59th do. 2d Batt.—Lieut.-Col. Fane, severely; Major Weir (Lieut.-Col.), severely; Lieutenants M*Gregor and Mayne, severely; Lieutenant Walker, severely (since dead); Lieutenants Langley and M'Pherson, severely ; Ensign Pyne, slightly. 60th do. 5th Batt.—Captain Franchiny and Lieut. Joyce, slightly. 66th do. 2d Batt.—Captain Nicholls, severely. 68th do. 2d Batt.—Lieutenant-Colonel Johnson and Captain Gough, severely; Captain Read, slightly ; Lieutenants Sorly and M'Kay, slightly ; Ensigns Fawke, Iłali, and Stretton, severely ; Ensign Skene, slightly ; Adjutant Hinds, severely. 71st do. 1st Batt.—Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Cothen, slightly; Captain Read, severely : Captains Pidgeon and Grant, slightly ; Lieut. Duff, slightly ; Lieut. Fox, severely (since dead); Lieutenants Richards, M*Intyne, Toriarno, Campbell, and Commeline, severely ; Lieutenant Cox, severely, and missing. 74th do.—Captain M“Queen, slightly ; Captain Ovens, severely; Eusigns Hamilton and shore, severely; Adjutant White, severely. 82d do. 1st Ratt.—Lieutenant-Colonel Grant, severely ; Lieutenants Derenzy and Agnew, severely. 83d do. 2d Batt.—Major Widderington, severely; Captain Venaoles, slightly; Lt. Baldwin, severely ; Lieutenant Smith, slightly. 87th do. 2d Batt.—Captains Vandeleur, O'Brien, and King, severely ; Lieutenants Higginson and Mountgarret, severely ; Lieutenant Dowling, slightly ; Ensign Stafford, slightly. 88th do. 1st Batt.—Captain M*Dermot, severely ; Lieuts. Flood, Fitzpatrick, and Faires, slightly ; Ensign Sanders, severely. 94th do.—Lieut.-Col. Campbell, Captain Cairncross, and Lieutenant M*Arthur, severely ; Lieut. Cannon, slightly ; Ensigns Stainton and Nairne, severely ; Adjutant Jackson, severely. 95th do. 1st Batt.—Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Cameron, severely ; Lieutenants Cox, Hopwood, and Gairdner, severely ; Lieutenant Lester, slightly. 95th do. 2d Batt.—Captain Jenkins, slightly. Chasseurs Britanniques—Captain Millins, slightly ; Lieutenant Lenhart, severely. 1st Light Batt. King's German Legion—Lieut. Hedeman, slightly. 1st Foot, 3d Batt.—Volunteer Dobbs, severely. 3th Foot, 1st Batt.—Volunteer Rees, severely.

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11th Caçadores—Lieutenants Antonio Roy da Sa, Pedro D. M. Pioroto, Ensigu A. J. Vedal. spaxi sti. Brigadier-Gen. Pablao Murillo, severely wounded.

The other Spanish officers names not ascertained.
(Signed) AYLMER, Dep.-Adj.-Gen.

Return of Ordnance, Carriages, and Ammunition, captured from the Enemy, in the Action of the 21st June, 1813.

Pittoria, June 23, 1813.

Brass Ordnance on Travelling Guns—28 twelve-pounder guns, 42 eight-pounder, 43 four-pounder guns, 3 eight-inch howitzers, 20 six-inch howitzers, 3 four and two five-inch howitzers, 2 six-inch mortars.--Total 151. Caissons—56 twelve-pounder guns, 76 eight-pounder guns, 68 four-pounder guns, 7 eight-inch howitzers, 54 six-inch howitzers, 3 four and two five-inch bowitzers, 149 small arm ammunition.—Total 415. Rounds of Ammunition—1936 twelve-pounder guns, 5424 eight-pounder guns, 3434 four-pounder guns, 97 eight-inch bowitzers, 3358 six-inch howitzers.Total, 14,249. 1,973,400 musket-ball cartridges, 40,668lbs. of gunpowder, 56 forage waggons, 44 forge waggons. R. D. HENAGAN, Commissary Royal Artillery. A. DICKSON, Lieut.-Col. commanding Artillery.

[The Details of the returns of the regimental loss will be published hereafter.]

Irunzun, June 24, 1813-My Lord, The departure of Captain Fremantle having been delayed till this day, by the necessity of making up the returns, I have to report to your Lordship, that we have continued to pursue the enemy, whose rear reached Pamplona this day. We have done them as much injury as has been in our power, considering the state of the weather and of the roads; and this day the advanced-guard, consisting of Major-General Victor Baron Alten's brigade, and the 1st and 3d batts, of the 95th regiment, and Major Ross's troop of horse artillery, took from them the remaining gun they had. They have entered Pamplona, therefore, with one howitzer only. General Clausel, who had under his command that part of the Army of the North, and one division of the Army of Portugal, which was not in the action of the 21st, approached Vittoria on the 22d, when he heard of the action of the preceding day, and finding there the 6th division, which had just arrived, under the command of Major-General the Hon. E. Pakenham, he retired upon la Guardia, and has since marched upon Tudela de Ebro. It is probable that the enemy will continue their retreat into France. I have detached General Giron, with the Gallician Army, in pursuit of the convoy, which moved from Vittoria on the morning of the 20th, which I hope he will overtake before it reaches Bayonne. (Signed) WELLINGTON,

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Staff—Price, Physician to York Hospital.-Lindesay, Deputy Commissary Gen. July 22, 1813. At Vittoria in Spain, on the 24th of June, in his 24th year, of a wound he received in the glorious battle of Vittoria, on the 21st of June, Captain George Hay, Royal Scots, eldest son and Aide-de-Camp to Major-General Hay. - -On his passage from Gibraltar, Lieut.-Col. Rutherford, late Secretary to that Garrison. At Demarary, in May last, Major-Gen. Carmichael, Commander of the Forces there. Suddenly, at Gosport, Capt. Lamb, of the Hereford Militia. At Edinburgh, on the 31st of July, Mr. C. Paton, second son of Col. Paton, Quarter-Master-General, Bengal. In consequence of the wounds he received in the ever-memorable battle of Vittoria, Lieut.-Col. Ridgewood, of the 45th Regiment. By his death the service has lost a most active and zealous Officer, of great merit and future promise. He had been in the service of his country from his earliest youth, and by his good qualities had rendered himself beloved by his companions in arms, respected and obeyed by all those under his command: his loss is deeply deplored by his friends, and felt by the corps he commanded. At Hilsea Barracks, on the 22d of July, Capt. H. Martyn, 11th Regiment. Of the wounds he received in the memorable battle of Vittoria, Lieut.-Col. Laing Weir, Major of the 59th Regiment. Killed, on the 6th of June, at the midnight attack upon the American Camp, at Stoney Creek, in Canada, Lieut. Hooker, of the 8th Foot, whilst leading on a Company to the attack.


At Claverly, Brigade-Major Kane, of the Plymouth Garrison, to Beatrice, daughter of the late Edward F. Taylor, Esq. of Cheeknall, Salop. At Kinsale, on the 5th of August, Lieutenant James Dowman, of the Royal Marines, to Jane, second daughter of the late James Splaine, Esq. On the 3d of November, 1812, W. D. Playfair, Esq. of the Hon. East India Company's Artillery, to Miss Ann Ross, niece of George Rankin, Esq. of that Establishment. At Walmer, on the 2d of August, John Lightbody, jun. Esq. Surgeon, 25th Regiment, to Mary, third daughter of the late.J. Dehany, Esq. of Deal. On the 6th of August, Lieut. Hunsworth, 39th Regiment, to Jane, second daughter of the late Lieut.-Gen. Hetherseth, of Scoulton. At Castlerea, lately, Capt. Gray, of the Wexford Militia, to Miss Vaugh. At Dublin, on the 5th of August, G. Hargrove, Esq. Surgeon, Horse Artillery, to Miss Egan. Rev. John Warneford, Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, to Charlotte Ann, second daughter of Col. Sweeting, Woodlands, Somersetshire. At Edinburgh, on the 27th of July, Capt. Alexander Frazer, 43d Regiment, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Capt. James Fyffe, Fifeshire Militia. At Highworth, on the 12th of August, Lieut.-Col. Jones, late of the 2d or Queen's Own Regiment, to Richarda, daughter of the Rev. W. Wetherell, D. D.


At Rochester, on the 4th of August, the lady of Capt. Nicholson, of the Royal Marines, of a son.

At Bermuda, on the 8th of July, the lady of Capt. Carnegie, of the 102d Regt. of a son.

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