The Samurai Sword: A Handbook

C.E. Tuttle Company, 1958 - 191 ページ
The Samurai Sword has long been considered the symbol of the spirit of old Japan. It has been said to be the embodiment of the samurai's code, the expression of his steel discipline, unswerving devotion, and peerless skill. It is, in addition, one of the most outstanding examples of Japan's tradition of highly skilled craftsmanship. The product of the tireless efforts of hereditary artisans, whose sole purpose in life was the achievement of perfection in their craft, the samurai sword is indeed a beautiful work of art as well as a formidable weapon. In the opinion of informed critics, both the workmanship and quality of the Japanese sword far surpass that of the Western Damascus and Toledo blades of folklore fame.

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Review: Samurai Sword: A Handbook

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This book largely deals with the details of handling and care of a Samurai sword. It also provides a short history of their use, as well as an introduction into the evolution of the design and creation process. レビュー全文を読む

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Great first book for any person with a passion for the katana.great price. レビュー全文を読む

著者について (1958)

The author, John M. Yumoto, is perhaps the foremost authority on the samurai sword outside of Japan. A native of California, he began his study of Japanese swordcraft during his early childhood in Japan. While in Japan he studied under a number of masters from different schools and learned the art of sword polishing and of identification and evaluation. He has held membership in a number of sword clubs and at present is an active member of the Japan Society for the Preservation of the Samurai Sword and the Northern California Sword Club.