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CHAP. stood up, and raised his voice, and concerning him, “I knew the Lord CHAP,

said unto the people, “ Ye Jews, and to be with me always on my right Peter ex- all who dwell in Jerusalem, con- hand, that I might not be moved, Psalms

sider this and hearken unto my Therefore my heart was glad, and *vi. 8–10 nature of it.

15 words. These men are not drunk- my tongue rejoiced greatly ; my 26

en' as ye suppose, for it is but the body also will rest in hope, that 27 16 third hour of the day; but this thou wilt not leave me in the grave,

is what was spoken by the prophet, nor suffer thy holy one to see corJoel, “ In the last days; saith God, ruption. Thou hast made known 28 ii. 28: : I will pour out my spirit upon to me the ways of life; thou wilt 17 some of all flesh, and your sons, make me full of joy with thy coun

and your daughters will become tenance !” Brethen, I may tell you 29 like prophets, and your young men plainly of the patriarch David, that

will see visions, and your old men he both died, and was buried, and 18 will dream dreams. And even on his tomb is amongst us to this very

my man-servants, and on my maid-day. He therefore being a prophet, 30 servants, in those days will I pour and knowing God to have given

out of my spirit, and they will be him a solemn assurance that of the 19 come like prophets. And I will fruit of his loins he would place

show wonders in the heaven above, successors on his throne; he fore- 31 and signs on the earth beneath, saw this, and spake concerning

blood, and fire, and vapour of the resurrection of Christ, that he 20 smoke. The sun will be turned was not left in the grave, nor did

into darkness, and the moon into his flesh see corruption. This 32 the appearance of blood, before very Christ, even Jesus, hath God

the great and signal 2 day of the restored to life, of which we are all
21 Lord come; and whoever shall witnesses. Therefore being exalt- 33

acknowldge the name of the Lord, ed at the right hand of God, and
he will be preserved.

having received the promise of the 22 Ye men of Israel, hear these holy spirit from the Father, he hath declaring words: Jesus of Nazareth proved i poured it out, the very thing

unto you to be a man from God which ye now see and hear. For 34 ably to the by : miracles, and 4 wonders and David hath not ascended into the promise of Ssigns, which God did by him in heavens, but saith himself, “ JehoChristen the midst of you, as ye yourselves vah said unto my Lord. Sit thou 35

also know; him, being delivered on my right hand until I have made 23 up by the determinate counsel and thine enemies thy footstool."

foreknowledge of God, ye took, Wherefore let all the house of Is- 36

and when ye had mocked, slew by rael know assuredly that God hath
24 the hands of ungodly men; himmade that Jesus, whom ye have

God hath raised up, having loosed crucified, both Lord and Christ.”
the bands of death : because it was Now when they heard this, they Directs that
not possible, consistently with the were pierced to the heart, and said porno

tenor of prophecy, that he should to Peter, and to the rest of the
25 be holden by it. For David saith | apostles, “What must we do, bre-


that it was sent


what to do

I Nine o'clock in the morning. Luke 1 4 Wonders are miracles considered as reckons the hours in the Jewish manner, exciting admiration in those who are witfrom six o'clock in the morning.

nesses of them. & Of the destruction of Jerusalem. I 5 Signs are miracles considered as a pro

3 Miracles are effects contrary to the phetic or divine mission. settled constitution and course of things. 6 The Messiah,

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CHAP. thren?” and Peter said unto them, the temple : who seeing Peter and CHAP.

“Repent, and let every one of you John about to go into the tem- 11
be baptized in the name of Jesus ple, asked alms of them. Then as 4
Christ, for the remission of sins, they both fastened their eyes upon

and ye will receive the gift of the him, Peter said. “ Look on us."
39 holy spirit. For the promise be- And he gave heed to them, expect- 5

longeth to you and your children, ing to receive something from
and all your distant posterity, as them. But Peter said, 66 Silver 6

many as the Lord our God shall and gold I have none; but what I 40 call unto himself.” And with ma-have, I give thee. In the name of

ny other words he testified, and ex- Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up
horted, saying, “ Save yourselves and walk; and he took the man by 7

from this perverse generation.". his right hand, and raised him up, 41 Then they who gladly received and immediately his feet and Great num-this exhortation were baptized; ancle-bones were strengthened, and 8

d. and about three thousand persons leaping up he stood, and walked

were added on that day to the about, and went with them into 42 church. And they stedfastly con- the temple, walking and leaping,

tinued in the doctrine of the apos- and praising God. And all the 9

tles, and in fellowship with the people saw him walking and prais43 apostles and each other, and in ing God; and they recollected that 10

'breaking of bread, and in prayers. it was he, who used so sit for alms
And fear came on every one, and at the Beautiful gate of the temple;

many wonders and signs were done and they were filled with wonder 44 by the apostles. And all who be- and amazement at what had hap

lieved were together, and had all pened unto him. And as he held il 45 things common; and many of Peter and John, all the people ran

them sold their possessions, and together unto them in the porch

substance, and distributed them to which is called s Solomon's, much 46 all, as every one had need : and astonished.

they continued meeting daily with And when Peter saw it, he said 12 one mind in the temple ; and at to the people, “Ye men of Israel, by the home, breaking bread, partook of why wonder ye at this? And why po

food with gladness and singleness look ye earnestly at us, as if by our had from 47 of heart, praising God, and hav- own power or ability we had made Jesus

ing favour with all the people; and this man to walk ? The God of Christ. the Lord added converts daily to the Abraham, and of Isaac, and of 13. church.

Jacob, even the God of our fathers, CHAP. Now Peter and John went up hath glorified his servant Jesus,

together into the temple at the whom ye delivered up and rejected Peter heals hour of prayer, which was the in the presence of Pilate, who had de ninth hour; and a certain man lame determined to release him; but ye re- 14

from his birth, was carried along Ijected that righteous and holy man 2 at the same time, who was placed and desired a murderer, to be grant

daily at that door of the temple, ed unto you, and killed the con- 15 which is called 2-6 Beautiful," to ductor to life, whom God raised ask alms of such as were going into from the dead, of which we are wit

power which he



• In joint partaking of food.

mon's portico, or porch, on account of his From the very beautiful Corinthian having made an addition on that side to the brass of which it was made.

area or flat surface of mount Moriah, on 3. On the east of the temple, called Solo- / which he built the original temple,

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CHAP. unlearned and common men, they , and all things in them, who by the CHAP.

1. wondered ; and they recollected mouth of thy servant David hast ". the name that they had been with Jesus; and said, "Why did nations tumul- Psalm of Jesus. beholding the man that had been tuously conspire together, and the ". T

14 restored, standing with them, they people form vain designs ? why did 26
15 had nothing to object. But when kings of the earth, and rulers, com-

they had commanded them to with- bine against the Lord, and against
draw out of the council, they con- his anointed?' for truly against thy 27

ferred among themselves, saying, holy servant Jesus, whom thou 16" What can we do with these didst anoint, both Herod, and

men? for indeed that a public Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles,
miracle hath been wrought by them and people of Israel, were gathered
is known to all the inhabitants of together in this city, to do whatso- 28

Jerusalem, and we cannot deny it; ever thy 'hand, and thy counsel 17 but that this matter spread itself had before appointed to be done.

no further among the people, let Now therefore, Lord, look upon 29 . us strictly threaten them that these their threats, and grant unto

henceforth they speak to no man thy servants, that with all freedom 18 in this name.” So they called the they may speak thy word, by ex- 30

apostles, and charged them noterting thy power to heal, and by

to speak at all, nor teach in the the doing of signs and wonders, 19 name of Jesus. But Peter and through the name of thy holy ser

John answered, “ Whether it be vant Jesus."
right in the sight of God to hear. And when they had prayed, the 31

ken unto you rather than unto place was shaken in which they she dis. 20 God, judge ye; for we cannot pre- were asseinbled, and they were all cip

vail upon ourselves not to declare filled with a holy spirit, and spake joint stock 21 what we saw and heard.” So the word of God with freedom. of their when they had further threatened | And the multitude of those who be- property

and use it them, they let them go, not being

lieved were of one heart, and of in common. able to punish them in any way, one soul; nor did any of them say because of the people, who all gló that aught of the things which he

rified God because of what had possessed was his own, but they
22 been done. For the man was more had all things common. And the 33

than forty years old, on whom apostles delivered with great powerof
this miracle of curing had been words, and miracles, the testimony

of the resurrection of the Lord
23 Then the apostles, being thus at Jesus; and there was great favour
being dis- liberty, went away, and came to towards them all. Nor was any 34
hey betake their own friends, and reported one among them in want; for as
themselves all that the chief priests and the el. many as were possessors of lands
soprayer, ders had said unto them. And or houses 'sold them, and brought

24 upon hearing this, the company the prices of the things which were

lifted up their voice with one mind sold, and laid them down at the
unto God, and said: " Sɔvereign apostles' feet; and the distribution 35
Master, 1hou God, the maker of the was made to every one according
heaven, and the earth, and the sea, as he had need. And Joscs, sur- 36


I Thy power and thy counsel, or thy 1 powerful counsel.

• So as to dispose of it in any other way than for the benefit of his fellow Christians.

3 This conduct shows at ance the benevolence of the Christians, and their belief in the assurances of Christ respecting the destruction of Jerusalem.

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CHAP. named Barnabas, by the apostles, upon all the church, and upon all CHAP. WV. (which means a son of comfort) as that heard these things.

a Levite, a native of Cyprus, hav-1 Moreover, they were all with 12 37 ing land, sold it, and brought the one mind in Solomon's porch. The aposmoney and laid it at the feet of the And after this no one dared to tles are

ry highly apostles.

join himself to them, but the esteemed CHAP. But a certain man named Ana- people greatly esteemed them; and by the

• nias, with Sapphira his wife, sold believers in the Lord were conti- people, History of a possession, and kept back part of nually added more and more, mul- 14 Ananias the price, his wife also being privy titudes of both men and women.

to it, and brought a certain part, And by the hands of the apostles
and laid it at the feet of the apos- were many signs and wonders
3 tles. Then Peter said, “ Ananias, wrought among the people, so that, 15

why hath Satan filled thy heart to in every street, they brought forth
deceive the holy spirit, and to the sick, and laid them on couches
keep back part of the price of the and beds, that even- the shadow
4 land ? Whilst it remained, was it of Peter passing by might fall upon

not thine own? and when sold, was some of them. A multitude like- 16
not the money in thine ownpower? wise out of the cities round about .
Why didst thou determine this came to Jerusalem, bringing sick
thing in thy heart? Thou hast not people, and those that were vexed
lied unto men only, but unto God with unclean spirits, and they were
5 also.Now when Ananias heard all cured.
these words, he fell down and ex- Then the high priest rose up, 17

pired; and great fear came upon and all those wno were with him, but again 6 all that heard these things. Then (which was the sect of the Sad-1

by the the younger disciples arose, and ducees) and were filled with indig- rulers, wound him up in burial clothes, nation, and laid hands on the apos- 18 and carried him out and buried tles, and put them in the common him.

prison. But an angel of the Lord in 19 7 And about three hours after, his the night opened the prison-doors, and Sap- wife also, not knowing what had and when he had brought them out, phira.

happened, came in; and Peter said, “ Go, stand and speak in the 20 8 said unto her, “ Tell me, did ye temple all these words of eternal sell the land for no more?” And life to the people.” And upon hear- 21

she said, “ Indeed, for no more.”|ing this they went into the temple 9 Then Peter said, “ Why have ye early in the morning, and taught.

agreed together to try the spirit of Then the high priest came, and and brought the Lord? Behold! the feet of those that were with him, and called be

"them, after them, who have buried thy hus- together the council, and all the having

band are at the door, and will elders of the children of Israel, and been mire10 carry thee out.” So she fell down sent to the prison that the apostles al

1 released. immediately at his feet, and ex- might be brought. But when the pired ; and when the young men officers came, they found them not 22 came in, they found her dead, and in the prison, and going back, re

carried her out and buried her with ported, saying, “ We found in- 23 11 her husband. And great fear came deed the prison shut with all safety,



1 That is, men possessing the holy people had of the power of the apostles. It

is not said that any were cured by the shaInsincerely,

dow of Peter falling upon them.' 3 So great was the opinion which the

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