wcak-nerved as to notice a Scottish : On one occasion only do we rememearthquake.”

ber perfect consentaniety of emotion · Something of the same kind may be in this city, and that was on the pubnoticed with respect to real or alleged lication of the Chaldee. Then was earthquakes in the moral world. Thus, there an earthquake indeed. Lord the French Revolution was a decided forgive us, what a Stramash! We had earthquake in its way ;-thrones, pul- gone down that morning to Leith'to pits, benches, tables, and chairs, were bathe and breakfast, and on our way prostrated with the finest indiscrimi- up, we met many hundreds of the af. nation. But now-a-days, one hears of frighted inhabitants, apparently flying revolutions that really appear to us to down to the sea, either to plunge into be no revolutions at all. Unless we it in despair, or to take shipping for a mistake, the newspapers have asserted foreign land. The sight was most af. nine national revolutions within two fecting to our tender hearts_old voyears; but on conversing with various men of both sexes were seen hobbling ladies and gentlemen from those coun, along by the side of mere children tries, where it is said they had occur- consternation was on every countered, our friends assured us that they nance ;-Whig and Tory seemed to had been present all the while, and have forgotten all distinction under that certainly had there been a revo- one common calamity ;-the oldest lution, some of them must have ob- friends deserted each other in terror, served it.

and intimacies of years gave way in It is just the same with great bat- one little dreadful hour ;-judges tles. Thus, in South America, the jurisconsults--physicians--the clergy Royalists and the people called Patri. -- barbers, bakers, butlers, poets, ots engage, it is rumoured, in a mighty painters, players, all felt alike-the conflict. Blood flows in rivers, the trembling tailor looked down from his soil is manured with brain, and one, sky-light on a pale population. An or perhaps both armies, are totally eclipse, in the very darkest ages of extinguished. That is one account. astronomy, or an earthquake in its Another is, that one man has been best days, never produced such an efseriously wounded, and two others fect as the Chaldee ; and even now, shrewdly suspected of having been years after that great quake, there retaken prisoners; but on which side is main over all Scotland vestiges wide uncertain. Not a drop of blood has and deep of that hideous visitation. been shed large enough to throw into We have been insensibly led into the face of a fainting louse, or to af- this train of reasoning by the REPORT ford a lunch to a botiled leech-brains of the Edinburgh Society of Cognosthere have been none-and both armies, centi, on the Exhibition of the Scottish after mutual extermination, march Institution for encouraging the Fine boldly into winter quarters all covered Arts. This Report has to some ears over with glory:

(pretty long ones) seemed louder than So is it in the literary world. A thunder, and we have been credibly book is published, and is said to have informed that the whole city is in comproduced an earthquake. At Edin- motion. We have also been credibly burgh, that mighty city—far larger informed, that devil or deuce a person than Athens-much liker to Nineveh, minds this REPORT, any more than if shakes from Stockbridge to Newing, it had been the report of a pop-gun, ton. St Paul's and St Giles's alike charged with a single pea. tremble, and there is bui one cold In this dilemma, we purchased a shudder along a hundred streets. That copy of the Report, to judge for ouris one account. Another is, that no selves respecting its probable effects on book of any kind has been published our metropolis. Pop-gun or Monsat all—that honest people are follow- Meg, we were resolved to lay our hand ing theirusualoccupations-thatat the on this piece of Liliputian or Brobdigdinner hour they have allfound the way naggian artillery; and we found the to their mouths and that Ambrose's, charge at least moderate-two shilYoung's, and Barclay's, have in the lings only; whereas the paper and evening been crowded with their usual printing could not have cost less than assemblage of rank, wealth, beauty, threepence. We have listened to the fashion, genius, and vertu.

KEPORT; and if it has frightened any


person whatever-man, woman, or it, we really are sorry to see appended child, their liver must be white as several distinguished, and a good many

respectable names. Raeburn, Nasmyth, But we chance to know that it has W. Thomson, Andrew Wilson, Alfrightened a considerable number of lan, and John Watson, have absolutely persons; and on that account, we shall put down their signatures to this palinquire shortly into the cause and ra- try and pitiful paper. Where were tionality of their fears. Fear and An- their wits a wool-gathering at the ger are of one family-the children of time? Did they read it, or hear it Folly. And accordingly the persons read? or were they one and all, altoin question, (some of them, at least,) gether, or at sundry times and in divers exhibit at one time faces pale with manners, incapable of reading it, or of fright, and at another red with rage, hearing it read? Devoutly do we alternating between the physiognomy trust, that they were all in a state of of a gander and that of a bubbly-jock. civilation when they put pen to paThe gentlemen to whom we allude are per ; for more creditable to any man the Artists of EDINBURGH; and the would it be, to get bowzy once a-day following is a precis of their proceed for a year, Sundays, perhaps, exceptings, dictated by their Fear and their ed, than to have signed this calumnious Folly:

circular--this railing Round-Robin. A few days after the publication of Can any thing be more pitiable than to this Report, a few of these Artists, see two or three full-grown men, such (we never mention naines of indivió as they who carried about this affair for duals in this Magazine,) with mealy signatures, able to walk, we presume, faces, and ragged hair, and eyes en- without any more than mutual assista deavouring in vain to jump out of ance, and not altogether unable to artheir sockets, were seen hurrying to ticulate,-we repeat, could any thing and fro, sorely distraught. It was be more pitiable than to see these suspected that the gate of some Luna- blockheads blundering about, up one tic Asylum had been incautiously left stair and down another, in search of open, and that some crazy folks had signatures of excommunication against escaped into the city; but this con- a writer, who exhibits in every line of jecture unfortunately did not prove his Report the utmost candour, goodtrue. The persons alladed to have nature, chearfulness, and philannot yet been in confinement. They thropy ? O doughty deputation of have hitherto been supposed sane ; but dunces ! Missionaries to convert men their friends now begin to shake their from the principles and practice of heads. Well, then-these gentlemen Christianity! Sneakingsnivellinghaving recovered from the speechless smoking subscription-seekers, full of passion inspired by the Report, deter- gall and guile! Why, what right have mined to discover who had let it, and you, answer me that, to prevent any to visit bim, or them, we presume, brother brush from brandishing a pen with the full measure of their most occasionally as well as a pencil? Though formidable and destructive vengeance. neither of you probably can write a They accordingly got some person to single sentence of grammar yourself, write for them a Manifesto, declaring is that any reason why David Dreadtheir contempt, scorn, abhorrence, nought, and Paul Playfair, and Saand so forth, of this Report; and muel Small-text, and the other memwith it they marched about in a state bers* of the Cognoscenti, should wrap of the most pompous trepidation, from up their talent in a towel

, except inthe house of one artist to another, de- deed it should be an oaken one ? Where manding that he should instantly put have you been living all your days ? his signature to it or what? or be ex. Have you been crawling on the surface, communicated from the fellowship of or sunk in the bowels of the earth ? human beings, and be forced thence. Have you been imprisoned for thirty forth to associate with Cockneys. years in the dungeons of the Inquisi

To this manful and maledictory tion ? Have you been engaged in some Manifesto, as its issuers no doubt deeta mining speculation ; and has your hair

The society consists of upwards of forty members, ordinary and extraordinery. VOL. XI.

got grey Afty fathoms down in a seam wind-a douss on the anellera dimof coal? Have you tenanted a tunnel? mer to the daylights, and a larrup on Or been paid for sitting as hermits the listeners of the Men of Manifestoes! during the last half century in a sparry Why, several of them had expressed grotto, in the policy of some philoso- their opinions in a way that prevented phical squire ? If not, the Lord have them from taking this oath, without mercy upon you,--for you have shewn notorious perjury. And others of them, yourselves blind and deaf to every who were too stupid and incapable to thing seen and heard by all other men, write a bad paragraph in a newspaper, and are beyond all question the most had friends and relations, by blood or unexceptionable asses now extant in marriage, who praised them, and lithe world.

belled their competitors to their hearts Gentle reader, méthinks we see you content. Stammering, stuttering, stag. smile--that we hear a titter-a laugh gering, gaping, and every ugliest forn a guffaw. But it is no laughing matter of puzzled and perplexed speechless. it is a most serious business indeed, ness, were now the order of the day; and there is no saying where it will end. and the very men who winced under We should not be at all surprised to see the soft and silken lash of honest Dait brought into Parliament, for the great vid, as if it had been a cat-of-ninebulwark of the age, the palladium of tails in the fists of some Highland] British liberty, has been attacked ; - we drummer-boy, stood now self-convictmean the Freedom of the Press ! (hear, ed of having committed the very same kear, hear.) Will these Circulating offence of which they, as we think, Inquisitors dare to gag the mouths, most unjustly accused Messrs Dreadpadlock the lips, and manacle the nought and Playfair. hands of our Scottish Artists? And Now, we beg leave to recommend if they make such an attempt, will to Mr Wilkie, or Allan, a subject for the NATION, THE PEOPLE, stand by a picture, “ The Artists who signer alle ? What will the Public say the Manifesto refusing the Test-Act." Our own dear Public, whore virgin it is much better than “ The Broken love we won in a single hour's tête-a- Fiddle," or " The Abdication of Queen

and who, although all Venus to Mary," or " The Death of Cardinal us, is all Fury to our foesát once Ura- Wolsey,” or “ The Girl tying up het nia and Tisiphone? If we but let Brother's little Finger," or almost any loose our Public upon you, you will historical subject that now occurs to change your names in terror (not per- our recollection. Indeed there may be haps for the first time with some of two pictures---for the first may be you) and lament the day you ever at- Signing the Manifesto.” In it the tempted to drum David Dreadnought features of the subscribers must exe off parade.

press lofty indignation-smiling scorn But soft-- here comes the rub. Af- lip-wreathing contempt-superciliter a number of innocent and smooth ous disdain--nose-upturning contumespoken gentlemen, in whose mouths ly, as if the subscriber were putting butter has been known to remain un- from him a rotten egg,--and wide, melted for the space of half a second, deep, bright, and triumphant over all, bad with hands more or less steady, the love of liberty, and a holy zeal for heads more or less muddy, and hearts the advancement of Art all over the more or less biley, signed the Mani- world. festo against the writers of the Report, We shall defer our directions how can artist, who saw all their motives to paint the second great picture till in their proper light, proposed for next Number. their signature a much more sweeping Now, must it not be quite a delightTest-act, and called upon all who had ful and exalted thing to be an Edinsigned the Manifesto against the Re- burgh Artist? You are sitting some afa port, to swear solemnly by pen, pene ternoon asleep in your arm-chair by the eil, and pallet, that none of them had fire-side, or perhaps putting the finish ever, either directly or indireetly, had ing touch to a young lady, when the any thing whatever to do with any door is flung open, and in comes a De printed critique on any work shewn at putation demanding your signature to the last Exhibition of the Scottish In some manifesto or disclaimer, relative stitution. Here was a graveller -a to some transaction of which perhaps blow on the kidneys-a hit on the you are just as guilty as Mr Hogg of

tête ;

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the Chaldee. Would you not be praise would, we presume, according to them, worthy instantly to turn the Deputa be ready, on any favourable opportu. tion down the spiral staircase ? Or supe nity, to plant a dagger into the bopose you are the perpetrator of the som of sleeping innocence and beauty!! enormity of putting pen to paper, and Might not MrJ. F. Williams bring his? have actually written a pamphlet un- action against the man who ventures : like the present one, as bad and stu-, to say that his “ works have a blackpid as any picture ever painted by any ness, which he would do well to endea. Depute, are you to fall down on your vour to remove?" Some works, however, knees and confess, and supplicate mer- are so distinguished by blackness, that cy? Or to stand up with a face of nine- it is impossible to remove it from them fold brass, like the shield of an Home- by any process of art yet known. A ric hero, and swear by art and artifice Whig might thus go over the whole that you are innocent as an Embryo ? Report, and point out where actions lio. No, no ;--shewing down stairs is your against David, for his multifarious li. sole resource. A regard to your own bels on private characters of the kind : private character to the peace of your now quoted.-No doubt thegreat Whig domestic establishment and to the in- lawyers in this city will, for a few terests of the Fine Arts, imperiously de paltry pounds, point out libels or cremands that the Deputation be forth- ate them, and lend their assistance to with dismissed, neck and crop, into an- wards getting them amerced, in the other spot of the terraqueous globe. teeth of their own avowed principles,

Have any Whigs signed this Mani- and in contempt of the small remain, festo? We warrant they have. It ing consistency of their own character. breathes the small, puny, peevish, From the tone of that last sentence, petty, fuming, fumbling spirit of the some of our readers may think that lowest and most contemptible whig- we are waxing wroth. Not at all, gery. Some of these gentry have had we are sitting in Ambrose's, with their vanity tweaked by the nose with magnum of claret before us, and with a most delicate and good-natured fin-, the most amicable, mild, and placid ger and thumb, and the dull devil contempt of the whole crew that ever within them has been roused. Why actuated a true Christian. Were any. do they not bring an action,-an ap- one of the gentry to whom we so delis: peal at once to reason and taste, in the cately allude, to come into this room, august form of the Law? We should with his Manifesto in his hand, we not be at all surprised if they affirm should not turn him out, at least for that the criticisms of our honest friend some time, for that might be supposed. David are attacks upon private cha- personal. We should order him to racter. Is it not, according to their take a seat near the door, and bid the views, a gross personal libel to say, waiter give him a can of small beer that Mr Nasmyth's pictures“ betoken with a sprinkling of oat-meal, a salt the dexterity of hand of an able me- herring, and a cold potato. When his chanic !” Might not Mr Peter Gibson soul was softening and expanding unprosecute the slanderer who publishes der the genial influence of such gene, to the world, that that excellent artist rous diet, we should tell the Waiter, “has taken a most undue liking to who is a man of very considerable ta. Scots fir-trees, and that he enriches his lents, to explain to the Depute the ut. fore-grounds with brambles ?" Might ter beggarliness of his behaviour, not not Mr Andrew Wilson get damages by any means in eating the herring to some tune, against the base libeller and drinking the beer, but in bringing who has dared to assert that “ he has the Mavifesto. The Depute's eyes no poetic fire." And if Mr Nasmyth would then open, as his mouth liad should prevail in his action, would not done a few minutes before ; he would his fair daughters prevail in theirs too, request us, out of gratitude for couch, whose works are said to be “ all so ing his ogles and warming his stomach, alike, that it is impossible to distin- to throw the Manifesto into the fire ; guish the works of father from those and having done so, we should then of daughter or sister?" These are, we give bim permission to retire with the suppose, to the ears of Whigs, most Waiter into the bar-room, and indulge wicked and atrocious words. The an himself in a jug of gin-twist. If he onymous ruilian who wrote them, refused this permission, which is high

ly improbable, then, in self-defence, a strong, original, and cultivated mind, qur boot might be applied to the pose we are confident that he will be, ere teriors of the Depute.

long, if he be not already, in the first But the Devil waits ; so we must class of our Scottish painters of landbring our article to a close, or there scape. will be the Devil to pay. Well, then, But we have no intention at present “ Gentlemen of the deputation, when of entering into any discussion of the you went your rounds, had you, or merits or demerits of the Edinburgh had you not, a wish, a hope, and a be- Artists. We have been rather remiss lief, that you might fix the guilt of on the subject ; and in our next Numthe “Report” on one particular indi- ber, and several succeeding ones, we vidual?" Answer that question withe propose taking the “Report of the Cog. out shuffling. You know that your noscenti," as a sort of text-book, andgiconsciences condemn you ? But that ving our opinion of all these gentlemen. individual had too much sense, too Meanwhile, we recommend the “ Remuch spirit, to be humbugged or hum- port” to the public, as a very clever bled by such heroes. He treated your and interesting report indeed, dealManifesto with that scorn which every ing out praise and blame with the other good artist and independent man most laudable impartiality,--full of ought to have grinned upon it, and the milk of human kindness, and callet the noodles go braying off with culated to please, amuse, and even intheir elongated ears as wise as they struct every one, but a few irritable came. Now every person who knows and thin-skinned Ninnies, many of Mr Peter Gibson, (be he the author of whom have been praised in it fat be this Pamphlet, or be he not,) knows yond their deserts, and will wince in that he is a man of talent and learning good earnest when our thong is laid in his profession, and that he is the across their shoulders. As to the disvery last person in the world to seek to tinguished Artists, whose names are injure any one of his brother artists. given above, as appended to the MaAs an artist, he has always had great nifesto, we have no doubt that they inerit, at least ever since we have are by this time heartily ashamed at known his works; and his improve. it ;--they all know our respect for their ment in almost the only point in character and admiration of their gewhich he was at one time somewhat nius; and if we have been a little jodeficient, is this year manifestly great. cular upon them at present, they may He now studies nature herself, as well lay their account with being well batas the rules of art, and as he possesses tered in our next Number.


SEPULCHRE OF CHRIST." In the days when Hippolito de' Me- “Upon my word, very tolerable figures dici was still a youth, and the Cardi- - but not what I should have expectnal of Cortona governed Florence in ed neither. I see now, that this Mi. the name of Pope Clement, a certain chael is no God Almighty upon earth, Abbot from Lombardy, on his way to as people represent him to be. The Rome, was desirous of seeing the new statues at Count Pepoli's would stand Sacristy of St Laurence, which had a comparison with these; yet they been recently adorned by the immortal were done by Noddo, or by some such labours of Michael Angelo. He accordo person, little better than a common ingly called for this purpose on the stone-cutter.” Master Tasso, hearing Prior of that establishment, who, refer. this, immediately set down the revering him to a young man, (named Tas- rend visitor for a piece of solemn im50,) for his conductor, commanded the pertinence; but for the time said nolatter, in an especial manner, to point thing, and passed on toward the libout to his reverence all that was most rary. worthy of observation in that illustri- Passing through the church, in their ous edifice. The Abbot, (who was a way to that apartment, the Abbot askman of taste and critical. judgment,) ed many questions, as to when it was after having surveyed the divine sculp- built, and who was the architect, and, tures with vast attention, observed, without waiting for the answer, went

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