CHAP, this ointment which is worth three risees said among themselves, CHAP.

hundred denarii, sold and given to “ Perceive ye that ye prevail
6 the poor?” Now he said this, nothing? Behold! the world is gone

not because he cared for the poor, | after him.”
but because he was a thief, and And there were some · Greeks 20

kept the purse, and used to steal | among those that had come up to Some 7 what was put in it. Then said worship at the festival. These

" Jews desire Jesus : " Let her alone; she hath came to Philip, who was of Beth- to see. kept the ointment for this day, to saida in Galilee, and asked him, Jesus s'embalm me. For ye have the saying, “ Sir, we wish to see poor always with you, but me ye Jesus,” Philip cometh, and tel- 22 have not always."

leth Andrew, and again Andrew 9 Now the Jews, knowing that and Philip tell Jesus. And Jesus 23 People are Jesus was there, came in great answered, “ The hour is approachtager to Lazarus numbers ; not because of Jesus ing for the son of man to be glori- .

only, but to see Lazarus whom he fied after his sufferings and 10 had raised from the dead. But the death. Verily, verily, I say unto 24

chief priests had determined to kill you, unless Sthis grain of wheat 11 Lazarus also ; for many of the die when it hath fallen into the

Jews withdrew from them, and be-ground, it remaineth but a single
lieved in Jesus.

grain ; but if it die, it bringeth 12 On the next day, a great mul. forth much fruit. He who loveth 25 . rideth into

...titude which had come to the festi- his life, so as to do any thing wrong Jerusalem. val, hearing that Jesus was coming to preserve it, shall lose it; but he

towards Jerusalem, took branches who disregardeth his life in this 13 of palm trees, and went out to meet world, when his duty requires it,

him ; and cried, saying, “ Ho- will preserve it unto life eternal. If 26
sanna! Blessed be he, who cometh any one will serve me, let him fol-

in the name of the Lord ! the king low me, and where I am, there . | 14 of Israel !” And Jesus having | | let my servant be; and if any one

procured an ass, sat upon it; as it serve me, my Father will reward 15 is written : “ Fear not, daughter | him.

of Sion! behold, thy king cometh, « Now is my soul “ troubled ; 27 16 sitting on an ass's colt.” Now these yet how shall I say, · Father, save Jesus forethings his disciples undersood not me from this hour,' when I am tell

sufferings. at first; but after Jesus was glori- come for this cause, for the sake of fied they called to mind, that these this very hour. • Father! glorify 23 things were written of him, and thy name !' Upon this a voice came had been done unto him.

from heaven : “ I have both glo17 Now the multitude which was rified it, and will glorify it again.” Season with Jesus there, testified that he Now when the multitude that was 29 why the eople

called Lazarus out of the tomb and there heard it, some said, “ It net and raised him from the dead. For this thundered :” others said, " An aluted cause the multitude went to meet angel spake to him.” Jesus said, 30

hiin, having heard that he had “ This voice came not because of 19 done this miracle. Then the Pha- me, but for your sakes. Now will 31

telleth his

I Meaning that it might be considered as which cannot spring up and encrease, unless answering that purpose; not that she so in- ic be put in the ground, and great part of is tended it.

waste and die. • See vii. 35, and Note.

* At the prospect of his sufferings. 3 Comparing himself to a grain of wheat, l.

CHAP. this world pass sentence ; now will- knowledge him, that they might CHAP. XL thc 'ruler of this world be scorn- not be forbidden the synagogue ; Xih

fully rejected : and after I have for they loved the praise of men 43 32 been lifted up from the ground, more than the praise of God.

I shall draw all even to myself;"! But Jesus ? had cried out, and 44 33 (now by this he meant to signify said, “ He who believeth in me. To believe the death by which he was going to believeth not so much in me as in in Jesus is

a duty ow34 die.) The multitude answered, him who sent me; and he who ing to como

66 We have heard out of the law, seeth me, seeth 'him that sent me. that Christ continueth for ever, I am come a light into the world, 46 why dost thou say then, that the that whosoever believeth in me

son of man will be lifted up? Who may not continue in darkness. 35 is this son of man?" Then said And if any one listen not to my 47

Jesus unto them, “ But a little words, nor believe them, I judge time longer the light is with you ; him 'not (for I came not to judge whilst ye have the light, walk in it, the world, but to save the world.) lest darkness come upon you ; for He who rejecteth me, and receiv. 48

he who walketh in darkness know-eth not my words, hath that which 36 eth not whither be is going. Whilst judgeth him; the doctrime which I

ye have the light, trust in the light, have spoken will judge him in the

that ye may be the sons of light." last day. For I have not spoken 49 Few be. After Jesus had spoken these from myself; but the Fatlıer who Christ, and

d things, he went away, and with sent me gave me instruction what

drew himself from them. But I should command, and what timid. though he had done so many mi. I should teach. And I know 50

racles in their sight, the greater that this instruction is the source 38 part did not believe in him. So of everlasting life: whatsoever,

that the substance of these words therefore, I speak, I speak it acIsaiah, of Isaiah the prophet was fulfilled, cording to the commandment

" Lord, who hath believed our re- which my Father gave me.”.

port, and to whom hath the arm of Now Jesus knew before the fes. CHAP. 39 the Lord been manifested?” And tival of the passover, that the time Xlll.

of their unwillingness to believe, I was come for him to depart from Jesus Isaiah had spoken in another place, this world to the Father, and hay-washeth

and nay, his diciples' 40 to this purport, “ He (God) suffering loved his own, who were with feet.

ed them to blind their eyes, and him in the world, he showed his Isaiah, darken their heart, so that they love for them at the last. So when 2

saw not with their eyes, nor under supper-time was come, (the devil

stood with their heart, nor turned, having already put into the heart of 41 that I might heal them.” These Judas Iscariot, to deliver him up)

things Isaiah said when he saw the knowing that the Father had given 3

glory of God and spake of him. all things into his hands, and that
42 Nevertheless, many even of the as he Ocame from God, he was go-

rulers believed in Jesus; but because ing to God, he arose from supper, 4
of the Pharisees, they did not ac- and laying aside his upper gar-

lievers in




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vi. 6.

• Meaning himself.

leave him to the judgment of the last day.
· On some former occasion when timid 5 He was led on by his vicious disposi-
rulers who suppressed their belief in him tion,
were present.

6 Jesus came from God, as John the
3 Seeth a display of his goodness, wisdom, Baptist was sent from God, by virtue of his
and power.

divine commission. . I execute no sentence on him now, but

mid des

CHAP. ment, took a towel, and girt him- bread with me hath lifted up his CHAP. XIII. • self with it. After this he poureth heel against me." I tell you before ! 5 water into a bason, and began to this cometh to pass, that when it

wash the feet of his disciples, and is come to pass, ye may believe
to wipe them with the towel with that I am he, Verily, verily, I say 20
which he had girded himself. unto you, whoso receiveth him
6 When he cometh to Simon Peter, whom I send, receiveth me; and

Simon saith unto him, “ Master, whoso receiveth me, receiveth him
art thou going to wash my feet." | that sent me.”
7 Jesus answered, “ Thou knowest After Jesus had said these things, 21

not the esign of what I am doing he was troubled within himself, and Informs · now, but thou will know, when I declared, saying, “ Verily, verily, wo

* John who 8 have done." Peter saith unto I say unto you, one of you will de- liver him him, “ Thou shall never wash my I liver me up.” Then the disciples up. feet.” Jesus answered, “ If I looked on one another, doubting of wash thee not, thou hast no part whom he spake. Now that disciple 23 9 with me." Simon Peter saith unto whom Jesus loved had placed himhim, “ Master, not my feet only, self at the bosom of Jesus; to him, 24

but my hands also, and my head.” therefore, Simon Peter beckoned, 10 Jesus saith unto him, " He who that he should ask Jesus whom he

' hath bathed himself needeth only meant. Then he who was placed 25
to wash his Sfeet, because he is at the bosom of Jesus, saith unto

clean all over; so are ye clean, him, " "Master, which is it?”
li but not all of you.. For he knew Jesus answereth, " It is he to 26

who was going to deliver him up; whom I shall give the piece that I
therefore he said, “ Ye are not all am going to dip.” Then he dipt

in the piece, and gave it to Judas
12 So, after washing their feet, and Iscariot, the son of Simon. And 27
borom . putting on his garments, he saith after receiving the piece, Satan en-
Liv and unto them, “ Consider what I have tered into him. Then saith Jesus
ndescen- been doing for you. Ye call me unto him, " What thou meanest
... Teacher, and Master! and ye say to do, do immediately.” (Now
14 well; for so I am. Ifl, then, your no one at the table except John, 28

Master and Teacher, have washed knew for what he said this unto 15 your feet; ye ought also to wash him. Some thought, that as Judas 29

one another's feet; for I have given kept the purse, Jesus had said to

you an example, that ye may do him, “ Buy what we want for the 16 as I have done unto you. Verily, festival ;' or had told him to give

verily, I say unto you, a servant is something to the poor.) Accord- 30
not greater than his master, nor an ingly as soon as he received the

apostle greater than he who sent piece, he went out ; and it was 17 him. If ye know these things, night. 18 happy are ye if ye do them. I So when he was gone out, Jesus Mutual speak not of you all, I know whom saith, “ Now hath the son of man ove strict,

an ly enjoined I have chosen ; but so the scrip-| been glorified, and God been glo- upon the ..

ture is fulfilled, “ He that eateih rified in him, since God hath been disciples.

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Purify thee by my doctrine and ex-

* Heartily and sincerely embraced my re-
° Guard against such sins as his peculiar

temper, or the infirmity of his nature, may
be likely to draw him into.

John asked, and Jesus replied in a low



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CHAP. glorified in him, he will also receive , Jesus saith unto him, “ I am the CHAP.

glory of 'himself from God, and way of truth and life; no one 33 will immediately receive it. Little cometh to the Father, but through

children, but a little time longer me. If ye had known me, ye 7
shall I be with you. Ye will seek I would have known my Father
me, and as I told the Jews, I tell also ; and ye very soon will know

you also, whither I am going, ye him, and see him." Philip saith 8
34 ye cannot come. Now I give unto him, “ Master, show us the

a new commandment to you about Father, and we will be satisfied.”

loving one another; that as I loved Jesus saith unto him, “ Have 19.
35 you, ye also love one another. By been so long with you, and dost

this will all men know that ye are thou not know me, Philip? He
my disciples, if ye have love to who seeth me, seeth the Father ! 10
one another.'

Why then dost thou say, show 36 Simon Peter saith unto him, us the Father ? Believest thou Peter's de: “ Master, “ Whither art thou go- not that I am in the Father, and re- ing?” Jesus answered, “Whither the Father in me; the words

I am going, thou can'st not accom- which I speak to you, I speak

pany me now, but thou wilt fol- not from myself, but my Father 37 low me afterwards." Peter saith speaketh them ; the works alsu

unto him, 66 Master, why cannot which I perform, the Father,

I go with thee now? I will lay who is in me, doeth. Believe me, il
38 down my life for thy sake.” Jesus when I say that I am in the

answered, “ Wilt thou lay down Father, and the Father in me:
thy life for my sake? Verily, ve-if not, believe me for the sake
rily, I say unto thee, the cock of the works themselves. Ve-12
will not crow, until thou hast de rily, I say unto you, he who

nied me thrice." To believeth on me will not only CHAP. 466 Let not your heart be trou-do these works which I do,

*. bled at the mention of my death. but will do 7 greater works than Jesus com- Believe in God; believe in me these, because I am going to my 13 forts his disciples; a

also. In my Father's house are Father; and 8 whatsoever ye ask
many mansions, for his different in my name, that I will do. What. 14
3 servants. Behold! I tell you, Isoever I say ye shall ask in my

am going to prepare a place for name, so that the Father may be
you; and when I have been to pre-glorified in the son, I will do it.
pare a place for you, I will 5 come “ If ye love me, keep my com- 15
again, and receive you to myself; mandments; and I will ask the Fa- by promises
that where I am ye may be also. ther, and he will give you another of

4 And whither I am going ye know ; advocate to continue with you for
5 and the way ye know." Thomas life; even the spirit of truth, whom 17

saith unto him, 66 Master, we the world will not receive, because
know not whither thou art going; it discerneth him not, nor knoweth
and how can we know the way?" him; but ye will know him, because

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e for you, I will myself; mandmen he will give you

• In his own person.

1 6 In a clear and striking manifestation of
By the proofs attending his death, of his power and goodness, in the extraordinary
his being the son of God, or the true Messiah. gifts of his spirit.
3 At present.

? Miracles that will enable you to make
4 Chapters xiv. xv. xvi. are addressed a much greater number of converts than I
to the eleven apostles. Judas Iscariot was have done.
not present.

8 Such gifts of the spirit as God gave
S'In the descent of the holy spirit. Christ the power of bestowing.


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a little

no longer i live, and thate will be the benes

20 cern thater discerish the

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nion be

again and again.

CHAP. he will abide with you, and be in when it is come to pass, ye may be- CHAP.

you. I will not leave you orphans, | lieve. I will not say much more *'. 18 I will come unto you in a little unto you now, for the ruler of this 30 19 time; and though the world will world is coming, and I have no

no longer discern me, ye will dis- thing now to do ; but to convince 31

cern that I live, and that ye will the world by my death, that I love 20 live also. In that day ye will be the Father, and do as he command

convinced that I am in my Father, ed me. · Arise ; let us go hence. 21 and ye in me, and I in you. Who 16 I am the true vine, and my Fa- CHAP.

so hath my commandments, and ther is the husbandman. Every
keepeth them, he it is who loveth branch of mine which beareth no The close
me; and he who loveth me, will be fruit, he will take away ; but every

tween loved by my Father, and I will love branch which beareth fruit he will Christ, and

him, and manifest myself to him." prune, that it may bear more fruit. his dis22 Judas (not Iscariot) saith unto | Ye are now like pruned branches, Ciples. repeated him, “ Master, how is it that thou because of the words which I have 3

will soon manifest thyself to us, spoken unto you. Continue there-4

and not to the world.” Jesus an- fore in me, and I will continue in 23 swered, “ If any one love me, he you. As the branch cannot bear

will keep my words, and my Father fruit, unless it continue on the vine,
will love him, and we will come so cannot ye, unless ye continue

unto him, and take up our abode in me. I am the vine, ye are the 24 with him. He who loveth me not, branches. He who continueth in 5

keepeth not my words, though in- me, and I in him, the same bear-
deed the word which ye hear is not eth much fruit ; but separated from

mine, but the Father's who sent me, ye can bear no fruit at all, 25 me. Thus far have I spoken to Whosoever continueth not in me, 6

you, whilst I continue with you; I will be thrown away like a wither26 but the holy spirit, the advocate ed branch, and such are gathered

which the Father will send in my together, and cast into a fire to be
name, will teach you all things né- burned. If ye continue in me, and 7
cessary for you to know, and re my words continue in you, whatso-
mind you of whatsoever I have told ever ye shall 4 ask, will be done for

you. This is the will of my Fa-3 27'“ Peace I leave with you, my ther, that ye bear much fruit, and Gives them peace I give unto you ; though I be my disciples. As the Father 9 his bless

give not unto you such peace as the loved me, I also loved you : con

world giveth, let not your heart betinue in my love. By keeping my 10 28 troubled, nor dismayed. Ye heard commandments, ye will continue

what I was saying to you : I am in my love, as I have kept my Fa.
going, but I shall come again unto ther's commandments, and there-
you. If ye loved me, ye would have by continue in his love."
rejoiced at this, because I am going “ These things I have spoken 11
to the Father; for the Father is unto you, that the joy which | Enjoins

j love from 29 greater than I. And now, I tell have of you may continue, and his

you before it come to pass, that that your joy may be complete.example.



* When you receive the spirit of God. his religion to rule, and triumph over great

• Which will appear in the abundance of part of the world.
spiritual gifts which he shall possess.

In the name of Christ, or for the sake
Meaning himself, so called, because of promoting his religion.
by sending down the spirit, he would cause

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