A History of the English Poor Law: In Connection with the State of the Country and the Condition of the People, 第 1 巻

P.S. King & son, 1898

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263 ページ - Provinces, properly registered, and owned by the citizens thereof, or any of them, and whereof the master and three-fourths of the mariners, at least, are citizens of the said United Provinces, shall be considered as vessels of the said United Provinces.
176 ページ - ... a convenient stock of flax hemp wool thread iron and other necessary ware and stuff to set the poor on work: and also competent sums of money for and towards the necessary relief of the lame impotent old blind and such other among them being poor and not able to work...
332 ページ - Protestant line, for the happiness of the nation, and the security of our religion ; and it being absolutely necessary for the safety, peace, and quiet of this realm, to obviate all doubts and contentions in the same, by reason of any pretended...
292 ページ - When Buckingham urged the inevitable destruction which hung over the United Provinces, and asked him, whether he did not see that the commonwealth was ruined? There is one certain means, replied the prince, by which I can be sure never to see my country's ruin; I will die in the last ditch.
363 ページ - ... to the House of Correction, there to be kept to hard labour for any time not exceeding three calendar months...
247 ページ - That it is and hath been the ancient right of the subjects of this realm, that no subsidy, custom, impost, or other charge whatsoever ought or may be laid or imposed upon any merchandise exported or imported by subjects, denizens, or aliens without common consent in Parliament...
29 ページ - Early in the fourteenth century the amalgamation of the races was all but complete ; and it was soon made manifest, by signs not to be mistaken, that a people inferior to none existing in the world had been formed by the mixture of three branches of the great Teutonic family with each other, and with the aboriginal Britons.
225 ページ - ... except such mother can make proof, by one witness at the least, that the child (whose death was by her so intended to be concealed) was born dead.
17 ページ - The sources of the noblest rivers which spread fertility over continents, and bear richly laden fleets to the sea, are to be sought in wild and barren mountain tracts, incorrectly laid down in maps, and rarely explored by travellers. To such a tract the history of our country during the thirteenth century may not unaptly be compared.
134 ページ - Scripture, as to the usages in the Primitive Church, should draw and make one convenient and meet order, rite and fashion of common and open Prayer and administration of the Sacraments...