The family history of England, 第 1 巻


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322 ページ - Well, well, Master Kingston," quoth he, "I see the matter against me how it is framed; but if I had served God as diligently as I have done the king, he would not have given me over in my grey hairs.
357 ページ - Principles and Practice of Arithmetic. Comprising the Nature and Use of Logarithms, with the Computations employed by Artificers, Gangers, and Land Surveyors. Designed for the Use of Students, by J. Hind, MA, formerly Fellow and Tutor of Sidney Sussex College. Ninth edition, with Questions. 4^.
284 ページ - ... to the sanctuary of Beaulieu. But the Lancastrian lords who still remained faithful to the cause induced her to quit her asylum, conducted her to Bath, and raised a considerable body of troops to fight under her banner.
118 ページ - Thou mightest go a whole day's journey, and not find a man sitting in a town, nor an acre of land tilled.
57 ページ - Dunstan, he gave a short reply, which ended with these remarkable words: "I confess that I am unwilling that you should conquer. I commit the cause of the church to the decision of Christ.
343 ページ - ... they may build themselves huts of the boughs of trees about those churches which have been turned to that use from...
329 ページ - They had been the alms-houses, where the aged dependants " of more opulent families, the decrepid servant, the decayed " artificer retired as to a home, neither uncomfortable nor " humiliating ; they had been the county infirmaries and " dispensaries — a knowledge of medicine and of the virtues " of herbs being a department of monkish learning (as
322 ページ - Rome had no such authority, as whereby he might dispense with the word ofGod.ewo of God and the scriptures*.
297 ページ - He conducted the real earl of Warwick from the Tower to St. Paul's, that he might be publicly recognised by the citizens ; and took him with him to the palace of Shene, where the young prince conversed daily with the noblemen and others who visited the court $. This prudent measure satisfied the people of England.
164 ページ - To constitute this common council for the levy of aids, says the charter, ' we shall cause the prelates and greater barons to be separately summoned by our letters ; and we shall direct our sheriffs and bailiffs to summon generally all who hold of us in chief...