Sir David Baird, youngest son of John Mackenzie of Appleaccelerated by a severe cold, caught when cross, Esq. in camp in the county of Donegal, Ireland, At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Wemyss, in the summer of 1811, the combined effects late Deacon of the Incorporation of Bonnet. of which he bore with that fortitude and pa. makers, Council and Dean of Guild officer Lience 60 peculiarly his own.

of that city.-In public and private life be 8. At Dublin, General Vallencey, one of was greatly respected as a worthy honest the Vice-Presidents of the Dublin Society. man, and his death is much regretted by his

- At Bilboa, Mr Henry Hann, for ma relatives, and a numerous circle of friends ny years factor to the late Right Honour

and acquaintances

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Prices of Oat, Pease, and Barley Meal, in
Edinburgh Market, per peek.

Pease and

Barley Meal. Bolls. | Price. Bolls. Price. Sept. 1. 300 38 00 60

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1912. Wheat. Barley.

Oats. Pease.

Aug. 28.70 89 50 58 45 57 40 50
Sept. 4. 70 91 50 58 47 58 40 31

24 00 8. 230 38 00 72

24 00 15. 100 38 00 77

24 00 22. 500 26 00

20 00

11. | 70 96 50 58 47 58 41 52 18.50 97 28 40 25 37 40 50



Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,


With a View of LUNDIN House, in Fifeshire.



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Page Register of the Weather for October... 730

SCOTTISH REVIEW. High Water at Leith for November..... ib.

Craig Phadric........

777 Description of the House of Lundin.... 731 Description of the Country from Smo

New Works published in Edinburgh... 782 lensko to Moscow....

Literary Intelligence.........

ib. Monthly Memoranda in Nat. History, 732

General View of the Finances of Great
Britain for the year 1811,............ 737 Dunara.........

783 --Ireland..........

738 Epigram on the late Hugo Arnot....... 784 England....

739 On the Death of Miss M-G-T ST-A-T.. ib. -Scotland.......


HISTORICAL AFFAIRS. Antiquities of Banffshire.......... 7.10


785 Biographical Account of the late Bishop

- Mexico,Curaccas........

ib. Horsicy......... Letters of Horace Walpole to Governor

-Buenos Ayres,-St Domingo........., 786

ib. Pounall and Mr Gough......

751 General View of the Progress and pre

Exploits on the Coast of Spain. ...... ib.
-Lord Wellington's Army........

790 sent State of the Manufactures at Paisley...........


-Storming of Fort St Michael.......... 701

-Unsuccessful Attack of Burgos....... ib. Account of the Progress made in clear.

792 -Capture of Seville...........

761 ing the Ruins of Rome........


ib. Account of an Institution about to be Dreadful Battle in kussid,-burning formed in Edinburgh, for the relief

of Moscow, &c..........

ib. of the Poor, the detection of Impos

SCOTTISII CHRONICLE. tors, and the suppression of begging, 762


797 - Report of the Committee appointed


ib. by the Commissioners of Police, to

-Aberdeen and Perth.....................

798 inquire into the Practicability of sup

-Ayr.......... pressing the Practice of common beg

799 ging, and relieving the industrious

-Dumfries, Jeilburgh, Inverary and

800 and sickly Poor.........

....... 763
Scots Appeals.....

802 Remarks on the Character and Writ.

Fire at Dalkeith.

ib. ings of Ilm. Drummond of Hare.


803 thornden.........

-Election of Magistrates

ib. Memoirs of the Progress of Manufac -Merchant Company.............

804 tures, Chemistry, Science, and the Births and Marriages....

ib. fine Arts........ 776 Deaths..........

805 Original Love Letter.....

808 776 Stocks and Markets .............



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STATE OF THE BAROMETER, &c. High Water at Leith for

November 1812. From Sept. 26th to October 25th, 1812,

Day. Morn. Even. in the vicinity of Edinburgh.

H. M. H. M. Su. 1 12 24 12 45 M. 2

1 6

Tu. 3 1 27 1 48 1812. \Barom. Thermom. Rain. Weather.'

W. 2 10 2 92 Sept. M. N. I. P.

Th. 5 2 55 3 17 26 30.05 | 49 | 55 0.02 Showers Fr.

6 3 40

3 27 29.75 54 60 0.01

Sa. 7 4 27 4 51 28 29.4

45 61

Su. 8 5 16 5 41 29 30,1 44 60


M. 9 6 6 6 32 30 | 30.2 4859


Tu. 10 6 58 7 23 Oct, 130.2 48 60


W. 11 7 49 8 15 2 30.15 49 61


Th. 12 8 41 9 6 3 29.9 50 62


Fr. 13 9 32 9 58 4 29.71 48 60


Sa. 14 10 25 10 51 5 29.35


Su. 1511 1811 44 6 29.35 48 57 0.3

M. 16 12 12 12 39 729.45 44 | 56

Tu. 17

1 7 8 29.4 45 55 0.04 Showers

W. 18 1 35 2 5 9129.59 41 59


Th. 19 2 34 3 10 29.6 48 56

Fr. 20 3 33

3 1129.65 49 57 0.13 Rain

Sa. 21 4 33 5 3 12 29.5 47 54 0.55

Su. 22 5 31 6 0 1329.95 45 51

M. 23 6 26

6 52 14 29.35 47 51

0.1 Rain
Tu. 24 7 18

7 43 15 29.41 46 50 0.05

W. 25 8 7 8 30 16 29.65 48 50


Th 26 8 52 9 14 17 29.64 45 47

Fr. 27 9 96 9 57 18 29.32 43 46 0.35 Rain

Sa. 28 10 18 10 39 1928.5 47 53 0.31

Su. 29/11 011 21 20 28.95 | 47 55


M. 30 11 41 12 2
21 29.8 39 59
22 29.4 45 | 56 0.07

23 29.31 48 55 0.03 Showers MOON's PHASES
24 29.83 46 54 0.93

For NOVEMBER 1812, 25 29.7 47 53 0.022

Apparent time at Edinburgh

D. H. M.
New Moon 4.6 l morning
First Quart. 12. 3 2 morning

Full Moon 18. 6 17 aftern. Quantity of Rain,............0.492

Last Quart. 25. 7 7 morning

November 2. Duke of Kent born, (1767.)

3. Princess Sophia born, (1777.)
5. Gunpowder plot, (1605.)
8. Princes Augustus Sophia born, (1768.)
11. Martinmas.
12. Court of Session sits.
30. St. Andrew's Day.

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