Spiritual Living in a Sexual World

AuthorHouse, 2001 - 132 ページ

The Committee For Undiscovered Findings is a government sponsored, scientific agency, given the task of studying unearthly artifacts. Frank was curious and intrigued by the simple one line Committee letter stating, "You are invited to partake of a finding." From that moment, Frank's curiosity drew him forward into an adventure to the Moon and back. He went to study an Alien artifact on the Moon and any languages contained therein. Returning to Earth, he and his two colleagues, Charles and Kevin, struggled to decipher the artifact's purpose and continuing effects. As sanity seemed to slowly drain from Charles and Kevin, Frank fought with bouts of paranoia. Security closely monitored him and his two colleagues working inside the military guarded and fenced compound. Frank began to realize there was more to the Finding than his simple paranoia a connection between the Earth, Moon and Committee. His insights and continued probing brought him into conflict with the Committee's leader. Frank's final realization, once gaining full knowledge of the Committee's counter purpose, led him to an end he could not anticipate.

An easy and enjoyable read with a thought provoking finale.

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