A Japanese and English Dictionary, with an English and Japanese Index

C.E. Tuttle, 1867 - 690 ページ
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ix ページ - ... but in the body of a word, when followed by a syllable beginning with b, m or p, it is pronounced like...
405 ページ - Grammar. (1) see preceding uta. (2) sigarami, 'a barricade in a river', "formed by a row of piles driven along the banks of a stream and interwoven with bamboo to protect the bank from the current...
x ページ - Katakana, (fa ^ ig), or side letters, (1 of the table) are also derived from the Chinese characters, where instead of taking the whole, only a part of the character is used. These are more ancient than the Hl.rukana, but have been little used except in Dictionaries, books intended for the learned, or to spell foreign names.
197 ページ - He ineluded in his single mind the thoughts and contrivances of many," says Motowori. 8 Ie, as is generally believed, the barndoor fowl. 9 The text has the character $§., " iron," which Hirata reads ma-rtane, lit.
xi ページ - Kama, only, without the voice of the living teacher, to direct them to proper sound.
v ページ - ... others, could have induced him to issue it at this stage of his acquaintance with the language. The conviction that it is a first step in the right direction, and that, with all its deficiencies, it will prove of some use, could alone have luade him consent to its publication.
104 ページ - Ze to hi no wakaranu mono, a person who does not know the difference between right and wrong.