Faces of the Hamitic People

Xlibris Corporation, 2010/05/21 - 315 ページ
Just as a cherished vase may shatter if knocked to the floor, in a like manner a lie can also be shattered by the truth. Lying is comparable to a death-dealing poison. Thankfully, though, we can do something about it. We can stop the practice of lying; by telling the truth. In this book The Faces of the Hamitic People, I have presented the truth; that there is a Hamitic branch and that there was never a curse of Ham, also the Kushites were the fi rst Hamitic branch to institute kingship and political governments. No white lie originates with the truth, it has only served to plunge the Hamitic branch into misery and death; the history of the slave trade well proves this. Racial prejudice and discrimination are products of mans lies and selfish desires. It was lies that led European colonists to view the natives as nothing more than animals with the gift of speech.

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