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242 ページ - Twere now to be most happy ; for, I fear, My soul hath her content so absolute That not another comfort like to this Succeeds in unknown fate.
209 ページ - ... till they could all play very near, or altogether as well as myself. This done, say the enemy were forty thousand strong, we twenty would come into the field the tenth of March, or thereabouts, and we would challenge twenty of the enemy ; they could not in their honour refuse us ; well, we would kill them ; challenge twenty more, kill them ; twenty mqre, kill them ; twenty more, kill them too...
209 ページ - Why thus, sir. I would select nineteen more, to myself. throughout the land; gentlemen they should be of good spirit, strong and able constitution; I would choose them by an instinct, a character that I have: and I would teach these nineteen the special rules, as your punto, your reverso, your stoccata, your imbroccato, your passada, your montanto; till they could all play very near, or altogether as well as myself.
397 ページ - Well, and there's a handsome gentleman, and a fine gentleman, and a sweet gentleman, that was here, that loves me, and I love him ; and if he sees you speak to me any more he'll thrash your jacket for you, he will, you great sea-calf ! Ben. What, do you mean that fair-weather spark that was here just now ? will he thrash my jacket ? — let'n — let'n. But an he comes near me, mayhap I may giv'na salt eel for's supper, for all that.
193 ページ - Myself was once a student, and indeed, Fed with the self-same humour he is now, Dreaming on nought but idle poetry, That fruitless and unprofitable art, Good unto none, but least to the professors; Which then I thought die mistress of all knowledge: But since, time and the truth have waked my judgment.
460 ページ - The appearance is against me; and I go, Unjustified, for ever from your sight. How I have loved, you know; how yet I love, My only comfort is, I know myself: I love you more...
198 ページ - O, twine your body more about, that you may fall to a more sweet, comely, gentleman-like guard ; so ! indifferent : hollow your body more, sir, thus : now, stand fast o' your left leg, note your distance, keep your due proportion of time — oh, you disorder your point most irregularly.
382 ページ - And to our world such plenty you afford, It seems like Eden, fruitful of its own accord. But since in paradise frail flesh gave way, And when but two were made, both went astray ; Forbear your wonder, and the fault forgive, If, in our larger family, we grieve One falling Adam, and one tempted Eve.
405 ページ - You're a woman - one to whom heaven gave beauty when it grafted roses on a briar. You are the reflection of heaven in a pond, and he that leaps at you is sunk. You are all white, a sheet of lovely spotless paper, when you first are born; but you are to be scrawled and blotted by every goose's quill. I know you; for I loved a woman, and loved her so long that I found out a strange thing: I found out what a woman was good for.
448 ページ - Nay, stop not. Ant. Antony, — Well, thou wilt have it — like a coward, fled, Fled while his soldiers fought; fled first, Ventidius. Thou long'st to curse me, and I give thee leave. I know thou cam'st prepared to rail. Vent. I did.