Military Panorama, OFFICERS' COMPANION

September 1813.

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Portrait of the late General Sir Thomas Musgrave, Bart.
Captain D'Angibau's Plan for forming a Square, &c. &c. &c.



CAMPAIGNS in the PENINSULA 524 The late Gen. Sir Thos. Musgrave,

MILITARY CORRESPONDENCE, Bart. Colonel of the 76tb or In

continued from our last. dostan Regt. of Foot ..... 493 Generals Abatucci and Beaupuy- - 501

Inspecting Field-Officers of Yeo

manry and Volunteers - ... - 535 RUSSIAN CAMPAIGNS .... 503

Marching Money to Officers ... 536

Officers' Postage - ........ 537 Battle of German Town .....197

Military Observations.—On the BriThe serenity of a Prince discomposed 502

tish Army, Invalids and Medical Review of the state of Hamburgh,

Department, Portuguese Army, and the means wbich General Tettenborn bad of defending it at

Justice and Religion ---•• 538 the time of its surrender - ... 503 The British Troops.-From the Treaty with Sweden - ...... 507

“ Military Character of the EuEngagements between the Court of

ropean Armies" .--.-.- 540 St. Petersburgh and Stockbolm - 510 Battle of Bautzen -------- 515 | Correspondence from the Theatre Corunna, Evacuation thereof by the

of War in the Peninsula, conFrench- - ----- 533 tinued from our last ...... 543 Considerations whether Russia and

Army Regulations, General Orders, Sweden were morally justifiable

&c. continued from our last - - 550 in forming the Engagements they

Respecting Allowances to be made to entered into; whether they were

Officers paying Regimental Depots ib. or were not justifiable in so doing,

Advances made by the Parish of St. would Great-Britain bave been

Paul to the Wives of Soldiers emjustified in according to this

barked for Foreiga Service - • - 551 Treaty; and whether those En

Regulation in case of Regts. ordered gagements were favourable or

for Embarkation ....... ib. unfavourable to this country - - 511 |

|| Allowanceto Non-commissioned OffiFerrol, Evacuation thereof by the

cersor Private Soldiers on a March ib. French- --------.. - 533

Cavalry at Home ----.... 552 POETICAL ESSAYS on MILI Infantry at Home ........ 553 TARY SUBJECTS.

Court-Martialon Brevet Lieutenant La Puebla's Tree.-By Mrs. John

Colonel F. F. Browne, 6th West Philippart, Author of Muscovy,&c. 522|| India Regiment - ....... 554 Lines, supposed to be written by Do. on Lieut. and Paymaster Wm. the Countess of London, on her

Cockell, Wiltshire Militia ... 555 ladyslip signifying her intention Do. on Paymaster J. Fillingham, to accompany her Lord, Earl Royal West India Rangers - - - 556

Moira, to the East ...... ib. GAZETTES—Military Dispatches, Capt. D'Angibau's Plan for forming | continued from our last - ..357

a Square, &c. &c. -....-- 548 || Deaths, 588--Marriages, ib.--Births. il.



Orchard-Street, Portman-Square, 30th August, 1813. WITH this Number is published a Supplement, containing Subjects of the greatest importance, viz.-Military Biography. The late Gen. the Right Hop. Richard Fitzpatrick, Colonel of the 47th Regt. of Foot, and M. P. for Taristock. Captain Fremantle, Coldstream Guards, the bearer of the dispatches containing the account of the glorious Battle of Victoria. Alexander I, and Francis II. Russian Campaigns. The Armistice. Anecdotes of Buonaparte and his Army in the Retreat from Moscow.–Of the Population of the United States. Calculation of the present number of Inhabitants of the United States. Of the Territory of the United States. Of the Value of Lands in the United States.Escape of the Earl of March after the Evacuation of Burgos. Do. of the Prince of Orange.-Incapacity of General Cuesta. Entry of Sir Arthur Wellesley into Spain in 1809. Battle of Talavera.-Facts and Calculations respecting the Population and Territory of the United States of America.—Considerations for Officers whose Duties hare called them to Employment upon or near the Scenes of Ancient Renown, &c. &c.—Poetical Essays on Military Subjects. The Pursuit. By Mrs. John Philippart, Author of “ Muscovy," &c. The Battle of Salamanca. By W. T. Fitzgerald, Esq.-Campaigns in the Peninsula.-Correspondence from the Theatre of War in the Peninsula, continued from the 12th No.-Court Martial on Major Andrew Valentine Browne, of the sth West India Regiment -Gazettes, &c. &c.-Deaths, Marriages, Births.-Index.-It is also embellished with a Portrait of the late Gen. the Right Hon. Richard Fitzpatrick, and a Map of Spain.

To the Author of " Considerations for Officers whose Duties have called them to Employment upon or near the Scenes of Ancient Renown, &c." inserted page 624 of the Supplementary Number, the Army and ourselves are much indebted: we, therefore, earnestly solicit the continuation of his valuable assistance.

The additional highly-honourable title we have acquired to our work, is highly gratifying to our feelings, and will encourage us to a continuation of our exertions on erery point that can promote the benefit of the Officers of the British Army, and the Military Profession at large.

We shall give Publicity in the Third Volume of this work to various highly important State Papers, and other interesting Documents relating to all the fo reign Courts of Europe; their Policy, Resources, and Cabinet Intrigues.-- These Papers will be procured and drawn up expressly for the Military Panorama, and we therefore shall feel it an obligation due to ourselves, to punish with the greatest severity any plagiarisms, &c. therefrom.

In compliance with the wishes of several distinguished Officers, a List of the Subscribers and Supporters of this Work will be published with the Third Volume. The Friends to the Undertaking are therefore requested to communicate their Names and Addresses to the Editor, 33, Orchard-Street, Portman-Square. Captain S.'s Review has been received, and is under consideration.

The interesting Papers relating to the Presentation of a Medal to Captain La. tham, of the ad batt. 3d Foot, for his gallantry in defending the Colours of that Regiment in action at Albuera, were not received in time for our present publication, but will appear in the First Number of the Third Volume, published on the 1st of October.

Military Essays, Reviews of Military Works, Biograpbical Notes, Journals of Sieges, and every Military Operation, will at all times be particularly attended to; and the authors of such communications may rest assured that the Editor will preserve an inviolable secrecy as to their names, and when requested will confer with them personally on the subject of their communications.

As the Panorama is published in a manner that will always render it not only a useful and necessary, but also an elegant work for the confined library of the Military man, and to deserve a prominent place on the shelves of the scholar and the gentleman, it consequently requires very considerable time for printing and binding, and it is therefore requested that those correspondents who are desirous for an early publication of their favours, will transmit them at the commencement of each month, directed to the Editor, 33, Orchard-Street, Portman-Square.

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lavaion Publishil SeptZWIS,Dr P. Martin Ma r gie

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