- Grey ......


FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 1832.


Supplies have been, since this day se'nbight; INSOLVENTS.

of English wheat, barley, oats, beaus, peas, JAMESON, J., Moscovy-court, Trinity-sq., and seeds, from all quarters, but limited ; of: w ne and spirit-merchaut.

| English, Irisli, Scotch, and foreigo flour, Irish, SHERLEY, F., Hayes, brever and coal-dealer.Scotch, and foreigo wheat and oats, and

foreign barley, collectively, moderately good • BANKRUPTCIES EXLA ROEN. · Owing to chis day's market beiog well ato DE METZ. A. L., Walter's buildings, Hol-tended by buyers, and the above-stated supe Joway, hill and exchange-brokec.

plies for the most part limited, as well as THOMAS, T., Southamptou-row, Blooms- there being no business to be transacted here bury, wine inerchaut.

on Friday, advanced prices were pretty gene

rally and stilliy demanded; but as they were, RANKRUPTS.

in scarcely any instance, very willingly subBICKNELL, J. H., Stratford upon Avon, mitted to, the trade was, throughout, dull; Warwickshire, corn-dealer.

with wheat and oats at an advance of from Is. BLACKNELL, W., Bourue-end, Northchurch, to 2s. per quarter; with barley, beans, peas, Herts, retailer of beer.

malt, four, and seeds, at last Monday's prices DRAKE, F, H. V., Corton, Devon, tile-dealer.

Wheat ............

. 535. to 675." PUNTAX.G., Bow.lage, iron & sin-pl.-agent.


31s. to 335, FARNEAUX, J., Princes-street, Red Lion

Barley .....

255. to 34s. square, cabiuet-maker.

- fine.......

35s. to 425 HENGTI, R., Upper Thames-street, mer.

Peas, White .....

35s. to 345,chant and commission-ageat.

Boilers ....

38s. to 44s. HOWARU, H., London-wall, looking glass

33s, to 375. manolacturer.

Beans, Old.....

345. to 365 RIDER, T., Mount row, Lambeth, hat-manuf.


33s. to 375. Oats, Potatoe ...

26., te 2. TUESDAY, April 17, 1812.

Poland ........

24s. to s. - Feed .....


Flour, per sack...

5ös. to sas. BLAKET... Habergham Eares and Burnley, I

PROVISIONS. Lancashire, on-spinder.

Bacon, Middles, ner, 44s. to 495. per art BROADBEXT... Handentield, shopkeeper.

- Sides, new... 485 to 495. BROCKBANK,T.Carisle,asa E Brackbank,

Pock, India, sem....130s. Ud. to -5. George-st. Dear Carise, tiener-merchants

Paris, Mess, new ...-s. Ou, to -5. per barla GARDINER,WH.Sartonia gase, ironmonger.

Batter, Belfast ....... to Es, percut HARORTH, ., Bernier, Lancasa ire, irou

Carlor ..... Sis. to us.

Cock ......Sos te des HATWOOD, W, Birmingham, bookbinder.

L merick ..845 te Sos. HONG. I J., Great Varuth, S oik, batier.

Wateríand.. Sos. ta os. HURAILL, T. d., Ford sin Peruman-square, i

D... ....745. to i6s.

here, Cbere... 565. to its. JURT... Norwich, wober scriverer.

Gloucester. Desudbe.. 56s. to 645. MACE E sen, Osnabarga-street, Regent's

Gloucester, diage .. 8s. to 5iss M OAMICK, J. & A., Leeds, drapers. RICHAEL, P. Hver fade. glass dealer.

Haus, Irish, ....... 566. toids ROXASON, W L Headery, Gloucester

SMITHFIELD.-April 16. SHERLER, F, Haves, Middleser, brewer. This far's some of beasts and porkers SMITH, T., Brie Corrier. TURIES, S, Ball's bod, Istington, builder. , madera en gaad. Wità prime lamb VIWENT, R, Bristol, talot

'sad vesl, cbe trade, as is asual as the Monday VINSX R H. W. Shoots, Maze, beiore Easter, was brisk, at an advance of full S tark, 800 Towen street, Careers 20 per stone; dat

w e i, mutton, the in. RARD, WJ, Bermondsey-street, Southwark, feriør kinds of land and real s also pork, Wue merchaet.

very dede Frider's pastatoES. WILLANSW.H., Newport, Monmouthshire, Bessts, 2,500 ; sheer sua decades, 20,580; cara-mercbant

care, ill; pags, 120. · SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS.

AULA and Son, Glasgon, merchaoss,
M-CCOMMES, D., Leit berbau
SMITH , Aberdeen, bai-bagalactoren

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HUSBANDRY; or, a Treatise on the Prin

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TT. | published by him, at II, Bolt-court, Fleet-streel.

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firmly in my mind. And, first, I have very narrowly watched to see whether any of the ministerial papers took up the subject and gave a contradiction to my suspicions, which suspicions are acknowledged to be very generally entertained, and which have been promul. gated by the “ NATIONAL Political Union," and, indeed, had been promul

gated by them before my Register TO THE

appeared. If Lord Grey had not ut. READERS OF THE REGISTER,

tered the words ascribed to him, the

report would have been contradicted On the present Prospect with regard instantly; and, if his intentions had not

been such as I ascribed to him, how to Reform.

eager would his papers have been to Kensington, 25th April, 1832. call me slanderer! In the case of Irish My Friends,

coercion, ALTHORP hastened to eat up That which I am now about to ad- the words of Grey! No such haste dress to you, naturally connects itself now; and all the slaves of the press, so with my remarks and opinions on the busy and so noisy upon other occasions, same subject in the last Register. A when the Ministers are to be defended, week has now passed since that Register are now silent in sign of conscious guilt; was written; I have, during this week, except, indeed, the base and prostituted very carefully attended to the contents Courier; and that tells us, that it was of the London papers, and especially of" always aware that some changes in those papers which are looked upon as the bill would be necessary." .. being decidedly in the interest of the Mi- Then, the political gossip! This is nisters; I have heard that which is talked one way in which the THING works. by the friends and hangers-on of the It has always, upon occasions like this, Ministry; in short, I have had as good a parcel of talkers and pulse-feelers at an opportunity as most men of learning work. They go about, and are at once, what is our present prospect with regard preachers and spies. Their business is to reform; and I now explicitly say, to prepare people's minds for what the that I see no reason whatever for THING has it in contemplation to do; changing the opinions on this subject; and to collect information to communiwhich opinions I fully and frankly ex-cate to the THING relative to the views pressed in the last Register; which and intentions of the people. They are opinions amounted in substance to furnished to a certain extent with a this; namely, that Grey would not knowledge of the THING's views and make the peers ; that he would not designs; they are enabled and authoquit his place, and tell the nation rised to say what has been told them by that the King would not let him make my Lord HUMBUG; and what the the peers; that he would take the bill “noble lord" said at breakfast or dinner with the 101. clause altered; that the the other day, or in a letter dated from House of Cormors would agree to that; HUMBUG Hall. By these means, they that they would beg Grey to keep his get to pass for persons of weight; and place; and that he would keep it. they frequently obtain thus an influence

Now, I have seen nothing to induce over men ten thousand times their supeme to change this opinion; but on the riors in knowledge and talent; and they contrary, a great deal to fix it more not very unfrequently actually set such

men in motion, and obtain in this way " quired agitation ; but agitation may a popular cry in farour of what ought to “ lead to disturbances; and it behoves receive popular execration. These tools“ those who are responsible for the Goof the THING are intimate with all“ vernment of the country to see that the newspaper editors, reporthers, and " the cause of Reform is not injured by pamphlet-mongers and publishers; and the alarm caused by disturbances. A thus, these are set in motion : the “ popular administration can ventureon country newspapers look to those of bolder measures than one which is disthis corrupt and infamous source as to “ trusted; and hence Ministers have a guide; and it has not only frequently,“ been enabled to make preparations but generally happened, that the whole “ for the preservation of the peace of the kingdom has by these low and villanous “ country, which will be adequate to the means, been deluded and betrayed ; and “ object, and thereby deprive the antito this very cause we have to ascribe no" reformers of a means of wounding the small part of the Debt and of the ruin the good cause. If we thought Minisand misery of the people.

"ters acted on the plan attributed to Nothing is a stronger proof in corro-" them in the following extract, WE boration of my suspicions than the con-1" SHOULD BELIEVE THEM. TO duct of the Morning Chronicle, the edi." BE MONSTERS.”. tor of which (Dr. Black) is upon terms Now, Doctor, I wish that that charily of great personal intimacy with some of which led you to believe that the Ministhe Ministers; and especially with Vaux ters had better motives in arming the and AUTHORP. Now, this I know, as police and increasing the army,” had well as I know that the Cabinet Council carried you a little further, and induced meets at Whitehall. Look at the Chro- you to name those“ better motives." nicle, then, ever since the speech of LORD I have been able to discover no other Grey was made. It has offered no ex- motives than those assigned by nie. planation of it: it has not hinted at a Numerous persons (millions) are of my denial of the correctness of the reports : opinion, and it would therefore have it has crammed its columns with lucu-been charity" to us to have put us at brations about all sorts of things, except our ease on this account. Your defence the thing now at issue : this day (Wed- of these measures is of the real Whig nesday), for instance, it has two whole STAMP. The army may be augmented columns from the Doctor's pen, being in time of peace; the police may be a review of a review of PARSON Nares's armed with swords ; becanse the “adstupid and lying book about the Pro- ininistration is popular !" This is the TESTANT REFORMATION ; and, not a sin-old Whig impudence. It was despotism gle word about the intentions of the Mi-in the Stuarts to have a standing army nisters as to the Reform Bill. When in time of peace; but no despotism in the my last Register came out, the Doctor Whigs, who suon had a far greater, extracted a passage from it, putting be- which has never ceased since, and which fore the extract the following preface : they have always augmented when they

"In the following passage there is had the power. Upon the same principle, " much ingenuity ; but the person who it was quite laudable IN THEM to “ will be most surprised at discovering pass the Riot Act, the audacious Septen. 66 what a Machiavelian Earl Grey is nial Bill, and to establish the infernal, " will be his Lordship himself. Mr. excise, which, when they were last in « Cabbett assumes, we think, a great power, they attempted to carry into “ deal too readily that the Tories are in private houses! They are “ popular," “ different to the pickings which corrup- they are “ liberal," and therefore " they " tion has left to us, and charity to the may venture on bolder measures than an Ministers requires us to believe that administration that is distrusted !" To. " their arming the police and increasing what a point must a man have duped " the army had better motives than are himself before he could have talked "assigned to them. The Reform Bill re- thus! Was there ever a crew so com,

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