Forget me not; a Christmas and new year's present. (Ed. by F. Shoberl).


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342 ページ - The queen and her brother were tried by a jury of peers, consisting of the Duke of Suffolk, the Marquis of Exeter, the Earl of Arundel, and twenty-three more : their uncle the Duke of Norfolk presided as high steward.
70 ページ - What's a fair or noble face, If the mind ignoble be ? What though beauty in each grace May her own resemblance see ! Eyes may catch from heaven their spell, Lips the ruby's light recall ; In the Home for Love to dwell One good feeling's worth them all.
340 ページ - Norfolk gave also a cup of gold, fretted with pearls. The Marchioness of Dorset gave three gilt bowls pounced with a cover, and the Marchioness of Exeter gave three standing bowls, graven and gilt, with covers. '• Then was brought in wafers, comfits, and yppocras, in such abundance that every man had as much as he could desire.
70 ページ - Tell nature of decay; Tell friendship of unkindnesse; Tell justice of delay: And if they dare reply, Then give them all the lye.
9 ページ - France ! who gave so free Thy life-stream to his cup of wine, and saw That purple vintage shed o'er half the earth, Write the first line, if thou hast blood to spare. Thou, too, whose pride...
10 ページ - Rise, island-spirits ! like those sisters three. Who spin and cut the trembling thread of life, Rise on your coral pedestals, and write That eulogy which haughtier climes deny. Come, for ye lull'd him in your matron arms, And cheer'd his exile with the name of king, And...
340 ページ - God of His infinite goodness send prosperous life and long to the high and mighty princess of England, Elizabeth!
340 ページ - The procession returned in the same order that it went out, save that four noble gentlemen carried the sponsors' gifts before the child, with trumpets flourishing all the way preceding them, till they came to the door of the queen's chamber. The king commanded the Duke of Norfolk to thank the lord mayor and citizens heartily in his name for their attendance, and after they had powerfully refreshed themselves in the royal cellar, they...
336 ページ - Prince* with her, and then he asked what the prince's name was, and the queen told him Edward ; and then he held up his hands, and thanked God thereof. And he said he never knew him till that time ; nor wist not what was said to him, nor wist not where he had been, whilst he hath been sick till now...
7 ページ - And who shall write thine epitaph ? thou man Of mystery and might. Shall orphan hands Inscribe it with their fathers' broken swords ? Or the warm trickling of the widow's tear Channel it slowly 'mid the rugged rock, As the keen torture of the water-drop Doth wear the...