[blocks in formation]

1. Is then the final page before me spread,

Is then the final sheet before me laid? Nor further outlet left to mind or heart?

No further space, if 'twere but for Balaam? Presumptuous Book! too forward to be read Thou skittish, though sexagenarian, mnaid, How can I give thee license to depart?

Maga! can nought detain thee, shirk or sham? One tribute more;-unbidden feelings start One kissmone page-a thousand things ram-stam Forth from their coverts-slighted objects rise Rush to my tongue-tip-lots of topies rise, My Spirit is the scene of such wild art

My spirit is the scene of such hot cram As on Parnassus rules, when lightning flies, As when some blunderer's tourniquet upties Visibly leading on the thunder's harmonies. Some apoplectic cit, who, if he bleed not, dies. II.

II. All that I saw returns upon my view,

AN I have said, at leisure I review, All that I heard comes back upon my ear,

The hum of public speech is in mine ear; All that I felt this moment doth renew;

Yet what I felt when Whigs first croak'd is new, And where the foot with no unmanly fear Ne'er from that rump my foot with "pluckless Recoil'd-and wings alone could travel-there

fear I move at ease, and meet contending themes Recoild :-where Whigs alone once travelld-there That press upon me, crossing the career

I, starting like a Jehu, smash'd their teams; of recollections vivid as the dreams :

Therefore, they follow, cursing the career, Of midnight-cities-plains-forests and mighty Which shew'd' that all their trophies were but streams!

dreams, And fill'd the turf where once they lorded it with


fret ;


III. Where mortal never breathed I dare to sit

Where some folks scarce durst look, I dared to sit, Among the interior Alps-gigantic crew,

What they thought Alps were anthills to my Who triumph'd o'er diluvian power and yet

view. What are they but a wreck and residue,

I pounded Whiggery's drivelling power: Whigs Whose only business is to perish 2-true To which sad course, these wrinkled Sons of So well beseems a wretched residue, Time

Whose only business is to perish : True Labour their proper greatness to subdue ;

To which sure fate these cudgelld sons of crime Speaking of death alone, beneath a clime

Labour themselves, in-blindness, for their due; Where life and rapture flow in plenitude sublime. Writhing and clamouring still (in prose and

rhyme) While my huzza of scorn resounds from clime to

clime. IV.

IV. Fancy hath flung for me an airy bridge

The Muse hath wove for me a Cat-o-nine, Across thy long deep Valley, furious Rhone ! To cross thy huge posteriors, Roaring Cant! Arch that here

rests upon the granite ridge - Rope that here rings upon the brazen chine Of Monte Rosa--there, on frailer stone

Below Lord Archy,* Hume, and J. P. Grant. Of secondary birth-the Jung-frau's cone; There on still frailer stuff its coil doth plant, And, from that arch down-looking on the vale, The secondary rump that wears no veil, The aspect I behold of every zone;

Groaning with Revolutionary rant, A sea of foliage tossing with the gale,

One lump of Folly bellowing with Jones (Gale,) Blithe Autumn's purple crown, and Winter's icy Round Cockaigne's paper crown, and Morgan and mail !

her Male. V.

V. Far as ST MAURICE, from yon eastern FORKS, Far as from Holland-house to Chelsea hulks, Down the main avenue my sight can range: Ay, or New-Holland, my keen eye can range, And all its branchy vales, and all that lurks And Cant that crows' aloud, and CANT that Within them, church and town, and hut and skulks, grange,

(As in dumb dogs the stink detects the mange,) For my enjoyment meet in vision strange; Lie clear beneath my glance-in jumble strange, Snows, torrents; to the region's utmost bound, Whigs, Radicals, to Treason's utmost boundLife, Death, in amicable interchange

Jeffs, Hones, in amicable interehange, But list! the avalanche-heart-striking sound ! But hush ! I'll prosecute!"-In that one sound Tumult by prompt repose and awful silence The once Briarean voice of whiggish wrath is crown'd!


* Viz. Lord Archibald Hamilton, whose awful action against the Beacon was brought t'other day to that triumphant issue-Damages ONE SHILLING STERLING. " Who steals my purse," &c."


VI. Is not the Chamois suited to his place ?

Beats not an English heart beneath B The eagle worthy of her ancestry?

gown! Let Empires fall; but ne'er shall Ye disgrace When did a s- blush upon a fee? Your noble birthright, Ye that occupy,

Let FREEDOM die: but ne'er shall ye bring down Your Council-seats beneath the open sky,

Your noble selves: frorn that suspicion free, On Sarnen s Mount, there judge of fit

and right Whig counsellors, of whatsoe'er degree, In simple democratic majesty;

The rostrum mount--there think no more of Soft breezes fanning your rough brows-the RIGHT. might

No simple scruple check your hireling glee, And purity of Nature spread before your sight! Soft bank-notes crumpled in your palms—the


Of some tormented booby glittering in your sight. VII.

VII. From this appropriate Court, renown's Lucerne When in their courts some lawyers I discern Leads me to pace her honourd Bridge that cheers Leading some libel case, me much it cheers The Patriot's heart with Pictures rude and steril, Mine eye on Perry's patriot print to turn, An uncouth Chronicle of glorious years.

The Morning Chronicle of LITTLE's years; Like portraiture, from loftier source endears I also love to ponder on its jeers, That work of kindred frame, which spans the That work of kindred spleen which mauld the Lake

Lakers ! Just at the point of issue, where it fears

Laureates might frame fine issues, were your The form and motion of a Stream tu take;

sneers Where it begins to stir, Yei voiceless as a Snake. of power to make them in your tricks partakers.

Even when Sir RICHARD stirr'd, you trembed

Like Bob Acres.

Volumes of sound, from the Cathedral rollid,
This long-roof'd Vista penetrate-but see,
One after one, its Tablets, that unfold
The whole design of Scripture history;
From the first tasting of the Fatal Tree,
Till the bright Star appear'd in eastern skies,
Announcing One was born Manbind to free ;
His acts, his wrongs, his final sacrifice;
Lessons for every heart, a Bible for all eyes.

Our pride misleads, our timnid likings kill
-Long may these homely Works devised of old,
These simple Efforts of Helvetian skill,
Aid, with congenial influence, to uphold
The State,--the Country's destiny to mould:
Turning, for them who pass, the common dust
Of servile opportunity to gold ;
Filling the soul with sentiments august-
The beautiful, the brave, the holy, and the just !

fill :

Volumes of libels, er Cathedra roll'd,
The blue-and-bufi' Review adorn ;-ay, see
One after one, the pages that unfold
The triumphs of that scribbling tyranny,
From the first basting by those prating three,
(Jeffrey, and Brougham, and Sydney Smith,) until
Great Hogg arose, the Bard of the Chaldee,
Though wrong'd by pluckless, witless ninnies, still
Unveiling, one by one, each whiggish Bobadil.

So we are mere dolts : Some funckish hankerings
Yet, not the less for them, I onward hold;
The honest efforts of my strength and skill
Fail not, though victims screech, and faint-hearts

The cause of King and Country makes ME bold,
I trample my detractors into dust,
I call on the unfearing and unsold,
Not to be generous, (that I scorn) but just !
Use but your eyes, ay read : then speak, for feet
you musi.

For these confounded Jacobins !--no more!
Light wide and wider sheds its growing flood,
And prejudice goes puff!-as Hogg's barn-floor,
See Hogg's strong fail distinguish chat froin

CANT's at a discount-Truth brings what it

Go forth iny articles ! no longer slurnber,
Go forth to tease the vermin-charm the good,
Nor be the feeling stifled if this Number
Convince the world all works compared to Norte's

are lumber.

And those surrounding Mountains-but no more;
Time creepeth softly as the liquid flood;
Life slips from underneath us, like the floor
Of that wide rainbow-arch whereon we stood,
Earth stretch'd below, Heaven in our neighbour-

Go forth, my little Book ! pursue thy way:
Go forth, and please the gentle and the good;
Nor be a whisper stitled, if it say
That treasures, yet untouch'd, may grace some

future Lay.

A slight allusion to one of the unfortunate scrapes into which the Anti-libeller of a certain Ra viow have fallen. -The celebrated compromise with Sir R. Phillips.

Vol. XI.

6 C


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The Teacher's Farewell; intended as a Lives of Celebrated Persons, who have Parting Gift to the Elder Scholars leaving died within the last Six years ; containing Sunday Schools ; comprising Hints for their upwards of Two Hundred Memoirs of disa future conduct in Life ; adapted to both



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