The Gentleman's Magazine, 第 31 巻

E. Cave, jun. at St John's Gate, 1761
The "Gentleman's magazine" section is a digest of selections from the weekly press; the "(Trader's) monthly intelligencer" section consists of news (foreign and domestic), vital statistics, a register of the month's new publications, and a calendar of forthcoming trade fairs.


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418 ページ - Officers on each side of him,' both in scarlet. Bath King of Arms in his Habit of the Order and Crown in his Hand. Knights of the Bath, not Peers, in the full Habit of the Order, two and two, carrying their Caps and Feathers in their Hands.
449 ページ - Sire, that it seems unbecoming my sex, in this age of vicious refinement, to feel for one's country, to lament the horrors of war, or wish for the return of peace.
310 ページ - Morning, silenced the Fire of the Enemy, and gave us an Opportunity of beginning a Trench, to contain our Royal Mortars, and three Guns, for the more speedy Demolition of the DemiBastion and Ravelin of Madras-Gate.
88 ページ - Serjeant, to beat up for friends. At vice and folly, each a lawful game, Our author flies, but with no partial aim. He read the manners, open as they lie In nature's volume to the geu'ral eye.
274 ページ - Thou must do, said Omar, that which is RIGHT. Let not thy foot be drawn by any allurement, or driven by any terror, from the path of virtue. While thou art there, thou art in safety ; and though the world should unite against thee, by the united world thou canst not be hurt. But what friendly power...
279 ページ - Pray stick to your poet, and spare your own wit ; For when with your own you unbridle your tongue, I'll hold ten to one you are all in the nrrong.
423 ページ - The coronation of his majesty being finished, the queen removed from her seat on the south side of the area to a chair placed before the altar, and was anointed, (four ladies holding a pall over her...
216 ページ - About ten of the king's company were on the royal household establishment, having each ten yards of scarlet cloth, with a proper quantity of lace, allowed them for liveries; and in their warrants from the lord chamberlain were styled gentlemen of the great chamber. Whether the like appointments were extended to the duke's company, I am not certain...
179 ページ - There are alfo among the woods and mountainous parts of the country feveral petty princes, or heads of dan.s, diftinguifhed by the name 'of Polygars.
183 ページ - My fugitive returns to me ; *« Long had I loft you from my bower, <« You fcorn'd to own my gentle power; " With me no more your genius fported, «« The grave Hiftorick Mufe you courted ; «' Or, rais'd from earth, with ftraining eyes, f...