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413 ページ - I do declare, that I do not believe that the pope of Rome, or any other foreign prince, prelate, person, state, or potentate, hath or ought to have any temporal or civil jurisdiction, power, superiority, or pre-eminence, directly or indirectly, within this realm...
851 ページ - An Act to Consolidate and Amend tho several Laws now in force with respect to Trade from and to places within the limits of the Charter of the East India Company, and to make further provisions with respect to such Trade, and to amend an Act of the present Session of Parliament for the Registering of Vessels, so far as it relates to Vessels Registered in India...
851 ページ - America by sea, or from or to any place other than the United Kingdom, or some other of such possessions, except into or from the several ports in such possessions called free ports...
787 ページ - And we most humbly beseech Thee, 0 merciful Father, to hear us, and, of Thy almighty goodness, vouchsafe to bless and sanctify, with Thy Word and Holy Spirit, these Thy gifts and creatures of Bread and Wine, that they may become the Body and Blood of Thy most dearly beloved Son.
783 ページ - Office, as it stood in the first Book of Edward VI., to humour the Calvinists, were in my opinion much for the worse ; nevertheless, I think our present Office is very good : our form of consecration of the elements is sufficient; I mean that the elements are consecrated by it, and made the body and blood of Christ, in the sense in which our Lord himself said, the bread and wine were His body and blood.
779 ページ - Every particular or national Church hath authority to ordain, change, and abolish, Ceremonies or Rites of the Church ordained only by man's authority, so that all things be done to edifying.
637 ページ - That Mr. Speaker do issue his warrant to the clerk of the crown; to make out a new writ...
719 ページ - ... impose such Prohibitions or Restrictions upon the Ships of such Foreign Country, either as to the Voyages in which they may engage, or as to the Articles which they may import into or export from any Part of the United Kingdom or of any British Possession in any Part of the World...