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CHAP. the kingdom of God.' And he Then the Lord said, . Simon ! CHAP.

took a cup and gave thanks, and Simon! behold Satan hath obtain- XXII.

said, “ Take this, and share the ed leave to sift you all like wheat. Peter's de 18 wine in it among yourselves ; for But I have prayed for thee, that mas fore

'cold. I say unto you, I will not drink thy faith may not utterly forsake of this produce of the vine, thee; and when thou hast returned 32 until the kingdom of God be by true repentance, strengthen thy come.”

brethen.” And Peter said, “Lord, 33 19 Then he took bread, and gave I am ready to go with thee, even The Eu- thanks, and brake it and gave it unto prison, and to death.” And 34 sto to them, saying, “ This is a re- he said, 61 I tell thee, Peter; the

presentation of my body which is cock will not crow this day, be

given for you; do this in remem-fore thou hast thrice denied that 20 brance of me." In like manner he thou knowest me."

took the cup also, when he had And he said unto them: “When 35 supped, saying, “This cupis a re-I sent you without purse, and scrip, Apostles presentation of the new covenant and sandals, wanted ye any thing?" apo

Yung their dane ratified by my blood, which is to be And they said, “ Nothing" Then ger. 21 shed for you. But lo! the hand he said unto them, 66 But now he 36

of him who is going to deliver me that hath a purse, let him take it,
22 up is with me on this table. And and in like manner his scrip; and

the son of man indeed must die, as and he that hath no sword, let him
it is written of him; but alas ! for sell his clothes and buy one. For 37
that man, by whom he is delivered 1 say unto you, this scripture is

I yet to be accomplished in me,
23 And they began to enquire among And he was numbered with trans-

themselves, which of them it was gressors,' for my course is nearly

that was going to do this. . at an end. And they said, “ Mas- 38

24 Now there had been also a con- ter, behold! here are two swords." Ambition tention among them, which of And he said unto them, “ It is of these them should be accounted the great-enough; I meant not to command apostles reUved. est. And he said unto them, you to make resistance, but to ap

25“ The kings of the nations lord it prise you of your danger, and to

over them, and their tyrants are guard you against temptation. 26 called benefactors. But do not ye And he went out, and came ac- 39

act thus; but let him that is great-cording to his custom to the Mount The agony

est among you be as the younger, of Olives, and his disciples follow. Of Jesus 27 and the chief as the servant. For ed him. And when he was at the 40

which is greater; he that is at table, place, he said unto them, " Pray
or he that serveth? Is not he that that ye come not into temptation."

sitteth at meat ? But I am among And he separated himself from 41 28 you, as he that serveth. Ye have them about a stone's throw, and

continued with me throughout all kneeled down, and prayed, saying, 29 my trials, and I appoint unto you" Father, that thou wouldest 42

a kingdom, as my Father hath ap- take away this cup from me; never

pointed unto me, that ye may eat theless not my will, but thine be, 30 and drink at my table, and sit on done. And an angel from hea- 43

thrones as judges of the twelve ven appeared to him, to strengthen 44 tribes of Israel,"2

him And being in an agony of dis

I After his resurrection.
· That ye may be distinguished as my friends

and he eminently exalted and glorified.

3 The twenty-four hours next to come.

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CHAP. tress he prayed with unusual ear- I do not know him.And a little CHAP.

nestness, and his sweat run down, after another saw him, and said, **
like great drops of blood, upon the “ Thou also belongest to them.” 58

But Peter said, “ Man, I do not."
45 And when he rose up from pray- And about an hour after, another 59
"piraids er, and was come to his disciples, confidently affirmed, « Certainly
nd came he found them
ons the

sleeping through this man was with him, for he: Postles. 'weariness, and said unto them, is à Galilean." And Peter said, 60 46" What! are ye asleep? rise, and " Man, I know not what thou

pray, that ye come not into temp- meanesi.” And iminediately while 47 tation." And while he was yet he was yet speaking, 2 the cock

speaking, behold a multitude with crew. And the Lord turned, and 61
Judas, spoken of before, one of looked upon Peter; and Peter called
the twelve, at their head, who to remembrance the word of the

came up to Jesus to kiss him. Lord, how he had said unto him, 48 And Jesus said unto him, " Judas, " Before the cock crow, thou wilt

deliverest thou up the son of man deny me thrice." And Peter went 62
with a kiss?”

out and wept bitterly. 49 And when his disciples saw what And the men who held Jesus 63 ter uses was likely to be done, they said mocked and beat him, and when Insulted; 5 sword. unto Jesus, “ Master, shall we they had blindfolded him, they 64 50 smite with the sword ?And one smote him on the face, and asked

of them smote the servant of the him, saying, “ Tell us, prophet, 65

high priest, and cut off his right who smote thee ?" And many 51 ear. Then Jesus said to those who other wicked things did they speak

held hiin, “ Suffer me thus far." against him.
And he touched his ear, and heal And as soon as it was day, the 66
ed him,

elders of the people, and the chief brought 52 Then said Jesus to the chief priests and scribes, assembled and be

council; sus ex. priests and captains of the temple brought him into their council, alates

es guard, who came to him, “ Are saying, “ Art thou the Christ? th his Emies. ye come out as against a murderer, tell us." But he said unto them, 67 . 53 with swords and staves ? When I" If I tell you, ye will not believe, 68 ,

was daily with you in the temple, and if I also ask you a questioni, ye
ye did not put forth your hands will not answer me, nor let me go.
against me ; but this is your hour, Hereafter the son of man will sit 69

and the power of darkness.” on the right hand of the power of 54 Then they took him, and led God.” And they all said. 66 Art 70 is ap- him away, and brought him into thou then the son of God!" And denied

the high priest's house ; and Peter he said unto them “ Ye say true, Peter followed at a distance, and after- for I am." They said, “What 71 55 wards sat down with some who need have we of further testimony,

had lighted a fire in the midst of the for we ourselves have heard froin

hall, and were sitting together. his own mouth." . 56 And a maid servant saw him, sit-! And the whole multitude of them CHAP.

ting by the light, and looking ear- arose up, and led him to Pilate.

nestly upon him, said, “ This And they began to accuse him, then before 57 man also was with him.” But he saying, 66 We found this man Filare:

denied it, saying : “ Woman, I stirring up the nation to rebellion,

ore the



* The time in which ignorance and wick-! The trumpet sounded the watch or hous edness are permitted for a season to triumph, of cock-crowing.

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perching throunow when they are the release brigent might be enten

CHAP. and hindering them from paying for I sent you to him, and lo! no- CHAP m. tribute to Cesar, declaring that he thing worthy of death has been XX1 3 himself is Christ, a king. Then done by him. I will therefore 16

Pilate asked hiin, saying, " Art chastise him, and let him go:" but 18 4 thou the king of the Jews?" And the whole multitude cried out at

he answered, 166 I am.” And once, saying, “ Destroy this man,
Pilate said to the chief priests, and and release unto us Barabbas.”

to the multitude, “ I find nothing Upon this Pilate spake to them 20 5 faulty in this man.” But they again, wishing to release Jesus. were the more violent upon this, But they cried aloud, “ Crucify 21 saying, " He stirreth up the peo- him, crucify him.” And he said 22 ple, beginning from Galilee, and unto them a third time, “ But

teaching throughout all Judea uuto what evil hath he done? I find in 6 this place.” Now when Pilate heard him nothing worthy of death ; I

the word Galilee, he asked, if the will therefore chastise him and 7 man were a Galilean: and having release him.” But they con- 23 learned that he belonged to Herod's tinued urgent with loud' voices, jurisdiction, he sent him away to requesting that he might be cruHerod, who was also in Jerusalem cified; and the voices of them at that time.

and of the chief priests prevailed 8 And when Herod saw Jesus, he over Pilate, so that he determined 24 and sent by was very glad, for he had long de to grant their request, and released 25

c. sired to see him, having heard for them him who for insurrection rod Anti.

much of him, and hoping to see and murder had been cast into 9 some miracle done by him. Then prison, whom they had requested,

he put many questions to Jesus, but delivered Jesus to their will. 10 but he did not answer one. Now And as they led hiin awry, 26

the chief priests and scribes were they laid hold on one Simon, He is led

present, vehemently accusing him. a Cyrenian, coming out of the co ; 11 And Herod with his soldiers, de-country, and on him they laid

spised, and derided him, and ar- the cross, that he might carry

rayed him in splendid apparel, and it after Jesus. Now there follow-27 12 sent him back to Pilate. And on ed him a great multitude of the

that day Pilate, and Herod were people, and of women who bewailmade friends together ; for before ed him, and beat themselves in they had been at ennity between sorrow. But Jesus turned unto 28 themselves.

thein and said, “ Daughters of 13 Then Pilate, when he had call-Jerusalem, weep not for me, but Pilate de- ed together the chief priests, and weep for yourselves and your chilclares his the mic innocence,

is the rulers of the people, said unto dren. For behold! the days are 29 and wishes them, “ Ye have brought this man coming, when it will be said, to release unto me as one who turneth aside - Happy are the barren, and the him.

the people, and behold! I have ex-wombs that never bare, and the 14 amined him before ' you, and have breast which never gave suck.'

found nothing faulty in this man Then will men say unto the moun- 30 ..concerning those things of which tains, - Fall on us, and to the

15 ye accuse him ; no, nor Herod, hills, . Cover us. For if these 31


i In a moral and spiritual sense. It is · Before several of his accusers, but the plain from what follows, that Pilaté did great body of the Jewish rulers did not ennot understand him to mean he was an ter the judgment hall. carthly king.


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two cris

CHAP. things he done to the green tree, And lo! a man named Joseph, a CHAP. XXIII.

· what will be done to the dry ?" senator, and a good and righteous *

32 Now two others also, who were man (who had not consented to Joseph and cruci- criminals, were led with him to be the council of the elders, and this begs th Sied with

body of mi. put to death. And when they deed of theirs) of Arimathea, a city Jesus. sals were come to the place which is of the Jews, who was also himself 5 1

33 called the place of skulls, there expecting the kingdom of God,

they crucified him, and the crimi- went to Pilate, and asked for the 52
• nals, one on his right hand, and body of Jesus. And he took it 53
34 one on his left. Then Jesus said, down, and wrapped it in linen, and

« Father, forgive them, for they laid it in a tomb hewn out of stone,
do not consider what they are do- in which no man had ever yet been
ing.” And they parted among laid. And that day was the pre- 54

them his garments, and cast lots. paration, and the Sabbath drew on.
35 And the people stood looking on. And the women also, that had 55

And the rulers, together with the come with him from Galilee folo:
people, scoffed at him, saying, lowed after, and saw the sepulchre,
“ He saved others, let him save and that his body was laid in it.

himself, if he be the Christ, the And when they returned, they 56
36 chosen of God.” The soldiers prepared spices and perfumed oint-

also derided him, coming to ments, and rested on the Sabbath

him and offering him vinegar, according to the commandment :
37 saying, “ If thou be the king but on the first day of the week, CHAP.
38 of the Jews, save thyself.” And very early in the morning, they

there was an inscription written came to the tomb, bringing the
over him in Greek, Latin, and spices, which they had prepared,

Hebrew letters, " This is the King and some others with them. Now 2

44 of the Jews.” And it was about they found the stone rolled away 3
Prodigies the S sixth hour, and there was from the sepulchre, and when they
theacan darkness over the whole land had entered in, they found not
of jesus. until the ninth hour, and the sun the body of the Lord Jesus.

45 was darkened, and the veil of the And whilst they were perplexed 4
· temple was rent down the middle. about this matter, behold! two Two an.'
46 And when Jesus had cried out with men stood by them in shining gar- 69

nounce the aloud voice, he said, " Father, into ments. And as they were afraid, resurrecthy hands I commit my spirit ; and bowed down their faces to the tion of and having said thus he expired. earth, the men said unto them, is

> the wo47 Now when the centurion saw " Why are ye seeking him who is men, Bebolders what had happened, he glorified alive, among the dead. He is not 6 much af. fected. ed. *God, saying, " Certainly this was here, but hath been raised up. Re

a righteous man," And all the member how he spake unto you, 48 multitudes who came together to when he was yet in Galilee, say. :

that sight, beholding the things ing, The son of man must be ?

that were done, smote their breasts delivered up into the hands of sin-
49 and returned. And all his ac- ful men, and be crucified, and rc-

quaintance, and the women that had turn to life the third day.” And s
followed him from Galilee, stood at they remembered his words; and 9
a distance beholding these things, returned from the sepulchre, and

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1 To one not deserving of punishment.
• Those who are ripe for judgment.

3. Noon. 4 Friday,

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it to the

epulchre, and whe linen saw and he said of a heart slow

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CHAP. reported all these things to the day is the third day since these CHAP XXIV. eleven

V. eleven apostles, and to all the rest. things were done. Moreover,

10 Now it was Mary Magdalene, some women of our company, who 22 who report and Joanna, and Mary the mother were early at the sepulchre, have

he of James, and the other women amazed us ; for they found not his apostles.

that were with them, who told body, but came and told us that 23 11 these things to the apostles. And they had seen an appearance of

their words seemed to the apostles angels, who said that he was alive.

as idle tales, and they were not Then some among us went to the 24 12 believed. But Peter arose and tomb, and found even so as the

ran to the sepulchre, and when he women had said ; but him they
had stooped down, he saw the linen saw not.
clothes lying by themselves, and
went home, wondering at what foolish men, and of a heart slow to and up,
had happened.

believe all that the prophets have for their 13 And behold ! two of his dis spoken. Was it not necessary then slowness in Jesus ap- ciples were going on that day to that the Christ should suffer these believing. pears to

to a village called Emmaus, which is things to enter into his glory?" 26 ciples go- distant from Jerusalem about And he began with Moses, and 27 ing to Em- sixty furlongs, and they were went on with them through all the maus,

conversing with each other upon scriptures, explaining from him,

all these things which had hap- and all the prophets, the things 15 pened. And in the midst of their concerning himself. And they 28

conversation and debate, Jesus had now come nigh to the village

came up, and went with them; whicher they were going, and he 16 but their eyes were so affected made a’ show of going further. But 29

by his unusual appearance, that they pressed him, saying, “ Abide

they did not know him again. with us, for it is towards evening, 17 Then he said unto them, " What and the day is far spent. So he

are these things that ye are dis- went in to stay with them. And 30 coursing about with each other, whilst he was at table with them, he

as ye go along, with so sad a took bread, and blessed God, and
18 countenance?" And one of them, brake and gave unto them. Now 31

whose name was Cleopas, answer- as soon as their eyes were opened,
ed him, 6 Art thou alone so great and they knew him again, he sud-
a stranger in Jerusalem, as not to denly withdrew himself from them,

know the things which have hap-. And they said unto each other, 32 19 there in these days ?And Jesus “ Did not our heart burn within us

said unto them, 66 What things ?” while he talked with us on the way,
And they said unto him, “Those and clearly explained to us the
concerning Jesus of Nazareth, scriptures!”
who was a prophet, mighty in And they rose up immediately, 33

miracles and doctrine before all and returned to Jerusalem, and After dis20 the people. And how our chief found the eleven, and those that him,

priests and rulers gave him up to were with them gathered together, relate the

be condemned to death, and cru- and saying how the Lord had been circum. 21 cified him; but we were in hopes indeed raised up, and had been seen in

that he was about to deliver Is- by Simon. Then these disciples tles. rael, 'And besides all this, to-related what had happened on the 35


Andres ?", explained on the

stance to

21 cificcondemnulers how outore, all

From the Roman power.

disciples had not earnestly persuaded him • Meaning to have gone further, if the I to stay

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