The Military [afterw.] Royal military panorama or Officer's companion, 第 2 巻



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652 ページ - It is ordered by His Royal Highness the Prince Re-gent, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty...
333 ページ - The western States (I speak now from my own observation) stand as it were upon a pivot. The touch of a feather would turn them any way.
194 ページ - I am to acquaint you, that his royal highness the prince regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his majesty, to approve and confirm the finding -and sentence of the court.
49 ページ - We must look, therefore, for the existing evils, and for the situation in which we now find the army, to some cause besides those resulting from the operations in which we have been engaged.
11 ページ - Moore was spent among the troops. " During the season of repose, his time was devoted to the care and instruction of the Officer and Soldier ; in war, he courted service in every quarter of the globe. Regardless of personal considerations, he esteemed that to which his Country called him, the post of honour ; and by his undaunted spirit, and unconquerable perseverance, he pointed the way to victory. " His Country, the object of his latest solicitude, will rear a monument to his lamented memory ;...
10 ページ - THE benefits derived to an army from the example of a distinguished commander do not terminate at his death. His virtues live in the recollection of his associates, and his fame remains the strongest incentive to great and glorious actions. In this view, the Commander-in-chief, amidst the deep and universal regret which the death of LieutenantGeneral Sir John Moore has occasioned, recalls to the troops the military career of that illustrious officer for their instruction and imitation.
589 ページ - After my death I wish no other herald, No other speaker of my living actions, To keep mine honour from corruption, But such an honest chronicler as Griffith.
121 ページ - One might imagine all the states of Europe and Asia had sent a building, by way of representative, to Moscow; and under this impression the eye is presented with deputies from all countries holding congress : timber huts from regions beyond the Arctic ; plastered palaces from Sweden and Denmark, not whitewashed since their arrival; painted walls from the Tyrol ; mosques from Constantinople ; Tartar temples...
333 ページ - ... those people ? How entirely unconnected with them shall we be, and what troubles may we not apprehend, if the Spaniards on their right, and Great Britain on their left, instead of throwing stumblingblocks in their way, as they now do, should hold out lures for their trade and alliance? What, when they get strength...
64 ページ - ... the space of five years, and also for such further time as the Militia shall remain embodied, if, within the space of five years, his Majesty shall order and direct (as it is notorious he has done) the Militia, for which such man is enrolled, to be drawn out and embodied...