Facts and Calculations respecting the Po-
pulation and Territory of the United
States of America, 613.
French Troops, Character of, 268; Or-
der of Battle, 221.
Ferguson, Ronald Crawfurd, Maj.-gen.
his Biography, 395. -
Flanders, Expedition of Sir Charles
Gray in 1793, 396.
Ferrol, Expedition to in 1800, 401.
Ferrol evacuated by the French, 533.
Fitzgerald, W.T. Esq., Poetry, 30, 456,
Fabius, Parallel betweenLordWellington,
Fitzpatrick, General, his Biography, 591.
Fillingham, John, Paymaster, R. W. I.
Rangers, General Courts Martial, 556.
Fermor, Thomas William, Colonel, 3d
Foot Guards, License to wear the In-
signia of an Honorary Knight Com-
mander of the Royal Portuguese Mi-
litary Order of the Tower and Sword,
Fletcher, Sir Richard, Kt. and Bt. Do.
Do. 191.
General Orders, Army Regulations, Cir-
culars, and Courts Martial, 62-72,
169-174, 272-276, 375–376; 472-
476 ; 550-556; 653-654.
Memorial from certain Substitutes of the
Perthshire Militia, 62.
Circular Letter to General Officers com-
manding Districts in Great-Britain
respecting Do. 63.

Opinion of the Attorney and Solicitor

General on Do. 64.
Courts Martial on Captain Hylton of the
* 85th, 66 ; Lieut. Ed. Powell of the
85th, 68; Captain James Hamilton of
the 3d West India Regiment, 69 ;
Lieut. John H. Cruice of the 36th
Reg. 70 ; Capt. O'Keefe Boulger of
the 23d Reg. 70; Lieut.-col. Balfour
of the 2d Dragoons, 70; Brevet Major
Stewart, 46th Reg. 273; Ditto Brevet
Lieut.-col. F. F. Browne, 6th W. I.
Reg. 554; Ditto Lieut. and Paymas-
ter, W. Cockell, Wiltshire Militia, 555;
Ditto Paymaster J. Fillingham, R.
W. I. Rangers, 556; Do. Maj. Andrew
Valentine Browne, 8th W. I. Regt. 653.
Regulations for granting Pensions to
Officers of the Commissariat Depart-
ment, losing an Eye or a Limb on
Service, 272; Respecting Soldiers'
Wives when a Regiment embarks for
Garrison Duty or Foreign Service, 272;
Abstract of a Bill for the more speedy
and effectual Trial and Punishment of
Offences committed by Soldiers de-
tached in the Peninsula, 375.
Reduction of Volunteer Corps, ib.

Lord Wellington's recommendation to the
Officers serving with the Army in the
Peninsula, 376.
Lord Wellington to his Army, 472.
Field Officers investigating the Accompts
of Paymasters of Recruiting Districts,
473. -
Allowances to be finally paid on the Ap-
proval of Recruits, 473.
Recruits raised at Head Quarters of Bat-
talions or Regimental Depôts, 474.
Allowances to Officers employed superin-
tending Subdivisions under the new
System of Recruiting, 474.
Rates of Allowance to General and Staff
Officers of the Districts in Great Bri-
tain in lieu of Forage for Horses for
the Half-year ending 24th June, 1813,
Commuted Allowance to Recruiting Par-
ties in lieu of Bread and Meat, 474.
Regiments whose Services have been
transferred, 475.
Recruits transferred to a Garrison Bat-
talion, 475. -
Encrease of pay to Serjeant Majors; and
the Appointment of Colour Serjeants,
Increased Rates to Inn-keepers, 476.
Warrant for the more convenient Pay-
ment of the Pensions to the Widows
of Officers of the Land Forces, residing
in Great-Britain or Ireland, 172.
Notice respecting Widows residing in
Great-Britain, whose Pensions are is-
sued in Ireland, 173.
Allowance of Coals to Schools held in
Barracks, 173.
Allowance to be made to Officers paying
Regimental Depôts, 550.
Advances made by the Parish of St. Paul
to the Widows of Soldiers embarked
for Foreign Service, 550.
Regulation in case of Regiments ordered
for Embarkation, 550.
Allowance to Non-commissioned Officers
or Private Soldiers on a March, 551.
Statement of certain Accompts and other
Documents required to be transmitted
to the Secretary at War, by Regiments
of Cavalry at Home, 552.
Statement of certain Accompts, and other
Documents required to be transmitted
to the Secretary at War, by Regiments
of Infantry at Home, 553.

Gazettes,72-98; 174-195; 274–294; 376-
391; 477-490; 557-588; 6.55-687.

Germany, Letter on the Maps thereof,

General Officers serving in the Penin-
sula; Observations on their Duties,

Grey, Sir Charles, Expedition to Flan-
ders in 1793, 396.

Gross Gorschen, Battle of, 430.
German Town, Battle of, 496.

Horse Guards, Blue, letter on the pro-
motions therein, 161.
Honorary badges, &c. “Bergen-op-Zee,”
and “Mandara,” to the colours and
appointments of the 92d Regt. 174.
Helder, Narrative of the Expedition
thereto in 1799, 300.
Hilton Family, Pedigree, 495.
Hamburgh, &c. Review of the actual
state of Hamburgh, and the oppor-
tunities the Hamburghers and Gen.
Tettenborn had of defending the
same, 503.
Harvey, Wm. Maundy, Lieut.-Colonel,
and Brigadier Gen. in the Portuguese
Army; license that he may wear the
Insignia of an Honorary Knight Com-
mander of the Royal Portuguese Mili-
tary Order of the Tower and Sword, 485.
Hill, Thos. Noel, Lt.-Col. Do. Do. 191.
Hamilton, John, Esq. Lieut.-Gen. of His
Majesty's Forces, and Colonel of the 2d
Ceylon Regt. Do. Do. 564.

Italy, Campaigns in 1799, 111.
Indies, West, Campaigns of, 1794-6, &c.
103. -
Java, Narrative of the Expedition to, and
Capture of, 342.
Innkeepers, increased Rates to them, 476.
Instructions, important, for a Minister,
when sent on a Diplomatic Mission to
the Continental Courts, exposing the
Principles that influence the Tugend-
Bund, or Tugend Pereind; the In-
trigues of the different Court Parties,
and other important Facts, 603.

Knighthood, new Order of, 159.
Kutusoff, his conference with Lauriston,
Kremlin at Moscow, Description of, 128.
Kutusoff, Princess, the Emperor Alexan-
der’s Letter to her on the death of her
husband, 429.

Lauriston and Kutusoff, Conference be-
tween, when the former was dispatched
from Moscow by Buonaparte, with the
view of opening a Negociatiou, 131.
Lincelles, gallant affair at, in 1793, 298.
Louis XVIII, Address to the French in
1813, 415.
Lutzen, Battle of, 430.
Limerick Militia, to bear the title of
Royal, 276.
Leith, M.-Gen. presented with the Order
of the Bath, and most honourable ad-
ditions to the Armorial Ensigns of his

family, for his highly meritorious con-
duct in the Peninsula, 280.

Moore, Lieut.-Gen. Sir John, his life, 3.
Messallowance at Regimental Depots,66.
Marriages, 98,196, 234, 392,490, 588,
Macdonald, Gen. his Life, 110.
Militias, British and Irish, transferred in
1813, 169.
Military College Regulations, 169.
Medals, Military, List of Officers to whom
given, 165.
Mutilated Officers, Letter on, 161.
Murat and Miloradovitch, Conference
between, at the advanced posts of
the Russian and French Armies, on
the 11th of October, 132.
Maltese Cross, Account of the Order of,
Moscow, Account of, 121.
Majors, Observations on the Rankof,264.
Mechanics for the Army, 262.
Marmont, Marshal, his Biography, 210.
Memoir concerning the Commercial Re-
lations of the United States with Great
Britain ; to which is added, An Essay
upon the Advantages to be derived
from new Colonies. Translated from
the French of M. de Talleyrand—re-
viewed, 359.
Medical Department of the Army, 365.
Memoir on the State of Europe, with
Propositious for the Restoration of a
Balance of Power, by the Exertions,
Political and Military, of Great Britain,
Russia and Prussia, 442.
Mayne, J. Esq. Lines on the Battle of
Vittoria, 456.
Marcellus—Parallel between Lord Wel-
lington, 465.
March, Earl of, his Escape after the
Evacuation of Burgos, 631.
Musgrave, Sir Thomas, Gen. his Bi
graphy, 493. -
Mac Bean, Wm. Lieut.-Col. License to
wear the Insignia of an Honorary
Knight Commander of the Royal Por-
tuguese Military Order of the Tower
and Sword, 280.

Observations on the Marquis of Welling-
ton's Letter of Nov. 28, 1812, 48.

| Officers Prisoners of War, 56; mutilated,

161 ; mutilated in the Service of Spain,
268; dress, 57; who have had Hono-
rary Medals granted to them for par-
ticular Service, 165; Marching Money,
536; Postage, 537; Allowance for
paying Regimental Depôts, 550.

Ostend, Expedition in 1798, 103.

Orange, Prince of, his Escape, after the
Evacuation of Burgos by the French,

Observations, Military, on the British
Army, Invalids and Medical Depart-
ments, 538.
Poetical Essays on Military Subjects.
Stanzas in Honour of the Marquis of
Wellington, 28.
Let Russia's Triumph rouse the World
to Arms; addressed to the Nations
groaning underBuonaparte's Yoke, 30.
The Anti-Columbiad, or Moscow de-
stroyed, 140.
Epistle from a Serjeant serving in the
Peninsula, to his Wife in England, 256.
Elegiac Stanzas on the Death of Gen.
Brock, by Wm. Upton, 451.
“Victoria,” by Mrs. John Philippart,
Author of Muscovy, &c. 452.
Vittoria, by J. Mayne, Esq. 456.
Battle of Vittoria, by W. F. Fitzgerald,
Esq. 456.
La Puebla's Tree, by Mrs. John Philip-
part, 522.
Lines supposed to be written by the
Countess of Loudon, on the occasion
of signifying her Ladyship's intention
to accompany her Lord, Earl-Moira,
to the East, 522.
The Pursuit, by Mrs. John Philippart,
Author of Muscovy, &c. 631.
The Battle of Salamanca, by W. T. Fitz-
gerald, 632.

Peninsula Campaigns, vide Campaigns.
Paymasters, their Military Rank, &c.
55, 203 ; Securities, 66.
Prisoners of War, 56.
Prevost, Captains James and Henry, their
Biographies, 108.
Pensions, Widows, Warrant for the bet-
ter payment of them, 172.
Petersburgh, Itinerary from, through
Moscow to Tula and Voronetz, 229.
Platow, Gen. Anecdotes of, 240.
Pitt, W. M. Esq. M. P. his Plan for af-
fording Incomes to General Officers
adequate to the Support of their Rank,
Philippart, Mrs. John, Lines on the Bat-
tle of Victoria, 452; La Puebla's Tree,
522; the Pursuit, 631.
Pompey, Cicero's Opinion of him, 457.
Parallel between Quintus Fabius, Mar-
cellus, and Lord Wellington, 465.
Portuguese Army, Observations on, 538.
Pack, Dennis, Lieut.-Col. License to
wear the Insignia of an Honorary
Knight Commander of the Royal Por-
tuguese Military Order of the Tower
and Sword, 191.

Qualifications requisite in him who would
arrive at distinction in a Military Ca-
pacity, 164.

Russia, vide Campaigns.
Russian Troops, their Character, by Cap-
tain J. H. Cooper, 57, 126.
Regulations, vide General Orders.
Recruiting Service Regulations, 171.
Remuneration to Privates and Non-com-
missioned Officers for particular Ser-
vices, 154.
Reviews.-The Battle of Albuera, a
Poem, 146; the Battles of Salamanca
and Barrosa, a Poem, 146.
Russian Festivities, &c. 123; Pictures,
Riches, Servants, 127.
Roman Greatness of Mind, 350.
Roberts, Lieut.-Col. his Plan for forming
a Rallying Square, 469; new Mode
of arranging the Formation of a Squa-
dron, 260.
Recruiting Parties, Commuted Allowance
to them in lieu of Bread and Meat,474.
Recruits raised at Head Quarters of Bat-
talions, or Regimental Depôts, 474.
Regiments whose Services have been
transferred, 475.
Reade, Thomas, Major, 27th Foot, Li-
cense to wear the Insignia of a Knight
of the 3d Class of the Royal Sicilian
Order of St.Ferdinand, and of Merit,77.

Soult, Marshal, Duke of Dalmatia, his
Life, 1 1. -
Spanish Campaigns, vide Campaigns.
Subalterns' Allowances, 54.
Shoeing Cavalry, 55.
Service, Foreign, Regulations respecting
Regiments ordered thereon, 171.
School-Rooms in Barracks, Allowance of
Coals, 173.
Salamanca, Battle of, a Poem, reviewed,
St. Lucia, Expedition to, in 1794, 102.
Stewart, Sir Charles William, Major-
Gen. his Life, 199.-License to wear
the Insignia of an Honorary Knight
Commander of the Royal Portuguese
Military Order of the Tower and
Sword, 279.
Stewart, James, Brevet Major, 26th Regt.
Proceedings of a Court-Martial on, 273.
Smolensk, Description of, 219.
Sarrazin, General, his Life, 308.
Spanish Troops, Character of them, 367.
Staff, the General-in-Chief thereof, 369.
Staff-Officers of Districts in Great-Bri-
tain—Rates of Allowance in Lieu of
Forage for half-year ending 24th June,
18 13, 474.
Serjeant-Majors, Increase of Pay to
them, 476.
Sweden, Treaty with, 507.
Sweden, Crown Prince of, Review of his
Conduct in regard to the Evacuation
of Hamburgh, and the Motives by
which he was directed, 503;

Salamanca, the Battle of, a Poem, by
W. T. Fitzgerald, Esq. 632.

Somerset, Lord Robert Edward Henry,
license to wear the Insignia of an Ho-
norary Knight Commander of the Royal
Portuguese Military Order of the Tower
and Sword, 191.

Stuart, Sir John, honourable Armorial
Augmentation, 577.

Tyrol, the Campaign of 1800, 114.
Tarento, Duke of, his Life, 110.
Tyrconnel, Earl, Account of his Death,
Trebia, Russian Heroism at the Battle
of, in 1799, 312.
Tugend Vereind or Tugend Bund, Ex-
position of the Principles that influence
the Society, 603.
Third Royal Lancashire Militia, to be in
future styled “The 3d or Prince Re-
gent's Own Regiment of Royal Lanca-
shire Militia,” 677.

United States, a Military View thereof,
and their Vulnerable Points exposed,
by a Reference to the Conduct and
Opinion of General Washington, 325.
Upton, Mr. his Lines on the Death of
Major-Gen. Brock, 451.

volunteer Corps, Reduction thereof, 375.
Volunteers, Inspecting Field Officers of,


Warrants, clearing, 66.

Woronzoff, Count, his Life, 11s.
Wilson, Sir Robert, his Account of the
Battle of Borodino, 119.-His Con-
duct at the Battle of Lutzen, 436.
Walcheren, Expedition to, 106.
Wagram, Battle of, 1 14.
Winzingerode, General, his Capture by
the French at Moscow, 135.
Widows' Pensions, Warrant for the more
convenient Payment of the same, 172.
Windham, Mr. his Opinion of the Advan-
tages Buonaparte possesses over his
Cotemporaries, 237.
Washington, General, a Reference to
his Conduct and Opinions, 325.
Wellesley, The Marquis, Rejoicings on
his Arrival at Lisbon in 1809, 524;
his Entry into Spain in 1809, 6ss;
his narrow Escape on the 22d of July,
1809, 638–For His Lordship's Dis-
patches, vide Gazettes.
Wilson, John, Lieut.-Col. York Rangers,
License to wear the Insignia of an Ho-
norary Knight Commander of the Royal
Portuguese Military Order of the Tower
and Sword, 191.
Williams, William, Lieut.-Col. 13th
Foot, Do. Do. 191.
Way, G. H. B. Lieut.-Col. of the 29th
Foot, Do. Do. 191.
Wilhelm de Dornberg, Major-Gen. Li-
cense to accept and wear the Insignia
of the Imperial Military Order of St.
George of Russia, 564.

Yeomanry, Inspecting Field Officers of,

Directions to Binder for placing the Maps and Portraits.



1. Map of Spain and Portugal, with the Retreat of the British Army, under
Lieut.-Gen. Sir John Moore, in 1809 - - - - - - - - - - 31

2. Plan of the Operations of the Armies from the Commencement of the Cam-
paign in Russia to the 21st of August, 1812.-Copied from the Original
Map belonging to the French Quarter-Master-General's Department - 36

3. Do. do. do. from the 8th of August to the 20th of October, 1812, shewing
the French Line of March from Smolensk to Moscow.—Copied as above 116

4. Map of the Seat of War in Northern Poland and Prussia - - - - - - 242
5. Map of Russia, with the different Routes of the French and Russian Armies
in the disastrous Retreat of the former from Moscow - - - - - - 406
6. Captain D'Angibau's Plan for the Formation of a Square - - - - - - - - 548
7. Map of Spain - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 635
8. Lieut.-Gen. Sir John Moore - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3
9. Lieut.-Gen. Sir Eyre Coote, F.B. K. G. and M. P. - - - - - - - 101
10. Major-Gen. Sir Charles William Stewart, K.B. - - - - - - - - 199
11. Major-Gen. William Thomas Dilkes - - - - - - - - - - - 297
12. Major-Gen. Ronald Crawfurd Ferguson, M.P. - - - - - - - - 395
13. General Sir Thomas Musgrave, Bart. - - - - - - - - - - - 493

14. General the Right Hon. Richard Fitzpatrick, M.P. - . - - - - -


W. Wilson, Printer, 4, Greville-Street, Hatton-Garden, London.

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