Sporting Magazine: Or, Monthly Calendar of the Transactions of the Turf, the Chase and Every Other Diversion Interesting to the Man of Pleasure, Enterprize, and Spirit, 第 9 巻

Rogerson & Tuxford, 1822

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166 ページ - Some have been beaten till they know What wood a cudgel's of, by th' blow : Some kick'd, until they can feel whether A shoe be Spanish or neat's leather ; And yet have met, after long running, With some whom they have taught that cunning.
17 ページ - Travels (which you lately sent me), it is stated that ' Lord Byron, when he expressed such confidence of its practicability, seems to have forgotten that Leander swam both ways, with and against the tide ; whereas he (Lord Byron) only performed the easiest part of the task by swimming with it from Europe to Asia.
53 ページ - Pope's frame of body did not promise long life ; but he certainly hastened his death by feeding much on high-seasoned dishes and drinking spirits.
18 ページ - This is so far from being the case, that it must arrive in the Archipelago, if left to the current, although a strong wind in the Asiatic direction might have such an effect occasionally.
277 ページ - Honour and shame from no condition rise ; Act well your part, there all the honour lies.
251 ページ - Blewit, with expectation fraught, Drove up at six, each savoury thought Ideal turbot rich in : But, ere he reach'd the winning-post, He saw a haunch of ven'son roast Down in the next-door kitchen.
166 ページ - But Hudibras gave him a twitch, As quick as lightning, in the breech, Just in the place where honour's lodg'd, As wise philosophers have judg'd, Because a kick in that place more Hurts honour, than deep wounds before.
18 ページ - It is not quite fair in him to infer, that because he failed, Leander could not succeed. " There are still four instances on record — a Neapolitan, a young Jew, Mr. Ekenhead, and myself: the two last were in the presence of hundreds of English witnesses.
13 ページ - ... one half to be paid to the informer, and the other to the poor...
187 ページ - I'LL tell you a story that's not in Tom Moore : — Young Love likes to knock at a pretty girl's door : So he called upon Lucy — 'twas just ten o'clock — Like a spruce single man, with a smart double knock. Now, a handmaid, whatever her fingers be at, Will run like a puss when she hears a rat-tat- : So Lucy ran up — and in two seconds more Had questioned the stranger and answered the door.