The Quarterly Review, 第 60 巻

John Murray, 1839

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265 ページ - TREATISE ON THE ADAPTATION OF EXTERNAL NATURE TO THE PHYSICAL CONDITION OF MAN, principally with reference to the supply of his wants, and the exercise of his intellectual faculties.
81 ページ - UPON His MAJESTY'S GOING TO THE HOUSE OF COMMONS. MY going to the House of Commons to demand justice upon the five members, was an act which my enemies loaded with all the obloquies and exasperations they could. It filled indifferent men with great jealousies and fears ; yea, and many of my friends resented it as a motion rising rather from passion than reason, and not guided with such discretion as the touchiness of those...
368 ページ - THE PICKWICK PAPERS. — On the 31st of March will be published, to be continued monthly, price One Shilling, the first number of the POSTHUMOUS PAPERS OF THE PICKWICK CLUB, containing a faithful record of the Perambulations, Perils, Travels, Adventures, and Sporting Transactions of the Corresponding Members. Edited by Boz.
173 ページ - It must be evident to every one who has given the least attention to the obvious properties of different figures, that there are only three which will admit the junction of their sides, without any vacant spaces between them — all the figures being equal and similar ; namely, the square, the equilateral triangle, and the hexaedron : of these, the last is the strongest and the most convenient. In this form, then, we find that all the cells are constructed. This is a curious and wonderful fact ;...
395 ページ - ... people will be forced to content themselves with an inferior quality or quantity of food, they will be unable to pay a higher aggregate price for their subsistence, the range of their supply cannot be enlarged, nor, consequently, the rents of the land whence it is derived. And this leads us to consider the policy of endeavours to keep up the prices of produce as a means of increasing rents. We have said that the disadvantages under which the full supply of food is obtained, and which determine...
174 ページ - Narrative of the Arctic land Expedition to the mouth of the Great Fish River, and along the shores of the Arctic Ocean In the years 1833, 1834. and 1835; by Captain Back, RN. commander of the Expedition. Zoological Appendix by John Richardson. 8vo, pp. ix, 1-6C3. London. Many notes on the natural history of the region traversed appear in the narrative. In the appendix are
347 ページ - REMARKS on the condition of hunters, the choice of horses, and their management : in a series of familiar letters, originally published in the Sporting Magazine between 1822 and 1828.
186 ページ - Gower. 1832'. TT is a remarkable circumstance, though it has not been, that •*• we know of, yet remarked, that though literature had the chief hand in preparing the French Revolution, it had little influence on its progress, and little share in its success. The men of the pen undermined * Since writing the above, we have seen the fourth number of the Paris Thesaurus, which, to our Surprise, is not an immediate continuation of the former three numbers, but the commencement of the letter B, and...
375 ページ - Wanderings in New South Wales, Batavia, Pedir Coast, Singapore, and China; being the Journal of a Naturalist during 1832, 1833, and 1834.