The Writings of Charles Dickens, 第 31 巻

Houghton, Mifflin, 1894


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447 ページ - Which would be worn now in their newest gloss, Not cast aside so soon. Lady M. Was the hope drunk Wherein you dress'd yourself? hath it slept since, And wakes it now, to look so green and pale At what it did so freely ? From this time Such I account thy love. Art thou...
12 ページ - I turned round to give it to Wills, and said, ' Now isn't it an extraordinary thing — look at the Day — Friday ! I have been nearly drawing it half a dozen times when the lawyers have not been ready, and here it comes round upon a Friday as a matter of course.
374 ページ - What you have always wanted until now, has been a set, steady, constant purpose. I therefore exhort you to persevere in a thorough determination to do whatever you have to do, as well as you can do it.
412 ページ - I have that high opinion of the law of England generally, which one is likely to derive from the impression that it puts all the honest men under the diabolical hoofs of all the scoundrels.
94 ページ - How the youth of colleges, and the old men of business in the town, seem equally unable to get near enough to me when they cheer me away at night. How common people and gentlefolks will stop me in the streets and say: "Mr. Dickens, will you let me touch the hand that has filled my home with so many friends?
194 ページ - I must take leave to say, that if there be any general feeling on the part of the intelligent Jewish people, that I have done them what you describe as " a great wrong," they are a far less sensible, a far less just, and a far less good-tempered people than I have always supposed them to be.
82 ページ - They had offered frantic prices for stalls. Eleven bank-notes were thrust into that pay-box (Arthur saw them) at one time, for eleven stalls. Our men were flattened against walls, and squeezed against beams. Ladies stood all night with their chins against my platform. Other ladies sat all night upon my steps. You never saw such a sight. And the reading went tremendously ! It is much to be regretted that we troubled ourselves to go anywhere else in Ireland. We turned away people enough to make immense...
148 ページ - ... I think you know, extraordinarily taken by the book, so strongly urged it upon me, after reading the proofs, and supported his view with such good reasons, that I resolved to make the change. You shall have it when you come back to town.
71 ページ - The robbery was committed before the door, on the man with the treasure, and Falstaff ran away from the identical spot of ground now covered by the room in which I write. A little rustic alehouse, called the Sir John Falstaff, is over the way — has been over the way, ever since, in honor of the event.
49 ページ - I have no means of knowing whether you are patient in the pursuit of this art ; but I am inclined to think that you are not, and that you do not discipline yourself enough. When one is impelled to write this or that, one has still to consider : " How much of this will tell for what I mean ? How much of it is my own wild emotion and superfluous energy — how much remains that is truly belonging to this ideal character and these ideal circumstances ? " It is in the laborious struggle to make this...