Holmes' Second Reader

University Publishing Company, 1891 - 144 ページ
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121 ページ - I am coming, I am coming! Hark! the little bee is humming; See! the lark is soaring high In the bright and sunny sky; And the gnats are on the wing, Wheeling round in airy ring.
29 ページ - What does little birdie say In her nest at peep of day ? Let me fly, says little birdie, Mother, let me fly away. Birdie, rest a little longer, Till the little wings are stronger. So she rests a little longer, Then she flies away. What does little baby say, In her bed at peep of day ? Baby says, like little birdie, Let me rise and fly away.
138 ページ - Which is the wind that brings the cold ? The North Wind, Freddy, and all the snow ; And the sheep will scamper into the fold When -the North begins to blow. Which is the wind that brings the heat? The South Wind, Katy; and corn will grow, And peaches redden for you to eat, When the South begins to blow.
107 ページ - My little chicks will soon be hatched, I'll think about it then." The clucking hen sat on her nest, She made it in the hay; And warm and snug beneath her breast A dozen white eggs lay. Crack, crack, went all the eggs; Out dropped the chickens small! "Cluck," said the clucking hen, "Now I have you all.
126 ページ - Flies can see More than we, So how bright their eyes must be ! Little fly, Ope your eye ; Spiders are near by. For a secret I can tell — Spiders never use flies well.
53 ページ - And when the people that stood near Would turn to ask the reason why, The answer would be always this : " Because he never tells a lie.
125 ページ - Spots of red Dot his head ; Rainbows on his back are spread ; That small speck Is his neck ; See him nod and beck. I can show you, if you choose, Where to look to find his shoes, — Three small pairs, Made of hairs ; These he always wears.
23 ページ - I'll try, I'll try, I'll try." I know a child, and who she is I'll tell you by and by, When mother says " Do this," or " that," She says
121 ページ - Turn thine eyes to earth and heaven : God for thee the spring has given, Taught the birds their melodies, Clothed the earth, and cleared the skies, For thy pleasure or thy food : Pour thy soul in gratitude.
84 ページ - Dear Grandma, I will try to write A very little letter: If I don't spell the words all right, Why, next time I'll do better.