CHAP. and the keepers standing on the junto the council, “ Ye men of Is- CHAP.

outside before the doors, but on rael, take care of what ye are going V.

opening them, we found no one to do against these men. For not 35 24 within.” Now when the high long ago, ? Theudas rose up, pre- 36

priest, and the captain of the tem- tending to be some great person ;
ple, and the chief priests, heard to whom about four hundred men
these words, they were in doubt joined themselves; but he was

concerning them, how this matter slain, and all that had been per-'. 25 could be. Then one came and suaded by him were scattered

told them, “ Behold! the men abroad, and came to nothing.
whom ye put in prison are stand- After this man rose up Judas, of 37

ing in the temple, and teaching the Galilee, in the days of the register26 people." Upon which the cap-ing, and drew aside much people

tain, with the officers, went and after him; he also perished, and
brought them, but without vio- all that had been persuaded by him
lence, for they were afraid of being were dispersed. Now I say unto 38
stoned by the people, and set them you, Refrain from these men, and
before the council.

let them go on : for if the con27 Then the high priest asked them, trivance of this business be of men, They nobly saying, “ Did we not strictly for- it will be destroyed; but if it be persist in

ty bid you to teach in this name? of God, ye will be unable to de- 39

and behold! ye have filled Jerusa- stroy it; and may be found also
lem with your doctrine, and wish to be fighters against God.” So 40

to bring this man's 'blood on us.” | they followed his advice; and after 29 Then Peter and the other apostles calling the apostles up and beating

answered, “ We ought to obey them, charged them not to speak 30 God rather than men. That Jesus about the name of Jesus, and let

who was raised up by the God of them go. And they went accord- 41

our fathers, whom your hands slew ingly from the presence of the 31 by hanging him on a cross, that council, rejoicing that they were

same Jesus God hath exalted to thought worthy to be shamefully
his right hand, to be a Leader and treated for the name of Jesus.
a Saviour, to give unto Israel the And daily in the temple, and at 42

strongest encouragement to repent-home, they ceased not to teach and 32 ance, and forgiveness of sins. And to preach the glad tidings that Jesus

we are his witnesses of these things; was the Christ.
as is also the holy spirit which God Now, in those days, as the dis- CHAP.

VI. hath given to them who obey him.”'ciples multiplied, the Grecian Jews 33 Now when they heard this, they complained against the Hebrews, Seven pero Camaliel were cut to the heart, and consult that their widows were neglected leads in

pointed to hei: fa.

ed to kill the apostles. But there in the daily distribution of alms. distribute stood up in the council, a Pharisee, Upon this the twelve called the alms.

named Gamaliel, a teacher of the whole company of the disciples 2 34 law, of great reputation with all unto them, and said, “ It is not

the people, and bidding the apos-proper that we should leave the
tles to stay without a little, said word of God, and minister to the


1 By provoking the people to revenge on dius.
us the death of Jesus.

3 About the tenth year of Archelaus's
• There were probably two impostors of reign, A. D. 1.
this name, one before Judas of Galilee, soon + As many as could conveniently be as-
after Herod's death, while Archelaus was sembled and addressed.
at Rome; and another in the reign of Clau-


CHAP. tables of the poor. Wherefore, Nazareth will destroy this very CHAP. V. brethren, look out for yourselves, place, and change the customs

3 seven men from among you, of which Moses delivered unto us."

good report, full of a spirit of wis- | And all who were sitting in the 15
dom, whom ye may set over this council looked stedfastly at him,
4 business; but we will stedfastly and saw his face like the face of an

continue in prayer, and in the angel.
5 ministry of the word.” And this! Then the high priest said, “ Are CHAP.
advice pleased the whole multitude, these things so ?" And Stephen Villa
and they chose out Stephen, a said, “Brethren and fathers, heark- His speech

before the
man full of faith and of a holy spirit, en. The God of glory appeared be
and Philip, and Prochorus, and Ni-unto our father Abraham, when he
canor, and Timon, and Parmenas, was in Mesopotamia, before he
and Nicolas, a proselyte of An- dwelt in Haran, and said unto
6 tioch; these they presented before him, ' Go from thine own coun-3

the apostles, who prayed, and put try, and from thine own kindred, 7 their hands on them. And the and come into a land, which I will word of God increased ; and the show thee.' So he left the land of do number of the disciples greatly mul- the Chaldeans, and dwelt in Hatiplied in Jerusalem ; and a great ran, whence also, after his father's number of the priests became obe- 'death, God removed him into this dient to the faith.

very land in which ye now dwell, 5 .8 Now Stephen, full of the divine but he gave him no inheritance in History of favour and power, did great won-it; not even so much as to set his Stephen. ders and signs among the people. foot on: yet he promised the pos

9 And some of the synagogue of the session of it to him, and his poste-
· Libertines, and Cyrenians, and rity, though he had no child. Now 6
Alexandrians, and they of Cilicia God spake thus unto him, " Thy

and Asia, rose up to dispute with posterity will sojourn in a strange
10 Stephen; but they were not able to land, under bondage and ill treat-

resist the wisdom and spirit by ment, 4 four hundred years ; but 7 11 which he spoke. Then they the nation to which they will be in

suborned men to say, We have bondage, I will punish said God.
heard him speak wicked words And after that, they shall come

against Moses, and against God;" forth, and worship me in this
12 and they stirred up the people, and place.

the elders, and the scribes, and “ And God gave him a covenant 8 these came suddenly upon him, and of circumcision ; and accordingly,

brought him to the council, and Abraham begat Isaac, and circum13 set up false witnesses, who said, cised him on the eighth day; and

" This inan ceaseth not to speak Isaac begat Jacob; and Jacob

wicked words against this holy begat the twelve patriarchs. And 9 14 place, and the law; for we have the patriarchs, through envy, sold

heard him say that this Jesus of Joseph into Egypt ; but God was 10

Appointing them by this form to the 145 years. office of almoners.

+ 190 years in Canaan, reckoning from • Jews, who had been carried captives the birth of Isaac, and 215 in Egypt, or into Italy, and had been made free by the 405 years in all, for which the round numRomans, or were the sons of such. A b er 400 is here used. In Exodus xii, 40,

3 To reconcile this with the history in 25 years previous to the birth of Isaac are Genesis, we must adopt the Samaritan read-included, making 430 years. ing, which makes Terah to have lived only



CHAP. with him, and delivered him out of thren, the children of Israel, came CHAP.

all his troubles, and gave him favour into his heart ; and seeing one of
and wisdom, before Pharoah, king them suffer wrong he assisted him, 24
of Egypt, who made him gover- and avenged him, when he was

nor of Egypt, and of all his own overpowered, by smiting the Egyp-
11 family. Now there came a famine tian. Now, he supposed that his 25

over all the land of Egypt and brethren would have * understood,
Canaan, and great distress, so that that God would give them deliver-

our fathers could find no sustenance by his hand: but they under-
12 ance. But Jacob hearing that there stood not. And the next day he 26

was corn in Egypt, sent out our fa- met with two of his brethren fight13 thers the first time ; and at the se-ling, and endeavoured to reconcile

cond, Joseph was made known to them, saying, “ Sirs ! ye are bre-
his brethren, and the family of thren, why do ye hurt each other?”

Joseph became known to Pharoah. But he who was in the wrong 27 14 Then Joseph sent to fetch his fa- thrust Moses away, saying, “ Who

ther Jacob, and all his kindred, se-made thee a ruler, and a judge over Gen venty persons. So Jacob and our us? Dost thou mean to kill me, 28 Deut. 27. fathers went down to Egypt, and as thou killedst the Egyptian yes

died there, and were carried to terday?” Then Moses fled because 29 16 'Sychem, and laid in the tomb, of these words, and sojourned in

which Jacob bought for a sum of the land of Midian, where he begat
money of the sons of Emmor, the two sons.
father of Sychem.

“Now, after forty years, an an- 30 17 “Now as the time of the pro- gel of the Lord appeared unto him, Exod iit.

mise, which God solemnly made in the desert of Mount Sinai, in a

with Abraham, drew nigh, the peo- flame of fire, in a bush of briers, 18 ple grew, and multiplied in Egypt and when Moses saw it, he won-31

until another king arose, who had dered at the sight; and as he drew 19 not known Joseph. He dealt un- near to observe it well, the voice of

justly with our race, and ill-treated the Lord came to him, saying, 'I 32 our fathers, by making them cast am the God of thy fathers, the

out their young children, that they God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, 20 might not be kept alive. During and the God of Jacob.' Then as

which time Moses was born, a very Moses trembled, and durst not beautiful child, and was brought look, the Lord said unto him, “Pull 33

up for three months in his father's thy shoes off thy feet, for the place . 21 house. And when he was cast out, where thou standest is holy ground.

Pharoah's daughter took him up, I have carefully beheld the afflic- 34

and nourished him for her own tion of my people, that are in 22 son ; and Moses was instructed in Egypt, and have heard their cry

all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and am come down to deliver them;

and was mighty in ” words and in and now come, I will send thee 23 deeds. Now, when he was forty into Egypt.' So this very Moses, 35

years old, a concern for his bre-whom they rejected, saying, Who

1 Some of the sons of Jacob were buried from the promise, Gen. xv. 13, 14, that in Sychem, but Jacob himself was buried in the period of their servitude in Egypt was Hebron, in the cave of Machpela.

expiring, and that the extraordinary manHis words were weighty, but his utter ner in which he had been preserved in his ance difficult and ungraceful, Exod. iv. 10. infancy, marked him out as designed for

3 In the miracles which he wrought. great actions. 'He thought that they might have inferred



CHAP. made thee a ruler, and a judge over of God, who commanded Moses to CHAP.

us?' God sent forth as a ruler, | make it according to the fashion and a deliverer, by the hand of an that he had seen; which also our 45

angel, that appeared to him in the fathers received, and brought in
36 bush. This very man brought out with Joshua, when he possessed

the people, and performed wonders those nations which God drove out
and signs in the land of Egypt, and before the face of our fathers unto

in the red sea, and in the desert the days of David, who found fa37 forty years. This is that Moses, vour in the sight of God; and de- 46

who said unto the children of Is-sired to provide a habitation for the rael, “A prophet, the Lord your God of Jacob; but it was Solo-47 God will raise up from among your mon who built God a house.

brethren, as he raised me. Heark Though indeed the Most High 43 38 en unto him.' This very man was dwelleth not in temples made with ,

amidst the congregation in the de- hands, as the prophet saith, Hea- Isaiah sert with the angel, who spake to ven is my throne, and the earth my *** him on Mount Sinai, and with our footstool; what house will ye build 49

fathers, and received from God the for me, saith the Lord ? or what is · 39 true oracles, to deliver them unto the place of my rest ? hath not my 50

us, whom our fathers refused to hand made all these things ?”
obey, and rejected, and turned back I “ Ye stiff-necked men, of uncir- 51

in their hearts to Egypt, saying cumcised heart and ear! ye always
40 unto Aaron, Make us gods to go resist the holy spirit ; as your fa-

before us ; for as to this Moses who thers did, so do ye. Which of the 59 brought us out of the land of prophets did not your fathers perEgypt, we know not what is be- secute! yea, they slew those who come of him.'

foretold the coming of that righte41 "So they made a calf in those ous man, of whom ye have been the

days, and offered sacrifice to the betrayers and murderers; ye, who 53

image, and rejoiced in the works received the law by the ministration 42 of their own hands. Upon this, of angels, but kept it not.”

God gave them up again to pay re- Now, when they heard these 54 ligious service to the host of hea- things, they were exceedingly en- He is viol ven, as it is written in the book of raged in their hearts, and gnashed henti bel

the prophets, 'Have ye offered to their teeth against him. But he city, and V. 25.

me, o ! house of Israel, only slain being full of a holy spirit, looked stoned.

beasts and sacrifices, these forty stedfastly towards heaven, and saw 55 43 years in the desert ? Nay, but ye a divire brightness, and Jesus at

took up the tent of Moloch, and the right hand of God, and said, the 'star of your god Remphan, " Behold, I see the heavens opened, 56 figures which ye made to worship and the son of man at the right them: therefore I will carry you hand of God.” And as he cried 57 away beyond Damascus, even to with a loud voice, they stopped their Assyria and Media.

ears, and rushed with one accord 44 67 The tabernacle of testimony upon him, and cast him out of the

was among our fathers in the de- city, and stoned him ; and the wit- 58 sert, according to the appointment nesses laid down their upper gar


? Probably the figure of a star fixed on Jews to whom he was then speaking, were the head of an image of a false god

of the same bad disposition, that the worst of • Hence we may infer that the design of their countrymen had been in all past ages. Stephen's speech was to insinuate that the

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