Napoleon in Exile, Or, A Voice from St. Helena: The Opinions and Reflections of Napoleon on the Most Important Events of His Life and Government in His Own Words

W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, 1822 - 542 ページ

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393 ページ - shall be considered as an extraordinary man: my elevation was unparalleled, because unaccompanied by crime. I have fought fifty pitched battles, almost all of which I have gained. I have framed and carried into effect a code of laws, that will bear my name to the most distant posterity. From nothing
193 ページ - I asked if Sir Sydney had not displayed great talent and bravery at Acre ? Napoleon replied, " Yes, the chief cause of the failure there was, that he took all my battering train, which was on board of several small vessels. Had it not been for that, I would have taken Acre in spite of him. VOL. I. P
393 ページ - (by events), and the opinion of great bodies. I have always been of opinion, that the sovereignty lay in the people. In fact, the imperial government was a kind of republic. Called to the head of it by the voice of the nation, my maxim was la carrtire
175 ページ - To the cold, the premature cold, and the burning of Moscow," replied Napoleon. " I was a few days too late—I had made a calculation of the weather for fifty years before, and the extreme cold had never commenced until about the 20th of December, twenty days later than it began this time. While
317 ページ - advise it to be done; and if so situated myself, I would insist upon it, if I had sense enough, and strength enough to demand it. But, however, affairs were not so pressing as to prevent me from leaving a party to take care of them, which was done. If
20 ページ - me, that I thought his looks had poisoned it, and I ordered Marchand to throw it out of the window; I could not have swallowed it for the world." Count Las Cases, who entered Napoleon's room a few minutes after the departure of the governor, told me, that the emperor had said to him,—
456 ページ - tolled with many tears both myself and my conduct to her, and bitterly lamented her cruel separation, avowing her ardent desire to join me in my exile. Is this the result of the conduct of a merciless, unfeeling tyrant? A man is known by his conduct to his wife, to his family, and to those
499 ページ - was returning from Holland along with the Empress Marie Louise, we stopped to rest at Givet. During the night, a violent storm of wind and rain came on, which swelled the Meuse so much that the bridge of boats over it was carried away. 1 was very anxious to depart; and
313 ページ - to the lives of my soldiers, as every general ought to consider himself as their father, and them as his children, I could not allow this. To leave as a guard a portion of my army, already small and reduced in
499 ページ - had pronounced to be impossible; and I crossed before the evening was over. I ordered those •who had worked at it to receive a sum of money each, a suit of clothes, and their liberty. Marchand was with me at the time." " When I landed at Elba," added he,