Poem Delivered Before the Society of United Brothers at Brown University, on the Day Preceding Commencement, September 6, 1831: And Other Poems

J. & J. Harper, 1831 - 76 ページ


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34 ページ - Macedon brought home to sell, bought one very old man; and when he had him at his house, put him to death with extreme torture and torment, the better, by his example, to express the pains and passions of his Prometheus, whom he was then about to paint.
31 ページ - And pass not thou between The weary traveller and the cooling breeze, And lie not down to sleep beneath the trees Where human tracks are seen; Nor milk the goat that browseth on the plain, Nor pluck the standing corn, or yellow grain. And now depart! and when Thy heart is heavy, and...
32 ページ - The voice was like the mastertone Of a rich instrument, most strangely sweet, And the dull pulses of disease awoke, And for a moment beat beneath the hot And leprous scales with a restoring thrill. " Helon, arise !" and he forgot his curse And rose and stood before him.
69 ページ - Like a form Of matchless sculpture in her sleep she lay — The linen vesture folded on her breast, And over it her white transparent hands, The blood still rosy in their tapering nails. A line of pearl ran through her parted lips, And in her nostrils, spiritually thin...
40 ページ - Rules the unreined ambition ! Let it once But play the monarch, and its haughty brow Glows with a beauty that bewilders thought And unthrones peace forever. Putting on The very pomp of Lucifer, it turns The heart to ashes, and with not a spring Left in the bosom for the spirit's lip, We look upon our splendor and forget The thirst of which we perish ! Yet hath life Many a falser idol. There are hopes Promising well; and love-touched dreams for some; And passions, many a wild one ; and fair schemes...
30 ページ - Swelled through the hollow arches of the roof, Like an articulate wail ; and there, alone, Wasted to ghastly thinness, Helon knelt. The echoes of the melancholy strain Died in the distant aisles, and he rose up, Struggling with weakness ; and bowed down his head Unto the sprinkled ashes, and put off...
32 ページ - and in the folds Of the coarse sackcloth shrouding up his face, He fell upon the earth till they should pass.
38 ページ - To check the sceptic's laughter ? Come from the grave to-morrow with that story, And I may take some softer path to glory. " No, no, old man ! We die Even as the flowers, and we shall breathe away Our life upon the chance wind even as they. Strain well thy fainting eye ; For when that bloodshot quivering is o'er, The light of heaven will never reach thee more.
25 ページ - And more, much more, — for now The life-sealed fountains of my nature move To nurse and purify this human love, To clear the god-like brow Of weakness and mistrust, and bow it down, Worthy and beautiful, to the much-loved one; "This were indeed to feel The soul-thirst slaken at the living stream ; To live — 0 God!
75 ページ - ... bee ; The sun is creeping up steeple and tree ; The doves have flown to the sheltering eaves, And the nests are dark with the drooping leaves ; Twilight gathers, and day is done ; How hast thou spent it, restless one ? Playing?