Beyond Cyberpunk: New Critical Perspectives

Graham J. Murphy, Sherryl Vint
Routledge, 2010/06/10 - 315 ページ

This book is a collection of essays that considers the continuing cultural relevance of the cyberpunk genre into the new millennium. Cyberpunk is no longer an emergent phenomenon, but in our digital age of CGI-driven entertainment, the information economy, and globalized capital, we have never more been in need of a fiction capable of engaging with a world shaped by information technology. The essays in explore our cyberpunk realities to soberly reconsider Eighties-era cyberpunk while also mapping contemporary cyberpunk. The contributors seek to move beyond the narrow strictures of cyberpunk as defined in the Eighties and contribute to an ongoing discussion of how to negotiate exchanges among information technologies, global capitalism, and human social existence. The essays offer a variety of perspectives on cyberpunk’s diversity and how this sub-genre remains relevant amidst its transformation from a print fiction genre into a more generalized set of cultural practices, tackling the question of what it is that cyberpunk narratives continue to offer us in those intersections of literary, cultural, theoretical, academic, and technocultural environments.


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Acknowledgments ix
SF Controversies from the New Wave
The CyberpunkFlavored Novels of Jeff
UtopianDystopian Tension
The Critique
Digital Gaming and Cyberpunk
Feminist Cyberpunk
The Return of the Human in Richard
Retrofitting Frankenstein
TechnoSpirituality in the Cyberpunk
The World Gibson Made
Bibliography 237
Index 254

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Graham J. Murphy teaches with Trent University’s Cultural Studies Department and its Department of English Literature as well as Seneca College.

Sherryl Vint is Associate Professor of English at Brock University. She is co-editor of the Routledge Companion to Science Fiction.