Dissertations on the Rhetoric, Prosody, and Rhyme of the Persians, 第 2 部

printed, 1801 - 171 ページ

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4 ページ - ... followers ; and that on more than one occasion he began to recede upward from the material world, and that it was only by the means of music that he could be prevented from entirely disappearing from amongst his devoted companions. His celebrated poem, called Masnavi Sharif, is that kind of poetry which is composed of distichs corresponding in measure, each consisting of a pair of rhymes, and each distich having distinct poetical terminations. It is written in the Persian language, and though...
31 ページ - Mercury were to be my secretary. I am old in the sufferings of love, although but an infant ; an infant in the paths of love, yet old in years. Seeing that, during your absence, tyrannic fortune holds me in the fetters of sorrow, " It is best not to turn away my face from patience ; perhaps I may yet obtain my heart's desire.
49 ページ - But closer examination of other examples betrays the fact that taqslm is not genuine parallelism : in a hemistich, or a stichos, the poet recites several particulars, and afterwards in another hemistich or stichos, introduces some others in connection with them, and assigns each to each regularly: I am pleased with love and wine because they are not friends; Neither love with the libidinous, nor wine with the lips of the pious man.13* In a sense, this motif produces a triplet formation, of which...
37 ページ - There is a ftory of Akeel, that, being difpleafed with his brother Aly, the khalif, he went over to Moawiyeh, who received him with great kindnefs and...
37 ページ - Moa-wi-yeh hath ordered me to curse him, therefore may the curse of God be upon him !" So that the curse would apply either to Aly or to Moa-wi-yeh.
28 ページ - From the Persian : Your cheeks resemble two leaves, and each leaf is the sun; Your hair hangs in ringlets, and each ringlet is a cord. From envy of these leaves, the leaves of the rose are expanded; From envy of those ringlets, the spikenard becomes...
79 ページ - ... foot is determined, the hemistich is not complete, nor its measure known. The last foot of the second hemistich is called...
10 ページ - Shah art thou, the might of whose steeds serves as a guide; The Moon art thou, the victorious strength of whose swords serves as a whetstone. Or: The envy of my verses devours the liver of Hussan Sabit; The arm of my prose smiteth the neck of Sehbane Wayel.100 Rueckcrt says of this form : '
70 ページ - Another called &^a (jjLojL is used to express the accent and complete the word, (because no sound can be expressed by less than two letters ;) such as *j and •*} and A^.
18 ページ - God ; may it be acceptable at the Divine threshold ! Ahmed and his companions and family for ever ! May the mercy of God, I pray, be upon them, and peace ! The title of this book expresses also the date when it was written.