The poems of Ossian in the original Gaelic, 第 1 巻

G. and W. Nicol, 1807

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11 ページ - I received the favour of your letter, dated yesterday ; and I am sorry the gentlemen should think of giving themselves the trouble of waiting upon me, as a ceremony of that kind is altogether superfluous and unnecessary. I shall adhere to the promise I made several years ago to a deputation of the same kind ; that is, to employ my first leisure time, and a considerable portion of time it must be to do it accurately, in arranging and printing the originals of the Poems of Ossian, as they have come...
7 ページ - The manuscript ap peared to him, in a very different light, from that in which it was seen by those, who had from their infancy been accustomed to hear the contents of it recited or sung, by illiterate men, for the entertainment of the lower classes of society. The account he gives me at present, is the same which he gave me thirty years ago— for I took notes of it then, and have fre* quently repeated it since, upon his authority.