The New Statistical Account of Scotland: Sutherland, Caithness, Orkney, Shetland, General index

W. Blackwood and Sons, 1845


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135 ページ - The Lord rade, And the foal slade ; He lighted, And he righted. Set joint to joint, Bone to bone, And sinew to sinew. Heal, in the Holy Ghost's name ! *
135 ページ - Burn. — To cure a burn, the following words are used: Here come I to cure a burnt sore ; If the dead knew what the living endure, The burnt sore would burn no more.
135 ページ - This is a thread spun from black wool, on which are cast nine knots, and tied -round a sprained leg or arm. Daring the time the operator is putting the thread round the affected limb, he says, but in such a tone of voice...
40 ページ - sea,' as it is here called, generally indicates a storm in a distant part of the ocean, which may reach Orkney a day or two afterwards ; hence, on the west coast, this great swell is considered a prognostic of west wind. From this we infer...
191 ページ - The road is but narrow, and the descent steep, and if any stumble thereupon, they are in hazard of falling down a precipice into the sea at the bottom of the rock, which is very terrible to behold ; but who pass it for the more security, use to lead their horses to the foot of the hill...
41 ページ - Dr. Clouston thus describes the aspect of an ordinary gale at this spot. " During a storm from the west the scene is awfully grand. The large accumulations of water that then roll after each other, foaming with terrible violence to the shore, impress the mind with irresistible power, and might well give a stranger a feeling of insecurity ; and, when they dash themselves against the precipice, it seems half sunk, for a time, like a wrecked vessel amid the waves ; sheets of spray are thrown far up...
107 ページ - Tin- blade of this instrument is a stone completely flattened on each of its sides, and not more than the tenth of an inch thick ; it is of an oblong shape, having one blunted margin perfectly straight, and when the stone is held in such a position that the dull edge is the uppermost, we have the form of a blade presented, in which the two narrow edges arc irregularly rounded off at their angles, so that one edge is much broader than the other.
119 ページ - is in his winter or spring garb it is difficult to suppose that his progenitors were the same animals which travellers have described as prancing over the arid tracks of Arabia. The long shaggy hair with which he is clothed has more the appearance of a polar dress, or of some arctic livery specially dispensed to the quadruped retainers of the genius of Hialtland.
137 ページ - The operator will take any thing they please to give, if it should be the half of all their goods and chattels, but he must not touch money. He appoints, however, a particular place, where a Danish coin, worth fivepence, current in Zetland, is to be laid, (as many as they like — the more the better, no doubt) ; this money is for the fairies, who come, it is asserted, and take it away ; but the poor honest operator must not, and will not finger it, otherwise his trouble would come to nought, and...
135 ページ - Ringworm ! ringworm red ! Never mayest them either spread or speed ; But aye grow less and less, And die away among the ase [ashes].