Energy Emergency Preparedness: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Fossil and Synthetic Fuels of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, Ninety-eighth Congress, Second Session, February 1, 2, and 21, 1984


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322 ページ - Government employees may be allowed transportation and not to exceed $15 per diem in lieu of subsistence while away from their homes or regular places of business for the purpose of participating in the executive reserve training program.
310 ページ - It also requires the development of preparedness programs and the expansion of productive capacity and supply beyond the levels needed to meet the civilian demand, in order to reduce the time required for full mobilization in the event of an attack on the United States.
325 ページ - ... or in which he owns, or within 60 days preceding his appointment has owned, any stocks, bonds, or other financial interests and the names of any partnerships in which he is, or was within...
319 ページ - So far as possible, operations under the Act shall be carried on by full-time, salaried employees of the Government, and appointments under this authority shall be to advisory or consultative positions only...
357 ページ - The Office of Management and Budget advises that from the standpoint of the President's program, there is no objection to the submission of this report for the consideration of the Committee.
335 ページ - ... a certification in writing, published in the Federal Register, that the national interest would be served by such action or appearance by the former officer or employee.
231 ページ - The 22 companies listed above own and control terminals capable of receiving ocean-going tankers. None is affiliated with a major oil company. Members of the Association are independent marketers of No.
325 ページ - ... shall file with such division for publication in the Federal Register a statement listing the names of any corporations of which he is an officer or director or within...
320 ページ - In the appointment of personnel and in assignment of their duties, the head of the department or agency involved shall take steps to avoid, to as great an extent as possible, any conflict between the governmental duties and the private interests of such personnel.
308 ページ - ... with recommendations for appropriate action. In cases so referred to him, the Deputy Attorney General may relieve the employee from participation in the matter or may approve the employee's participation in the matter upon determining in writing that the interest involved is not so substantial as to be likely to affect the integrity of the services which the Government may expect from such employee. (b) The financial interests described below are hereby exempted from the...