The Angel in the House: Book I, The Betrothal, Book II, The Espousals, 第 1 巻

John W. Parker & Sons, 1860 - 309 ページ

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86 ページ - Paradise ! How given for nought her priceless gift, How spoiled the bread and spill'd the wine, Which, spent with due respective thrift, Had made brutes men, and men divine I * * Coventry Patmore.
27 ページ - Alike, too dull to be dismay'd, Yet, if I come where ladies are, How sad soever I was before, Then is my sadness banish'd far, And I am like that ship no more; Or like that ship if the ice-field splits, Burst by the sudden polar Spring, And all thank God with their warming wits, And kiss each other and dance and sing, And hoist fresh sails, that make the breeze Blow them along the liquid sea, Out of the North, where life did freeze, Into the haven where they would be. III. — Love and Duty. Anne...
250 ページ - Her soul, that once with pleasure shook, Did any eyes her beauty own, Now wonders how they dare to look On what belongs to him alone ; The indignity of taking gifts Exhilarates her loving breast ; A rapture of submission lifts Her life into celestial rest ; There's nothing left of what she was ; Back to the babe the woman dies, And all the wisdom that she has Is to love him for being wise.
110 ページ - ... pleasure ; down the gulf Of his condoled necessities She casts her best, she flings herself. How often flings for nought, and yokes Her heart to an icicle or whim, Whose each impatient word provokes Another, not from her, but him ; While she, too gentle even to force His penitence by kind replies, Waits by, expecting his remorse, With pardon in her pitying eyes...
89 ページ - MAID, choosing man, remember this : You take his nature with his name. Ask, too, what his religion is, For you will soon be of the same.
80 ページ - Assured me that she always wore A heart as happy as her face; And, jealous of the winds that blew, I dreaded, o'er the tasteless wine, What fortune momently might do To hurt the hope that she'd be mine. Towards my mark the Dean's talk set: He praised my 'Notes on Abury...
276 ページ - A woman is a foreign land, Of which, though there he settle young, A man will ne'er quite understand The customs, politics, and tongue. The foolish hie them post-haste through, See fashions odd, and prospects fair, Learn of the language, ' How d'ye do,' And go and brag they have been there. The most for leave to trade apply, For once, at Empire's seat, her heart, Then get what knowledge ear and eye Glean chancewise in the life-long mart. And certain others, few and fit, Attach them to the Court,...
299 ページ - Whate'er the senses' banquet be, Fatigues at last with vain desires, Or sickens by satiety ; But truly my delight was more In her to whom I'm bound for aye Yesterday than the day before, And more to-day than yesterday.
38 ページ - To match the promise in her eyes, And round her happy footsteps blow The authentic airs of Paradise. For joy of her he cannot sleep ; Her beauty haunts him all the night ; It melts his heart, it makes him weep For wonder, worship, and delight.
21 ページ - For something that abode endued With temple-like repose, an air Of life's kind purposes pursued With orderM freedom sweet and fair. A tent pitch'd in a world not right It seem'd, whose inmates, every one, On tranquil faces bore the light Of duties beautifully done, And humbly, though they had few peers, Kept their own laws, which seem'd to be The fair sum of six thousand years