It is pleasant to be virtuous and good ; because that is to excel many others : it is pleasant to grow better ; because that is to excel ourselves : it is pleasant to command our appetites and passions, and to keep them in due order, within the bounds of reason and religion ; because this is empire : nay, it is pleasant even to mortify and subdue our lusts ; Mecause that is victory,


Violations of the Rules respecting perspicuous and

accurate writing, promiscuously disposed.


What is human life to all, but a mixture, with various cares and troubles, of some scattered. joys and pleasures?

When favours of every kind are conferred speedily, they are doubled.

He will soon weary the company, who is himself wearied.

He must endure the follies of others, who will have their kindness.

For the last years of man the first must make provision.

Perpetual light-mindedness must terminate in ige


In these, and in such like cases, we shouli, ia our alms, generally suffer none to be witnesses, but Him who must see every thing.

The reason why he is so badly qualified for the business, is because he neglected his studies, and opportunities of improvement.

That Plutarch wrote lives of Demosthenes and Cicero at Chæronea, it is clear from his own account.

I wish to cultivate your further acquaintance.

He may probably make the attempt, but he cannot possibly succeed.

No pains were spared by his tutor, in order to his. being improved in all useful knowledge.

In no scene of her life was ever Mary's address, more remarkably displayed.

This was the cause which first gave rise to such a barbarous practice.

He craftily endeavoured, by a variety of false insinuations which he made use of, to turn the emperor to his purpose.

The beauty in the earth equals the grandeur in the heavens.

In health and vigour of body, and in the state of worldly fortune, all rejoice.

What passes in the hearts of men, is generally unknown to the public eye.

Many associations are united by laws the most arbitrary.

These instances may, it is hoped, be sufficient to satisfy every reasonable mind,

By such general and comprehensive rules as this, che clearest ideas are conveyed.

He determined not to comply with the proposal, except he should receive a more ample compensation.

There can be no doubt but that health is preferable to riches.

They declared to their friends, that they believed the perusal of such books had ruined their principles.

John's temper greatly indisposed him for in. struction.

Vegetation is advancing constantly, though no eye can trace the steps of its gradation.

The reason of my consenting to the measure, was owing to his importunity.

I conceived a great regard for him, and could not but mourn for his loss.

The officer apprehended him, and confined him in his own house.

Charlotte, the friend of Amelia, to whom no one imputed blame, was too prompt in her vindica tion,

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Men who are rich and avaricious, lose themselves in a spring which might have cherished all around them.

I should prefer him to be rather of slow parts, than with a bad disposition,

As soon as Eugenius undertook the care of a parish, it immediately engrossed the whole of his attention.

The plan will at once contribute to general convenience, and add to the beauty and elegance of the town.

Together with the national debt, the greatest na. tional advantages are also transmitted to succeeding generations.

Their intimacy had commenced in the happier period, perhaps, of their youth and obscurity.

His subject is precisely of that kind, which a daring imagination could alone have adopted.

This emperor conjured the senate, that the purity. of his reign might not be stained or contaminated, by the blood even of a guilty senator.

It is a happy constitution of mind, to be able to view successive objects so steadily, as that the more may never prevent us from doing justice to the less important.

This activity drew great numbers of enterprising men over to Virginia, who came either in search of fortune, or of liberty, which was the only compensation for the want of it..

The erroneous judgment of parents, concerning the conduct of schoolmasters, has crushed the peace of many an ingenious man, who engaged in the care of youth; and paved the way to the ruin of hopeful boys.

The Greek doubtless is a language which is
much superior in riches, harmony, and variety, to

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Those three great genius's flourished in the same period.

He has made a judicious adaption of the examples to the rule.

This part of knowledge has been always growing, and will do so, till the subject be exhausted.

A boy of twelve years old may study these lessons.

The servant produced from his late master an undeniable character.

I am surprised that so great a philosopher as you are, should spend your time in the pursuit of such chimeras.

The ends of a divine and human legislator, are vastly different.

Scarce had the “Spirit of Laws" made its appearance, than it was attacked.

His donation was the more'acceptable, that it was given without solicitation.

This subject is an unwelcome intruder, affording but an uneasy sensation, and brings with it always a mixture of concern and compassion.

He accordingly draws out his forces, and offers battle to Hiero, who immediately accepted it.

James laid late in bed yesterday, and this morning he lays still later.

The reason of this strange proceeding, will be accounted for when I make


defence. I have observed him often, and his manner of proceeding is thus : he enjoins first silence"; and then, &c.

Having not known, or not considered the subject, he made a very crude decision.

They all were deceived by his fair pretences, and they all of them lost their property.

It is above a year since the time that I left school.

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