Physician J. M‘Mullen, from h. p. Phy

Resignations and Retirements. sician

Feb. 11, 1822. - E. O'Learey, from h. p. do.

Colonel Hon. A. Abercromby, Colst. Gds.

Lieut. Col, Streatfield, Gren. Gds.
Purveyor's Clerk, T. E. Pierce, Dep. Major Swain, 36 F.

Jan. 17.

Captain Lovewell, 7 Dr.

Surg. Gen. and Inspector Dr Irwin, Ordinance
Royal Artillery.

Med. Dep.
BL Major Lane, from h. p. Capt.
Bec. 24, 1821.

Appointments Cancelled.
2d Capt. Walsh, from h. p. 2d Capt.

do. 1. Major Thorne, 16 F.
Bill, from h. p. 2d Capt. do. Ist Licut. Deare, 21 F.
Ist Lieut. Grant, 2d Capt.

do. 2d do. Daniel, 21 F.
Pringle, 2d Capt. do. 24. Cornet Ld. F. L. Gower, 10 Dr.
Lyster, from h. p. 1st Lieut.

Cannon, 16 Dr.

No. 7. Ensign Moncrieffe, 17 F.
20 Lieut. Ramsden, 1st Lieut. do.
Symons, ist Lieut. Dec. 2.

1st Lieut. Cornelius, fm. h. p. 1st Lieut.

do. Gen. Wemyss, M. P. 93 F. Wemyss Castle, N.B. Walsh, from h. p. 1st Lieut.

Feb. 4, 1822, do. 24. Lieut. Gen. Conyngham, East Ind. C. Serv. Bath, 2d Lieut. Vignoles, from h. p. do.

Nov. 8, 1821. Benn, from h. p. 2d Lieut.

Ker, do. Bath,

do. 14. Nov. 7. Maj. Gen. De Bernewitz, late of Bruns. Infantry, Deschamps, from h. p. 2d Lt. Brunswick,

Dec. 12. Dec. 11. Colonel Copson, 5 F. St Lucia, Jan. 8, 1822. Gent. Cadet G. Burroughes, 2d Lieut. Lieut. Col. Walker, h. p. Sicilian Regt. Assistant do. 15. Qua. Mast. Gen. St Lucia,

Do. C. Strickland, 2d Lieut. Major Masson, 50 F. Jamaica, Nov. 15, 1821.

do. 16.

Howard, h. p. 96 F. Sawbridgeworth, Vet. Surg. Cadoux,from h. p. Vet. Surg.

Dec. 16. vice Stockley, h. p. Dec. 13.

Ford. Metzner, late American Legion, East
Medical Department.

do. 11. Capt. Jauncey, 50 F. Jamaica,

Nov. 30. Assist. Surg. Gen. and Dep. Inspec. M.

Aveling, 77 F. Glasgow,

Jan. 1822.
Jameson, Surg. Gen. and Inspec. vice
Irwin, ret.

Nov. 25, 1821.
Hogan, h. p. 27 F.
Jan. 22, 1822.
Daly, h. p. 53 F. Pondicherry,

Aug. 13.

Dorrall, h. p. 83 F. Madeley, Shropshire, Exchanges.

Dec. 26. Lieut. Col. Stanhope, from Gren. Gds. with Lieut.

Smith, h. p. 86 F. Douglas, Isle of Man, Col. Hodge, 29 F.

Sept. 8, 1820. Major Holgate, from 13 F. with Major Dennie, Lieut. Tho. Scott, 9 F. Trinidad, Dec. 8, 1821. 22 F.

Garvey, 33 F. Poonamallee, July 31. Capt. Byrom, from 5 Dr. G. with Capt. Wheeler,

O'Bre, 36 F. Corfu,

Dec. 13. 16 Dr.

Ewen Campbell, 92 F. Jamaica, Nov. 16. Boyd, from 2 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Kell,

Tweed, h. p. R. Eng. Feb. 5, 1822. ኤ ኮ h. p.

Duncombe, h. p. 36 F. Libberton, near Hooper, from 3 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Rol- Edinburgh,

Oct. 23, 1821, land, h. p. 3 Dr. G.

Kent, h. p. 60 F.

Dec. 31. Lieut. Willet, from 6 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Bayly, h. p. 1 W. I. R. Dublin, do. 16. Warrand, h. p. 22 Dr.

John Prendergast, h. p. 7 West Ind. Regt M'Nair irom 10 F. with Lieut. Broom, 67 Ireland,

Jan 20, 1822.

Geyer, h. p. Bruns. Inf. Brunswick,
Hamilton from 16 F. with Lieut. Deacon,

Nov. 29, 1821. 73 F.

Montgomery, h. p. York Light Inf. Vol. Francis, from 57 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Oct. 28, 1819. Le Marchant, h. p. 10 F.

Ens. Loraine, 1 F. Barbadoes, Dec. 23, 1821. Waters from 78 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Johnston, 51 F. Corfu,

Nov. 10. Mitchell, h. p. 92 F.

Skinner, 58 F. Jamaica,

do. 28. Smith, from 84 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

M.Math, of late 3 Vet. Bn. Coutance, do, 19. Stewart, h. p. 63 F.

Colkett, h. p. 9 F. Norwich, Dec. 20. Reynolds, from Rifle Brig. with Lieut.

Adj. Lt. Schultz, h. p. Meuron's Reg. Canada, Brownrigg, h. p.

Nov. 17. Ensign Campbell, from 54 F. with Ensign Malim, Quarter-Master Ryan, h. p. 28 Dr. Dec. 26. h. p. 58 P.

Surgeon Jones, 50 F. Jamaica,

Dec. 9. Pyne, from 56 F. rec. diff. with Ensign Assist. Sur. M'Gregor, 13 Dr. Bangalore, Madras, Noyes, h. p. 25 F.

Sept. 26. Paym. Grosser, from 88 F. with Paym. Robinson,

Morrah, 4 F. Barbadoes, Dec. 26. h. p. 69 F.


Oct. 8, 1821. At Bangalore, the lady of Captain
A. F. Pattulo, 4th native cavalry, of a son.

Jan. 6, 1822. At Rome, Donna Letitia Bonaparte Wyse, the lady of Thomas Wyse, jun. Esq. of the Manor of St John, Ireland, of a son and heir. The infant has received the name of Napoleon.

25. Mrs Mason, St John Street, Canongate, of a son. Feb. 1. Mrs Clarke of Comrie, of a daughter.

2. At Whim, the lady of Archibald Montgomery, Esq. of a daughter.

6. At Abbey-hill, Mrs Kirkwood, of a daughter.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Dewar of Lassodie, of a daughter.

7. Mrs Stevenson, Albany Street, of a son. 9. At Cockenzie, Mrs H. F. Cadell, of a son.

10. At Dunnikier-house, Lady Oswald of Dunnikier, of a daughter.

- At Portobello, Mrs Glen, of a son.

11. At Oldfield, Caithness, Mrs Captain Henderson, younger of Stemster, of a daughter.

14. Mrs Walker, No. 22, Stafford Street, of a daughter.

At the house of Mrs Admiral Deans, Anne Street, St Bernard's, the lady of Captain Deans, R. N. of a daughter, still-born.

lady of

15. At Quecnsferry, Mrs Dimma, of a son. 23. At London, John Robert Turing, Esq. of At Ford, Mrs Fraser, of a son.

Rotterdam, to Jean Sleuart, second daughter of - At Mayfield, the lady of A. M. Guthrie, Alexander Fraser, Esq. of Aberdeen. Esq. younger of Craigie, of a son.

26. At Perth, Allan Stewart, Esq. of Inneshad. 17. The lady of Colonel J. J. Cochrane, of the den and Bunrannoch, to Miss Jean Stewart, eld3d regiment of Guards, of a son.

est daughter of the late Donald Stewart, Esq. of - The lady of John Cay, Esq. of a son. Duntanlich.

18. At Carpbeltown, the lady of Captain Hugh At Annfield, near Stirling, Mr Ebenezer Stevenson, of a son.

Connal, of Glasgow, to Catharine, third daughter - Mrs J. S. Robertson, No. 12, Pitt Street, of of Thomas Littlejohn, Esq. a son.

At Donaghiulce, David Logan, Esq. civil 19. At Edinburgh, the lady of Lieutenant-Co- engineer, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late lonel Holmes, C. B. commanding the 3d Dragoon James Smith, Esq. London. Guards, of a son.

By special licence, at the Earl of Albemarle's 20. In Portland Place, London, the

house, in St James's Square, Mr Coke, of NorSandford Graham, Esq. M.P. of a son.

folk, to Lady Anne Keppel, second daughter of - At 134, George Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Ro- his Lordship. The brid-groom is in his sixty. bert Cadell, of a daughter.

ninth year; the liride in her twenty-second. 22. At Foss-house, Mrs Stewart, of a daughter. Lately.-At Melville Place, Stirling, Henry 25. At Burntisland, Mrs Watson, of a son. Thornton Mostyn, assistant-surgeon, 41st regi.

- At New Saughton, the lady of James Wat- ment, to Cecilia Susanna, fifth daughter of the son, Esq. of Saughton, of a daughter.

late Dugald Forbes, Esq. 24. Mrs Dr Sanders, No. 8, Elder Street, of a At Mrs Thomson's, 18, Dundas Street, Mr daughter.

John Miller, to Christian, widow of the late Cap29. At Cramond, Mrs Hope Johnstone, of a tain Penson. daughter. Mrs Borthwick, No. 83, George Strect, of a

DEATHS. son.

27. At No. 13, St James's Square, Edinburgh, July 23, 1821. On his way from Penang to Mrs Spence, of a son.

Madras, Captain Lumley, R. N. of his Majesty's – Mrs Smith, No. 13, Hope Street, of a daugh- ship Topaz. ter.

Auç. 7. In consequence of the loss of the Lady Lately.--At Brighton, the Right Honourable

Lushington, Indiaman, wrecked near Coringa on Lady Caroline Hanilton, of a daughter.

the 7th of August last, Mr Henry Lister, son of the Rev. James Lister, minister of Auchtermuch

ty. He was second officer on board that ship, MARRIAGES.

much respocted in his profession, and, by the pro

priety of his conduct, he obtained many friends. Dec. 23, 1821. At Rome, Captain Robert Man- Estimable as he was in his profession, he was still Bers Lockwood, eldest son of Thomas Lockwood, more to be admired in his private character; for Esq. of Danly Craig, in Glamorganshire, to Lady moral qualities, that mark an amiable heart; for Julia Gore, daughter of the late Earl of Arran, sensibility, benevolence, and honour, exemplified K. P. and sister of the Marchioness of Abercorn. in the most engaging and elegant inanners.

Jan, 12. At Geneva, William Gairdner, M.D. 27. At Baccagunge, Bengal, Charles Chapman, lately of this city, to Cecilia, only daughter of the Esq. judge and inagistrate. deceased John Bordier, Esq. banker at Geneva. Sept. 2. At Gooty, Chittore, Peter Bruce, Esq.

Feb. i. At Edinburgh, Mr William Shiell, wri. First Circuit Julge on the Madras establishinent, ter, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Mr David second son of the late James Bruce Carstairs, Esq. Russell, Tranent.

of Kinross and Tillicoultry. 4. AL Leitchtoun, Mr Hugh Aird Galbrath, 5. At Dum Dum, near Calcutta, John Forrest surgeon, Glasgow, to Menzies, eldest daughter Tod, M.D. assistant-surgeon in the Hon. East Inof the late John Graham, Esq. of Leitchtoun. dia Company's service, son of the late James Tod,

5. At Gallanach, in the island of Coll, the Rev. Esq. of Deanston, Donald M‘Lean, minister of Small Isles, to isa- 13. At Nagpore, East Indies, Captain William bella, second daughter of Charles M‘Lean, Esq. Hunter, of the sth regiment of native infantry.

- At Lerwick, Mr Gilbert Paterson, merchant, son of Dr Hunter, Professor of Humanity in the Lerwick, to Cecilia, eldest daughter of the late Mr University of St Andrews, Andrew Gordon, merchant.

21. In the island of Jamaica, Alexander Far6. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Robert Carr, minis- quharson, Esq. of Jobshill. ter of Luss, to Isabella, second daughter of the - Of the liver complaint, Major John Stewart, late Mr James Lyle, Edinburgh.

aged 43 years; and on the 14th October follow7. At Morton Cottage, Portobello, Duncan ing, of a wound received in the head on the Hunter, merchant in Glasgow, to Catharine Gun- March precediug, Captain Thomas Guise Stewart, ning, youngest daughter of the late William Camp- aged 33 years, both of the Honourable East India bell of Fairfield, Ayrshire.

Company's service, Bombay, and sons of the late 11. At Glasgow, William Ure, Esq. surgeon, Thomas Stewart, Esq. many years Town Clerk R. N. to Elizabeth Frances, youngest daughter of of Montrose. Martin Skell, Esq. Grenada.

26. In India, Lieutenant John Hay, of his Ma- In Upper Grosvenor Street, London, the jesty's 51th regiment, aid-de-aanp to his ExcelEarl of Albemarle, to Miss Hanloke, daughter of icncy Sir Thoinas Munro, Governor of Mauris. the late Sir Henry Hunloke, Bart.

- At Calcutta, Mr Robert Robertson, second 18. At Leith, Alexander M'Kenzie, Esq. mer- son of the late Mr George Robertson, writer, chant in Leith, to Miss Harriet Newton, daughter Leith. of the late John Newton, Esq. of Curriehall. Oct. 13. At Madras, Lieutenant William Cock

20. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Patrick M'Isaac, burn, of the East India Company's service, seminister of Comrie, to Amelia, daughter of the cond son of the late Bailie William Cockburn, late Rev. John Wright, minister of Scone.

Cupar Fife. - At Edinburgh, by the High Priest of the 16. At Flamstead, near Montego Bay, in Ja. Jewish Synagogue, Mr Abraham Prince, to Miss maica, Mr Robert Small, surgeon, eldest son ; Nancy Mosus. This is the first Jewish marriage and at Montego Bay, on the 21th November last, that has taken place here, and the ceremony was Mr James Small, third son of Mr James Small, in performed in presence of fifty of the brethren.

Montrose, North Britain. 21. At Clapham, Robert llunter, Esų, of Ma- Nov. 15. At Jamaica, Brevet-Major Masson, of dras, to Louisa, youngest daughter of Captain the 50th regiment. Thomas, of the Honourable East India Com- 16. In the island of Jamaica, John, second son pany's service.

of the late Rev. John Fraser, Liberton, Lanark- At Edinburgh, William Simpson, Esq. of shire. Maw Carse, Kinross-shire, to Jane, only daughter Dec. 17. At Pernambuco, on board his Majes. of the late Mr James Philip.

ty's ship Morgiana, Watson Scales, surgeon, royal 22. At Dundas Street, Mr William Cullen, to navy, fifth son of Mr John Scales, writer, Glasgow. Janet, only daughter of George Winton, Esq. 20. in Jamaica, Mrs Elizabeth D. Crichton, builder.

wife of Wilian Lambic, Esq.

21 years.

20. At Salisbury Strect, Mr John Chalmers, 15. At Edinburgh, Mr Hugh Waugh, teacher, surveyor, fourth son of the late John Chaliners Portsburgh. of Chamberfield, Esq. architect.

At Inverness, John Rose, Esq. of Ardin22. At Edinburgh, Helena Elizabeth Bell, wife gask. of John Young, solicitor in the supreme courts of - At Redford, parish of Madderly, the Rev. Scotland.

James Andrew of Redford, in his 68th year. 25. At Aberdeen, Mrs Mortimer, wife of Mr 16. At Snab, near Borrowstounness, Miss Anne Alexander Mortimer.

Walkinshaw, daughter of the late John WalkinJan. 8, 1892. At St Lucie, Colonel Thomas shaw, of Scotstoun. Walker, Deputy Quartermaster-General.

- At No. 2, Bellevue Crescent, Archibald Na15. At Madeira, Miss Hay of Westerton. pier, Esq. of Merchiston, in the Island of Tobago. 27. At Edinburgh, Mrs Pitcairn of Pitcairn. - At Falkirk, James Walker, Esq. of Mum

28. At Glasgow, Mrs Dr Lachlan Campbell of rills, merchant in Falkirk, aged 76. Campbelton, in the 81st year of her age.

17. At Edinburgh, aged 79, the Rev. John 29. At the Manse of Kirkmichael, Perthshire, Thomson, D. D. minister of the New Greyfriars" Miss Catherine Stewart, daughter of the Rev. Al- church of this city. He was formerly minister of lan Stewart.

Sanquhar, in Dumfries-shire, afterwards of Mark31. At Drumbuie, Mrs Beaton, relict of the inch, in Fifeshire, from whence he was removed late Hugh Beaton.

to Edinburgh. His exemplary conduct through Feb. i. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Gairdner, life rendered him highly respectable and useful in widow of William Richardson, Esq. late of Keith- the different places where he exercised the office ock.

of the ministry. He was a pious, eloquent, and - At Stirling, Mr James Macfarlane, for a impressive preacher, and adorned the Christian long time steward on board the Morning Star character by a liberality of sentiment, a cheerfulsteam-boat.

ness of disposition, and a steady friendship, which - At Florence, Lord Howe Brown, second son endeared him to his own family, and secured the of the Marquis of Sligo.

esteem of all who enjoyed the pleasure of his ac - At Lawgrove, James Lawson, Esq. of Law- quaintance, grove.

- In Devonshire Street, Portland Place, Lon2. At Burntisland, the Rev. James Wemyss. don, Catherine Elvira, widow of the late Captain - At Wigton, Galloway, Mrs M‘Kearlie, relict R. Jenkins, East India Company's service, aged of the late Bailie M'kearlie.

- At Branxholm Braes, Miss Jean Grieve, se- 1$. At Leith, Mr James Brown Patison, surcond daughter of James Grieve, Esq.

geon, aged 30, son of John Patison, Esq. advocate. - At Stirling, Mr David Goodsir, late account. At his house, Royal Exchange, Edinburgh, ant of the Bank of Scotland.

Mr William Ritchie. - At Gourock-house, Malcolm Darroch, Esq. At Old Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Mr William younger of Gourock.

Hogg, farmer there. 3. At London, James Stirling, Esq.

- At Pisa, in the 20th year of his age, Robert - At Perth, Mr D. M.Laren, formerly conve- Baird, second son of Thomas Walker Baird, Esq. ner of the trades of that city, aged 86.

advocate. - At Edinburgh, Claud Francis Du Fresne, 19. At Kirkness, Miss Euphemia Clephane. Esq.

At Lochmaddy, in the 20th year of his age, 4. At Dunse Castle, aged 13 months, Robert, Mr James Cameron, eldest son of Alan Cameron, only son of Williain Hay, Esq. of Drummelzier. Esq. Chamberlain of North Uist.

At Wemyss Castle, General Wemyss of 20. At the Manse of Crail, Catherine Beatson Wemyss.

Bell, youngest daughter of the Rev. Andrew Bell At London, Miss Helen Stirling, only child of Kilduncan. of the late Robert Stirling, Esq.

- At her mother's house, Leith, Miss Mary - At Edinburgh, Barbara, the infant daughter Graham, only child of John Graham, Esq. Edinof John Irving, Esq. W.S.

burgh. At Blairbeth, John Gray, Esq.

91. At Prestonpans, Miss Margaret Wight, At Auchterinuchty, Helen Smith, after be- daughter of the late Rev. Robert Wight, minister ing confined to bed twenty-nine years.

of the gospel, Dumfries. - At Greenwich, Mrs Garrick, relict of George - At Linlithgow, Patrick Geddes, youngest Garrick, Ex. brother to the celebrated English son of Mr Liston, sheriff-clerk, Linlithgowshire. Roscius, and mother-in-law to Mrs George Gar- 23. At Edinburgh, Frances, daughter of Mr rick, of the Theatre Royal, Haymarket.

Cargill, wine-merchant, late Captain of his Ma5. At his house, 17, Broughton Street, Mr Ro- jesty's 74th regiment. bert Purves, ironmonger.

At Leith, John Aitken, Esq. merchant. - Lieutenant Richard Moffat, R. N. son of At her house, Elder Street, Edinburgh, Mrs the late Rev. Dr Moflat, Newlands.

Jane Lawrie, wife of Mr Swinton Lawrie, sur6. At Peebles, Mrs Marion Ritchie.

gcon. 7. At his house, Castle Street, aged 76, Mr 23. At Tain, John Barclay, of Moorfarm, Esq. Alexander Reid, architect and builder.

late Sheriff- Depute of Ross and Cromarty: - At her house in Edinburgh, Mrs Sibel Hew. 24. At his chambers in the Temple, London, etson, relict of the late Rev. William Scott, mini- James Boswell, Esq. Barrister-at-Law and Comster of the gospel at Southdean, Roxburghshire. missioner of Bankrupts. He was the second and

8. At Carron Hall, Eleanor Elizabeth, only youngest son of the author of that singular, exdaughter of Major Dundas.

cellent, valuable, and entertaining work, “ The 10. At Hatton of Carse, Susannah Floyd, Life of Dr Johnson," of which Mr James Bosyoungest daughter of the late John Farquhar, well, just deceased, superintended several ediEsq. of Pitscandly.

tions. - At Longfaugh Mains, Mrs Janet Herriot, At his house, in Stratton Street, London, relict of the late Mi David Ronaldson, some time Thomas Coutts, Esq. Mr Coutts had attained tenant in Peastonburn.

the advanced age of 87. His life was one of great - At Mr Marshall's, 27, Gayfield Square, Miss and useful exertion. He possessed a singularly Brown.

clear judgment, with a warm and affectionate At 76, George Street, Edinburgh, Ann Jane heart. Few men ever enjoyed, in the degree Henrietta, eldest daughter of William Burn, Esq. which Mr Coutts did, the contidence and esteem architect.

of his friends, or obtained, unaided by rank or 11. At Genoa, William Jackson, Esq. Deputy political power, so much consideration and influCommissary-General to the Forces.

ence in society. The large fortune which he ac- In Newgate Street, London, in his 25th quired was a consequence, and not the object of year, Mr Henry Baldwyn, bookseller.

his active life, which, at every period, was devo12. Margaret, the infant daughter of Mr Alex. ted to the aid and advancement of those he loved. ander Allan, merchant, Leith.

He died surrounded with friends, in the presence 13. At Edinburgh, aged 36 years, Isabella Tait, of Mrs Coutts and his daughters, the Countess of wife of Mr George Wilon, High Street.

Guilford, and Lady Burdett, with their families, - At Blackfield-house, near Liverpool, Lieu- and Lord Dudley Stuart, the son of his second tenant-Colonel James Logan, late of the 51st re- daughter, the Marchioness of Bute, who is now in giment.

Italy on account of her health.

24. At St Andrew's, Agnes, only daughter of 28. At Edinburgh, Mr David Russell, candlethe Rev. William Crawford, 'D.D. Professor of maker. Moral Philosophy in the University there.

Lately. At her house, No. 1, Dundas Street, - At Ottar House, Captain Duncan Campbell, Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Archibald, relict of the

- At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Ranken, solici- late John Archibald, Esq. wine-merchant in Leith. tor-at-law.

- At Badminton, after a short illness, Lord 25. At Odell Castle, Bedfordshire, in the 85th H. Somerset, third son of the Duke and Duchess year of his age, the Earl of Egmont. He is suc- of Beaufort. ceeded in his titles and estates by his only son, - At Cork, the Rev. Francis Atterbury, LL.D. Viscount Perceval, Earl of Eginont.

in the 88th year of his age, grandson of Atter- At Tealing House, Mrs Serymgeour of bury, Bishop of Rochester. Tealing.

At Kirby, Mallory, Leicestershire, the Hon. - At Edinburgh, Miss Elizabeth Douglas, eld- Lady Noel, wife of Sir Ralph Milbanke Noel, est daughter of the late Lord Keston.

Bart. sister of the late Thomas Lord Viscount 27. At the apartments of Sir Richard Keats, at Wentworth, and mother of the Right Hon. Lady Greenwich Hospital, the Right Hon. Sir John Byron. Borlase Warren, Bart. G.C.B. Admiral of the - In London, William Adam, Esq. sen. in the White.

81th year of his age. - At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Watson, wri- In the Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth, ter, youngest son of David Watson, Esq. late of Captain Sir Thomas Lavie, K.C.B. of his Majes Pitforthy,

ty's ship Spencer. - At Edinburgh, Frances Margaret, daughter At Watergrass Hill, Ireland, Edmund Barry, of Captain James Haldane Tait, royal navy: aged 113 years. He had been a pensioner 65

- At 77, Great King Street, David, the infant years; was at the battle of Fontenoy, and several son of E. Cathcart, Exq.

others in the reign of George II. He was six feet - At Hawthorn Hill, Berks, in his 91st year, two inches high, and remarkably upright; was Wilsted Keene, Esq. who sat near half a century able to walk a mile at least every day, until three in Parliament, and was father of the House of days before his death, and retained his senses to Commons some years previous to his retirement the last. at the general election of 1818.

- At Dublin, in his 79th year, Richard Nevil, 28. At Haddington, M herine Fraser, Esq. of Furnace, in the county of Kildare, for daughter of the late Alexander Fraser, Esq. Had many years Teller of his Majesty's Exchequer in dington.


Printed by James Ballantyne & Co. Edinburgh.




APRIL, 1822.


COLONEL DAVID STEWART'S SKETCHES OF THE HIGHLAND REGIMENTS.* This work has been already favour- in the glories of Maida. The severe ed with not the worst attestation of wounds he received in that splendid merit, in the extraordinary sale it has action, have, we understand, never had: it being, we believe, no secret been entirely cured : and we are led that a very large edition has been en- to suppose, that the composition of tirely disposed of in the course of a the work before us has formed a prinvery few weeks. The high and well-cipal occupation of his leisure during known character of Colonel David the several years he has since spent in Stewart himself, and the interest na- the midst of his old friends here in turally taken by kindreds and families Scotland. in the celebration of ancestors and The book, even had it appeared relatives, may in a great measure ac- anonymously, and contained no clue count for this immediate and exten- to the real name of the author, must sive success ; but we regard the Co- have been discovered by the most lonel's book as one possessed of claims careless reader to be the work of a to lasting honour, and are sure that Highlander and a Soldier-most enits eventual popularity will be by thusiastic in either capacity. Colono means confined to the circles, wide nel Stewart's prejudices are as strong as these are, in which the history of as any man's prejudices can well be; our Highland Regiments is family but we are sincerely of opinion, that history or even national history. no man will think the worse of him

The author of the book is a son of for entertaining them. What would the house of Garth, an ancient and have been considered as eminently honourable branch of the Stewarts, absurd in any other sort of person, settled in Athole. He entered life will be universally honoured and apearly, as an ensign in the Forty-Se- plauded in the descendant of a huncond, and served with that regiment dred chieftains, whose infant ear was in many bloody campaigns, including taught to relish no melody but that the expedition to Egypt, under Sir of the pipe, and who has charged the Ralph Abercrombie. At a subsequent French a hundred times under the period he was transferred to the Seven- inspiration of its wild notes. This ty-Eighth, or Ross-shire Highlanders, will be the first and most natural and had along with them a great share view of the subject. But he who

Sketches of the Character, Manners, and present State of the Highlanders of Scot, land : with Details of the Military Service of the Highland Regiments. By Colonel David Stewart. 2 vols. 8vo. Archibald Constable and Co. Edinburgh ; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown ; and Hurst, Robinson, and Co. London. 1822. VOL. XI.


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