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xlviii. 22.

CHAP. Ye yourselves bear me witness that He cometh therefore, to a city of CHAP IV.

I said, I am not the Christ, but Samaria called Sychar, near to the 29 am sent before his face. He who field which Jacob gave to his son Genesis,

has the bride is the bridegroom, Joseph. Now Jacob's well was but the friend of the bridegroom there, and Jesus being wearied 6 who standeth by and heareth him, with the journey, was sitting accord- 7 rejoiceth greatly at the bridegroom's ingly at this well, about the #sixth voice, testifying his affection for hour, when a woman of Samaria

the bride, thus my joy therefore cometh to draw water. Jesus said 30 is complete. He must increase, unto her, “ Give me to drink ;" 8 31 but I must decrease. He that for his disciples were gone to the

cometh from above being divinely city to buy food. Upon this the 9 commissioned to confer the gifts of Samaritan woman saith unto him, the spirit of God is above all other" Why dost thou, being a Jew, prophets. He that is from the ask drink of me who am Samaearth, not so commissioned, is earth- ritan?” (for the Jews have no ly, and speaketh the things of the friendly dealings with the Samari

earth; he that cometh from hea- tans.) Jesus answered, “ If thou 10 32 ven is, I repeat it, above all, and hadst known the bounty of God,

giveth his testimony to what he and who it is that saith unto thee,
hath seen

and heard, and yet Give me to drink,' thou wouldst
scarcely any of you receiveth his have asked of him, and he would

have given thee living water.” 33 'He who receiveth this testimony The woman said unto him,“ Thou !! Conditions hath set his seal to confirm that hast no bucket, and the well is

God is true; for the declarations deep, whence then can’st thou have life.

of God proclaim whom he hath sent; this living water ? Art thou greater 12 34 for God giveth not the spirit by than our father Jacob, who gave 35 measure to him, The Father us the well, and drank thereof him

loveth the son, and hath given all self, with his children and his catthings necessary for the comple- tle?” Jesus answered, “ Whoso-13

tion of his mission into his hands. ever drinketh of this water will
36 He who believeth on the son, so thirst again ; but whosoever shall 14

that his belief is a source of obe- drink of the water that I shall give
dience, hath everlasting life; and hin, will never thirst, but the
he that disobeyeth the son, will 'water which I shall give him shall
not see life, but the displeasure of become in bim a well of water,

God continueth towards him. springing up to everlasting life.''

When therefore Jesus knew that The woman saith unto him, " Sir, 15

the Pharisees had heard of his give me this water that I thirst not, Jesus's making and baptizing more disci-neither come hither to draw.” discourse

ples than John, (though Jesus him- Jesus saith unto her, 6 Go call 16 niaritan self used not to baptize, but his thy husband and come hither."

disciples) he left Judea, and went The woman answered, “ I have 17 4 again into Galilee. Now he could no husband.” Jesus saith unto

not avoid passing through Samaria. her, “ Thou hast well said, “I


with a Sa


1 From this to the end of the chapter we 3 Six o'clock in the evening. have the iemarks of the evangelist.

4 The doctrine of the gospel, which is Signified by the abundant spiritual gifts sufficient to satisfy the most thirsty desires bestowed upon

the church when John of the soul. wrote this gospel.



CHAP. have no husband, for thou hast, have food which ye know not of." CHAP. IV.

had five husbands, and he whom The disciples therefore said to each thou now hast is not thy husband. other, “ Hath any brought him 33 Thou hast spoken truth in this.” provisions?” Jesus saith unto them, 34

The woman saith unto him, "My food is to do the will of him 19" Sir, I perceive that thou art a who sent me, and to finish his 20 prophet. Our fathers worshipped work. Say ye not, . There are 35

on this mountain, and do ye say yet four months, and then cometh
that in Jerusalem is the place, the * harvest ?' Behold, I say unto

where we ought to worship?" you, lift up your eyes to view the
21 Jesus saith unto her, “ Believe fields, they are white already for 36

me the hour is coming, when ye harvest. And the reaper receiveth
will worship the Father neither on wages, and layeth up fruit unto
this mountain, nor at Jerusalem, everlasting life, that both the sower

in preference to any other place and the reaper may rejoice toge22 Ye worship what ye' know not;

ther. For herein is that saying 37
: we worship what we know, for true, 'One is the sower, and ano-
23 salvation is of the Jews. But the ther the reaper.' I send you to 38

hour is coming, and now is, when reap, where you did not labour ;
the true worshippers will worship others have laboured, and ye go
the Father in spirit and in truth, in to reap their labour.”

and indeed the Father is seeking Now many of the Samaritans of 39 24 such worshippers of himself. God that city believed on him, because of Many Sa

is a spirit, and they that worship this testimony of the woman, Hearitans

him acceptably must worship him told me some of the principal con25 in `spirit and in truth.' The wo-cerns of


life.' When therefore 40 man saith, “ I know that Messiah the Samaritans were come to him,

is coming; when he is come, he they entreated him to stay with 26 will tell us all things.” Jesus saith them, and he staid two days. And 41 . unto her, " I who talk with thee many more believed because of his

own words to them, and said unto 42 27 At this time his disciples came, the woman, “ We no longer be

and wondered that he was talking lieve because of thy report, for we with a woman; but no one said, ourselves have heard him, and

“ What dost thou want! Or why are persuaded that this is indeed 28 art thou talking with her?” The the Christ, the Saviour of the

woman then left her waterpot, and world.” went into the city, and said to the Now after those two days he 43 29 inhabitants, “ Come see a man left that place, and went into Ga- Jesus re

who hath told me some of the prin- lilee, but not to Nazareth ; for turns into 30 cipal concerns of my life. Is this Jesus himself declared that a pro

the Christ?” Then they went out phet hath no honour in his own 44

of the city on their way to him. country. So when he was come 45 31 In the mean time his disciples into Galilee, the Galileans received

besought him, saying, “ Master, him, having seen all the things 32 eat." But he said unto them, “í which he did at Jerusalem at the



am he.”


* Gerizim.

4 Barley harvest was in March or April ; * A knowledge of the way to serve God it must therefore have been winter now. acceptably.

Meaning the people of Samaria. 3. With the pure and spiritual worship of 6 He speaks indirectly and humbly of devout prayer, and with true and solid himself. piety.

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nobleman's son,

the Jews

CHAP. feast ; for they had also gone to the well ?" The infirm man answered, CHAP. feast.

“ Sir, I have no man when the 46 So Jesus came again to Cana of water is 'agitated, to put me into Cures a

Galilee, where he had made the the bath ; and while I am coming,
water wine; and a certain noble- another getteth down before me.

man whose son was sick ar Caper- Jesus saith unto him. "Arise, 8
47 naum, hearing that Jesus was take up thy bed and walk;" and im- 9

come out of Judea into Galilee, mediately the man was made well,
went to him, and asked him to go and took up his couch and walked:

down and cure his son who was at Now that day was the Sabbath. 10
43 the point of death. Then said The Jews therefore said to him for which
Jesus unto him, “ Unless ye see that was cured, “ It is the Sabbath,

persecuted signs and wonders can ve not be- it is not lawful for thee to take up him. 49 lieve?” The nobleman said, “Sir, thy couch.” He answered them, 11

come down before my child is “ He who made me well, said 50 dead." Jesus saith unto him, unto me, • Take up thy couch

** Go hoine, thy son is well.” and walk;'. But he that was cured 13

And the man believed the words of knew not who it was, for Jesus 51 Jesus, and was going home. And had conveyed himself away unob

as he was on his way, his servants served, a multitude being in that

met him, and told him, saying, place. Afterward Jesus meeteth 14 52" Thy son is well.” Then he with him in the temple, and said

enquired of them the exact time unto him, “ Behold thou art made
when he began to amend, and well: sin no more,

they said unto him, “ Yesterday thing befall thee.” The man went 15

at the seventh hour the fever left and told the Jews that it was Jesus, 53 him.' So the father knew it to who had made him well; and

be the very hour, when Jesus said therefore the Jews persecuted Jesus, 16 54 unto him, " Thy son is well.' because he had done these things

And himself believed, and all his on the Sabbath. But Jesus said 17 family. This 'second miracle Je- unto them “ As my Father worketh sus did on his return from Judea continually in governing and preinto Galilee.

serving the world, and in the diCHAP.

After this there was a festival of rection and impulse tehich he has

the Jews, and Jesus went up to given me, I also work.” Where- 18 and an in- Jerusalem. Now there is at Jeru- fore for this the Jews sought the firm min salem at the sheep-gate, a bath more to kill him, because he had barh,

called Bethesda, (the house of mer- not only broken the Sabbath, but 3 cy) having five porches. In them also called God his Father, making

lay a multitude of infirm persons, himself like unto God. 5 of blind, lame, withered. And Then Jesus said unto them, 19 a certain man was there who had Verily, verily, I say unto you,

an infirmity thirty and eight years, the son can do nothing of himself, culous
6 When Jesus saw him lying, and he can do nothing but what he power to

knew that he had been now a long seeth the Father do; for what things
time afflicted, he saith unto him, the Father doeth, these the son
* Dost thou desire to be made also doeth in like manner; for the

some worse



He refers his mira


2.7. The second which is related at length as it was probably a mineral water, might
in this gospel.

be supposed to render it more efficacious to
? By bubbling up from the bottom, which, 1 cure the afflicted.


CHAP. Father loveth the son, and showeth | but the will of him who sent me. CHAP. V.

V. him whatsoever he doeth himself; Though I bear testimony to myself, 20 and he will show him greater is not this testimony true? There 32

works than these which you have is however another who testifieth

already seen, so as to make you of me, and I am fully persuaded 21 wonder. For as the Father raiseth that the testimony which he bear

those who are dead in trespasses eth is true. Ye sent to John, and 33
and sins, and giveth them life by he gave his testimony to the truth.
the means which he uses for their Yet I require not testimony 34

recovery, so the son giveth life to from 'men, but I say these things 22 whom he pleaseth. Nor indeed that; yielding to the testimony of

doth the Father judge any one, but John, ye might be saved. He was 35
hath wholly given this privilege a burning and a shining lamp;
of exercising judgment to the son, but ye chose to rejoice for a mo-

that all, as they honour the Father ment only in his light. But I have 36 23 so they may honour the

son. stronger testimony than that of He who refuseth honour to the John; for the works which the son,

refuseth honour to the Father hath given me to perform, 24 Father, who sent him. Verily, these very works which I do, testify

verily, I say unto you, he that hear-of me, that the Father sent me, 37
keneth to my words, and believeth so that the Father himself who
in him who sent me, hath the sure sent me beareth testimony to me.
prospect of everlasting life, and But ye have neither listened to his 38
shall not come into condemnation, voice at any time, nor seen his

as he has passed from death to life. form, nor have his word abiding 25 Verily, verily, I say unto you a in you, so as to work conviction

time is coming, and now is not in your minds ; for ye believe not
får off, when the spiritually dead him whom he hath sent.
will hear the voice of the son of " Ye search the scriptures, be- 39
God, speaking by the holy spirit cause ye think ye have in them Cause of

sent down upon his apostles, and eternal life, and though they testify unbeliet 26 they that listen shall live. For as of me, ye are not willing to 40

the Father has in himself the power come to me that ye may have
of giving spiritual life, so hath life. I court no: honour from 41

he given to the son also to have men; but I know you, that ye 42 27 life in himself; and hath given him have not the love of God in you.

authority to execute judginent also, I am come in my Father's name, 43 28 though he is a son of man. Won- but


do not receive me ; if anoder not at this, for a time is com-ther shall come in his own name,

ing when all that are in the tombs him ye will receive. . How can ye 44 29 shall hear his voice ; and they that believe, who receive honour froin

have done good shall come forth one another, but seek not the ho-
to a resurrection of life; but they nour which cometh from the only
who have done evil to a resurrec-God. Do ye think that I shall ac- 45
tion of punishment.

cuse you to the Father? Ye have Proofs of “I can do nothing of myself; as an accuser, even Moses on whom Gen. xii. 3. besos being I hear 1 judge, and my judgment ye trust, 'since had ye believed Deut

. 23 fiab.

is just, for I seek not my own will, Muses, ye would have believed ine; 18.

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In compliance with, and submission to which he acts. the will of God.

3 The form of God is a strong figure for On account of the divine authority from puity and holiness of character.


CHAP. for he wrote of me. But if ye be- When Jesus therefore perceived CHAP. V.

VI. lieve not his writings, how will ye that they were going to take him believe my words ?"

by force, and make him a king, he Jesus CHAP. After these things Jesus went withdrew again to a mountain walking on

; away by the side of the lake of Ga- by hiinself. Now in the evening Five thou- lilee, which is the lake of Tiberius, his disciples went down to the lake, 16 sand red. and a great multitude followed him, and getting into a vessel, sailed

2 because they saw the miracles along the lake towards Capernaum; 17

which he did on those who were and it was at this time dark, but
3 diseased; and Jesus 'went up a Jesus had not come to them, and 18

mountain, and sat there with his the lake began to swell from a great
4 disciples. Now the passover, a wind that blew. So when they had 19

festival of the Jews, was nigh. been driven about twenty-five or
.5 Jesus then lifting up his eyes and thirty furlongs, they saw Jesus

beholding a great multitude com- walking on the lake, near the ves-
ing towards him, saith unto Philip, sel, and they were afraid. But 20
“ Whence shall we buy bread that he saith unto them, “ It is . Be
6 these may eat?” This he said to not afraid.” Then they were glad 21

try him; for he had determined to receive him into the vessel, and
7 what to do. Philip answered him, in a very short time the vessel was

“ Bread worth two hundred denarii at the land, whither they were gois not sufficient for them, that every ing. one of them may have a little.” The day following, the multitude 22 8 One of his disciples, Andrew, which had been by the lake side, is eagerly

followed Simon Peter's brother, saith unto having seen that no other vessel

by the mul. 9 him, “ There is a lad here that was there, except that one, into titude, and

bath five barley loaves and two which the disciples had entered, why ;

small fishes, but what are these and that Jesus had not gone with
10 among so many ?” Jesus however them into the vessel, (though other 23

said, “ Make the men sit down,” vessels of Tiberias had coi ne nigh
(for there was much grass in the the place where the bread was eaten,

place). So the men sat down in over which the Lord had given
il number about five thonsand. Then thanks) and that neither Jesus nor

Jesus took the loaves, and after his disciples were there, they got 24
giving thanks, distributed them to into some vessels, and went to-
the disciples, and the disciples towards Capernaum, in search of
the people, and likewise of the Jesus ; and when they had found 25

fishes, as much as they chose. him further on by the side of the
12 And when they were satisfied, he lake, they said unto him, “ Mas-

. saith to his disciples,“ Gather toge- ter, when didst thou come hither?”

ther the remaining fragments, that Jesus answered, “Verily, verily, 26
13 nothing be lost.” So they gathered I say unto you, ye seek me not be-

them together, and filled twelve cause ye saw miracles, but because
panniers with the fragments of the ye ate of the loaves and were filled.

five barley loaves, which remained Work not so much for the food 27
14 to those that had eaten. When which perisheth, as for the food

these men, therefore, saw the mi- which endureth to everlasting life,
racle which Jesus had done, they which the son of man will give
said, “ This is in truth that pro- you; for to him hath the Father,
pbet that was to come into the even God', ser bis seal.”

Then they said unto him,"What 28

i Confirmed and established his divine mission.

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