Wild scenes in the forest and prairie


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100 ページ - Our ships have gone one way, and we are much astonished to see our father tying up every thing and preparing to run away the other, without letting his red children know what his intentions are. You always told us to remain here, and take care of our lauds ; it made our hearts glad to hear that was your wish.
100 ページ - If you have an idea of goine away, give them to us, and you may go and welcome, for us. Our lives are in the hands of the Great Spirit. We are determined to defend our lands, and if it be his will we wish to leave our bones upon them.
100 ページ - You always told us you would never draw your foot off British ground; but now, father, we see you are drawing back, and we are sorry to see our father doing so without seeing the enemy. We must compare our father's conduct to a fat animal, that carries its tail upon its back, but when affrighted, it drops it between its legs and runs off.
275 ページ - Indian mother is speeding on to a cavern among the hflls, well known as a fastness of safety. Kiodago looked a moment after her retreating figure, and then coolly swung himself to the ledge which commanded the pass. He might now easily have escaped his pursuers ; but as he stepped back from the edge of the cliff, and looked down the narrow ravine, the vengeful spirit of the red man was too strong within him to allow such an opportunity of striking a blow to escape. His tomahawk and war-club had both...
132 ページ - of two itinerant preachers who had encountered an indescribable phenomenon, at a place about nine miles east of Loutre Lick. As they were riding side by side at a late hour in the evening, one of them requested the other to observe a ball of fire attached to the end of his whip. No sooner was his attention directed to this object, than a similar one began to appear on the other end of the whip; in a moment afterwards, their horses and all objects near them were enveloped in a wreath of flame.
268 ページ - Kiodago, ignorant of the hostile force which had entered his country, was off with his band at a fishing station, or summer-camp, among the wild hills about Konnedieyu ; and when Hanyost informed the commander of the French forces that, by surprising this party, his long-lost daughter, the wife of Kiodago, might be once more given to his arms, a small, but efficient force was instantly detached from the main body of the army to strike the blow. A dozen musketeers, with twentyfive pikemen, led severally...
274 ページ - The rising sun had now lighted up the scene, but all this passed so instantaneously that it was impossible for De Grais to keep his eye upon the fugitives amid the shifting forms that glanced continually before him; and when, accompanied by Hanyost and seven others, he had got fairly in pursuit, Kiodago, who still kept behind his wife, was far in advance of the chevalier and his party. Her forest training had made the Christian captive as fleet of foot as an Indian maiden. She heard, too, the cheering...
99 ページ - That we need not trouble ourselves about the enemy's garrisons ; that we knew nothing about them, and that our father would attend to that part of the business. You also told your red children that you would take good care of your garrison here, which made our hearts glad.
99 ページ - Our fleet has gone out; we know they have fought: we have heard the great guns: but know nothing of what has happened to our father with one arm.
263 ページ - Lake. It must have been a gallant sight to behold the warlike pageant floating beneath the primitive forest which then crowned the hills around that lovely water. To see the veterans who had served under Turenne, Vauban, and the great Conde, marshalled...