The History of Poland: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time

Cochrane and Pickersgill, 1831 - 428 ページ


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104 ページ - All murder'd : for within the hollow crown That rounds the mortal temples of a king Keeps Death his court, and there the antic sits, Scoffing his state and grinning at his pomp...
402 ページ - The Duchy of Warsaw, with the exception of the provinces and districts which are otherwise disposed of by the following Articles, is united to the Russian Empire. It shall be irrevocably attached to it by its Constitution, and be possessed by His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias, his heirs and successors in perpetuity.
89 ページ - It is now two hundred and eighty years that you have been governed by my family. The reign of my ancestors is past, and mine is going to expire. Fatigued by the labours of war, the cares of the cabinet, and the weight of age ; oppressed with the burdens and...
118 ページ - ... rendezvous, before the Bavarians, Saxons, and other German auxiliaries were collected. September 7, the whole army was assembled, in number about 74,000. Vienna was already in the utmost distress. Stahremberg, the brave commandant, had written to the Duke of Lorraine a letter, containing only these pithy words, " No more time to lose, my Lord ; no more time to lose.
336 ページ - The presence of this great man, who has excited the admiration of all Europe ; who was the terror of his enemies and the idol of the nation ; who, raised to the rank of generalissimo, had no ambition but to serve his country and fight for it ; who always preserved an unassuming, affable, and mild demeanor; who never wore any distinguished...
11 ページ - Who builds a church to God, and not to Fame, Will never mark the marble with his name...
102 ページ - The enemy fled in one night as many leagues as they had marched in three days before. " The vizier, in the course of his retreat, invested Trembowla, a small town strongly fortified, in Podolia, which was defended by Samuel Chrasonowski, a renegade Jew. He first tried negotiation, but the brave Jewish governor returned this answer : ' Thou art mistaken if thou expectest to find gold within these walls : we have nothing here but steel and soldiers ; our number indeed is small, but our courage is great.
378 ページ - Love of the country is the first duty of civilized man. " In my situation I have many interests to conciliate, and many duties to perform. Had I reigned during the first, second, or third partition of Poland, I would have armed all my people to support you.
378 ページ - I will do everything in my power to second your resolutions. ... I have always used the same language since my first appearance in Poland. I must add here that I have guaranteed Austria the integrity of her States, and that I cannot authorize any design or step that may tend to disturb her in the peaceable possession of the Polish provinces which remain under her power. Let Lithuania, Samogitia...