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CHAP of what ye have said may come eunuch saith, “See, here is water, CHAP, VIII.

upon me.” So the apostles, after why may I not be baptized ?" X 25 an earnest appeal, and a declara- | Then he ordered the chariot to 38

tion of the word of God, went back stop, and Philip and the eunuch
to Jerusalem, and in their return both went down into the water, and
preached the gospel in many villa- | Philip baptized him. Now, after 39
ges of the Samaritans.

they came up out of the water, the 26°Now, an angel of the Lord spake spirit of the Lord o took Philip Philip bap- unto Philip, saying, “ Arise, and away, and the eunuch saw him no

go toward the south, to the lonely more, but continued his way reofficer of the queen road, which leadeth down from Je-joicing. So Philip came to Azotus, 40 of Ethi- rusalem to Gaza. And be arose and and preached the gospel in all the opia.

went; when, behold! there was cities which he passed through, 27 an Ethiopian, an ' eunuch of great until he came to Cesarea.

authority under Candace, queen Now Saul, still breathing out CHAP. of the Ethiopians, and entrusted threatning and slaughter against

with all her treasure, and who had the disciples of the Lord, went to Conversion 28 been to worship at Jerusalem ; and the high priest, and desired of him of Sally!

he was returning, and was sitting letters to the synagogues of Damas

in his chariot, reading the prophet cus, that if he found any of this re29 Isaiah. Then the spirit said to ligion, he might bring them bound,

Philip, 6 Go up to that chariot.” both men and women, to Jerusa30 So Philip ran up, and heard him lem. And as he was on the road 3

reading the prophet Isaiah, and near to Damascus, a light from
said unto bim, 66 Dost thou under-heaven suddenly flashed around

stand what thou art reading ?” him; and he fell on the earth, and 4 31 But he answered, “How can I, heard a voice, saying unto him,

except some one direct me?” And“ Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou

he desired Philip to get up and sit me?" Then Saul, said, “ Who 5 32 with him. Now, the part of scrip-art thou, Sir?” and the voice an

ture, which he was reading, was swered, “ I am Jesus, whom thou Isaiah this, "He was led as a sheep to the art persecuting. But rise ap, and 6 lüi. 7.

slaughter, and as a Jamb is dumb go into the city, and it shall be

before its shearer, so he opened not told thee, what thou must do." 33 his mouth. In his humiliation, the Now his fellow-travellers remained 7

just judgment of him was taken speechless, hearing the 3 sound, but
away: and who can describe the seeing no one. Then Saul arose 8
wickedness of his generation? For from the earth, and opened his

his life was cut off from the earth.” eyes, but could see nothing, and
34 Then the eunuch said unto Philip, his companions led him by the

6 I pray thee, of whom doth the hand to Damascus; and he conti-9

prophet say this ? of himself, or of nued without sight three days and 35 some other man?Upon this, three nights, and neither ate, nor

Philip opened his mouth, and be- drank.

gan from this part of scripture to Now, there was a certain disci- 10 36 preachunto him Jesus. Now, as they [ple at Damascus, named Ananias,

were going along the road, they unto whom the Lord had said in a
came to some water, and the vision, “ Ananias ;” and he said,


1 A chamberlain, or some great officer in lip would serve to confirm the eunuch in the
the court of Candace.

• The miraculous disappearance of Phil 3 But not the words, see Acts xxij. 9.

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u and some and enqual of

m Da

CHAP. “Behold, here am I, Lord.” Then chief priests !" But Saul gained CHAP.

the Lord said unto him, “ Arise, confidence more and more, and
11 and go into the street, called confounded the Jews who dwelt at 22

• Straight,' and enquire at the house Damascus, by proving that this
of Judas, for one Saul of Tarsus ; Jesus is the Christ.

for behold! whilst he was praying, And after many days the Jews 23 12 he saw in a vision, a man named took counsel to kill him, and He escapes Ananias come in, and put his watched the gates both day and

"mascus,and hands upon him to restore his night for this purpose. But their is sent by 13 sight." "And Ananias answered, design was known to Saul. Then the apostles

66 Lord, I have heard from many the disciples took him, and let him to Tarsus. about this man, how much evil he | down by the wall at night, in a 25

hath done to thy saints at Jerusa- basket. And when Saul came to 26 14 lem; and he is here with authoritv Jerusalem, he attempted to join

from the chief priests, to bind all himself to the disciples, but they

that call themselves by thy name.” were all afraid of him, not believ-
15 But the Lord said unto him, “Go, ing him to be a disciple. Then 27

for he is a chosen vessel unto me, Barnabas took him, and brought
to bear my name before nations, I him to the apostles, and related to

and kings, and the sons of Israel : them, how he had seen the Lord on 16 for I will give an example in him the road, who had spoken to him :

of what may be endured for my and how boldly he had preached at
pame's sake."

Damascus, in the name of Jesus. 17 Then Ananias departed and en-So he continued in the company of 28

tered into the house, and putting the apostles at Jerusalem ; using 29
his hands on Saul, said, “ Brother great freedom of speech in the name
Saul, the Lord, even Jesus, who of the Lord Jesus, talking and dis-

appeared to thee on the road as puting with the Grecian Jews, but
· thou camest hither, hath sent me they tried to kill him; which when 30

that thou mightest recover thy the brethren knew, they brought

sight, and be filled with the holy him down to Cesarea, and sent him 18 spirit.” And immediately some- |

| away to' Tarsus. Then the church- 31 thing like scales fell from his eyes, es had ? peace throughout all Juand he recovered his sight that dea, and Galilee, and Samaria, and

moment, and arose and was bap- went on multiplying and prosper19 tized : and when he had taken ing, in the fear of the Lord and in food, he was strengthenod.

the support of the holy spirit. ch is Now, when Saul had been in Now, as Peter was passing 32 I diffi- Domocne y be

- Damascus with the disciples some through all the country, he came Peter cures d by days, he declared in the syna- down also to the saints that dwelt åt disci- gogues, that Jesus is the son of at Lydda, where he met with a cer

God; at which all who heard him tain man,named Eneas, who had kept 33 21 were greatly amazed, and said, his bed eight years, being afflicted

“ Is not this he who made havoc with a palsy. 'And Peter said unto 34
at Jerusalem, of those who call him, “ Eneas, Jesus Christ maketh
themselves by this name? and lo!) thee well, arise and make thy bed.”
he is come hither for the purpose And he arose immediately, and all 35
of carrying them bound to the the inhabitants of Lydda and Sa-

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CHAP. ron, who had turned to the Lord, “Thy prayers, and thy alms have CHAP. saw him.

come up for a memorial of thee 36 Moreover, there was among the before God. Now, therefore send 5 and re- disciples at Joppa, a woman named men to Joppa, to fetch Simon, sur

- Tabitha, who was always doing named Peter; he lodgeth with one 6 man at good works and giving alms; and it Simon a tanner, whose house is by Joppa. happened at this time, that she fell the sea. And when the angel who 7

37 sick, and died, and they washed spoke to him, departed, Cornelius

her, and laid her in an upper cham-called two of his household ser

38 ber. Now, Lydda being nigh to vants, and a religious soldier, one E : Joppa, the disciples heard that Pe- of those who attended him ; and 8

ter was there; and sent two men after telling them the whole mat- .

unto him, desiring that he would ter, sent them to Joppa.
39 not delay coming to them. So Pe- Now, on the morrow, whilst 9

ter arose, and went with them; and they were on the road, and were Peter's "le
when he was come, they brought coming near the city, Peter went
him up into the chamber; and all upon the house-top to pray, about
the widows stood by him, weeping, the sixth hour. And he was hun-10
and showing the coats and gar- gry and wished to eat ; but while
ments which Tabitha made for the they were making ready, he fell 11

poor, when she was with them. into a trance, and saw heaven open-
40 Then Peter put all the people out, ed, and somewhat descending, like

and kneeled down, and prayed, and a great sheet, let down by strings turning to the body, said, “ Tabi. at the four corners, to the earth ; tha, Arise." So she opened her in which were all kinds of four- 12

eyes, and upon seeing Peter, sat footed beasts of the earth, and 41 up. Then he gave her his hand, creeping things, and fou ls of the air.

and raised her up, and called the And a voice said unto him, “ Rise, 13

saints and the widows, and pre- Peter, slay and ear.” But Peter 14 42 sented her alive. Now, this was said, " By no means, Sir : for I

known throughout all Joppa ; and have never eaten any thing un43 many believed on the Lord. And clean." And a voice in answer to 15

Peter staid many days in Joppa, at this, said, a second time unto him,

the house of one Simon a tanner. “ That which God hath purified, AP. Now, there was a certain man in esteem not thou unclean." Then.16

· Cesarea, named Cornelius, a cen- after this had been thrice done, the Cornelius turion of the band called the sheet was taken up again into hea

directed i Italian band, a religious man and I ven. by an angel to a Gentile, who worshipped God! Now, as Peter was doubting, af- 17 send for with all his family, who likewise ter he had come to himself, what He accom - gave much alms to the people, and could be the meaning of this vision,

's messenmade a constant practice of praying which he had scen, behold! the gers from 3 unto God. He saw plainly in al men who were sent from Corneli- Cornelius, vision, about the ninth hour of the us had enquired out Simon's house, day, an angel of God coming in un- and were come up to the porch, to him, and saying, “ Cornelius" and asking whether Simon, who 18 4 But he, looking stedfastly at the was surnamed Peter, lodged there?

angel, and being affrighted, said, So while Peter was thinking on the 19 6. What is the matter, Sir?" vision, the spirit said unto him, And the angel said unto him, “ Behold! three men are asking

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* Consisting mostly of Italian soldiers.

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CHAP. for thee. Arise, therefore, get thee whose surname is Peter, who lodg- CHAP.

down, and go with them without eth in a house by the sea, belong21 scruple ; for I sent them.” Then ing to Simon a tanner, that he may

Peter went down to the men, and come, and talk with thee.' So 1 33 said, “Behold! I am he, whom ye sent to thee immediately; and it is

seek, for what cause are ve come?” well that thou art come: now,
22 And they said, “ Cornelius a cen- therefore, we all are present before

turion, a righteous man, and a God to hear all the directions which
Gentile who worshippeth God, and God hath given thee.” :
is well spoken of by all the nation Then Peter opened his mouth, 34
of the Jews, was warned from God and said, “ Of a truth I perceive gives a
by an holy angel, to send for theel that God is no respecter of persons: Short ac:

W; count of to his house, that he may hear but in every nation, he who fear- Jesus and 23 what thou hast to say.” Then Pe-eth him, and worketh righteousness, his reli

ter called them in, and lodged is accepted by him. That doctrine gion ; them : and on the morrow he went which God sent to the children of 36 with them ; and some of the bre- Israel, when he delivered to them ;

thren at Joppa accompanied him. the glad tidings of peace by Jesus 24 And the next day they came unto Christ, belongeth equally to all.

Cesarea, and Cornelius was expect- For ye know that affair of Jesus 37 ing them, and had called together of Nazareth, which took place

his kinsmen and near friends.. throughout all Judea, beginning

25 And as Peter entered, Cornelius from Galilee, after the baptism has an in- met him, and fell at his feet, and which John preached ; how God 38

did hiin obeisance. But Peter raised anointed this Jesus with a holy and converses with him up, and said, “ Rise up, for I spirit, and with power, and how he Cornelius ; myself am but a ' man.” And he went through the country doing

27 went in, talking with Cornelius, good, and curing all who were op

and found much company there, pressed by the 2 devil; for God was
28 and said unto them, “Ye know it with him. And we are witnesses 39

is unlawful for a Jew to keep com- of all those things which he did,
pany with, or to come near to one both in the land of the Jews, and
of another nation : God, however, in Jerusalem. Him indeed they 40

hath directed me to esteem no one slew, by hanging him on a cross;
29 unholy or unclean. And therefore but this very man God raised up

I came, when I was sent for, with to life on the third day, and ap-
out objecting, and wish to know on pointed to show himself, not to all

what account ye sent for me.” the people, but to witnesses whom 41 30 Then Cornelius said, “ Four days God chose before, even to us, who

ago I was fasting until this hour, ate and drank with him after his and at the ninth hour, I was pray- resurrection from the dead. And 42 ing in my house, when, behold' a God commanded that we should

man stood before me in white rai- preach, and give earnest assurance 31 ment, and said, Cornelius, thy to the people, that it is he, who is

prayer is heard ; and thy alms are ordained by God to be the judge 32 remembered before God. Send of the living and the dead. To 43

therefore to Joppa, to fetch Simon, him many of the prophets bear



? He thought that Cornelius took him for 3 To make a striking distinction between an angel.

those who should live to God by obeving the • A supposed malignant inflicter of dis-gospel, and such as should still continue cases, and bodily infirmities.

dead in trespasses and sins..



had received


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CHAP. testimony, that through his name esteem thou not unclean.' Now CHAP.

every believer in him will receive when this had been done three
remission of sins.”

times, every thing was drawn up 10
44 While Peter was yet speak- again into heaven.
and bap- ing, the holy spirit fell up- “ And behold! immediately three il
tizes Cor-

and on all who were listening to his men, sent from Cesarea unto me, as being his friends, words. And the believers of the came up to the house where I was. after they circumcision, who had come with | And the spirit commanded me to impulse of

the Peter, were astonished that the gift go with them without scruple; the spirit of holy spic of the holy spirit was poured out on moreover these six brethren ac- bodo rit. the Gentiles also; for they heard companied me, and we went into

46 them speaking in different lan- the man's house, and he related to
47 guages, and magnifying God. Then us that he had seen an angel in his 13

Peter said, “ Can any one forbid house, who said to him, “ Send
water, that these who have re- men to Joppa to fetch Simon whose

ceived the holy spirit should not be surname is Peter; he will declare 14
48 baptized as well as we?” So he a doctrine to thee, by which thou,

directed them to be baptized in the and thy family may be saved.' And 15
name of the Lord. Then they be-after I had begun to speak, the
sought him to stay with them some holy spirit fell upon them, as upon
davs more.

us at the first. Then I called to 16 CHAP. Now the apostles and brethren mind this saying of the Lord,

Alo in Judea heard, that the Gentiles · John indeed baptized with water, Peter being also had received the word of God. but ye shall be baptized with a holy

d of So when Peter went up to Jerusa- spirit.' For as much then as God 17 having done wrong, salem, they of the circumcision had given unto them, upon their justifies his questioned him, saying, “ Didst belicving on the Lord Jesus Christ, conduct, thou not go into the house of un-| the same gift as unto us, was 1 18

circumcised men, and eat with able to hinder God ?" Upon hear-
4 tem?” Then Peter began, and ing these things, they were satisfied,

related the matter to them in order, and glorified God, saying, "6 Then
5 saying, “ Wbilst I was praying in God hath granted to the Gentiles
the city of Joppa, during a trance repentance unto life."
I saw a vision, somewhat descend- Now they who had been scat- 19
ing like a great sheet from heaven, tered abroad upon the persecution

let down by four strings, and occasioned by Saul, travelled as far
6 reaching to me. Upon which, as Phenicia and Cyprus, and 'An-

when I looked earnestly, I saw tioch; preaching the word to Jews

four-footed creatures of the earth, only. But some of them, men of 20
7 and wild beasts, and creeping things, Cyprus and Cyrene went to An-
and fowls of the air. And I heard tioch, and preached the gospel of 21
a voice saying, ' Arise, Peter, slay the Lord Jesus to the Greeks.
and cat." But I said, " By no And the Shand of the Lord was
8 means, Sir; for nothing common with them, so that a great nuin-

or unclean hath ever entered into ber of people believed, and turn-
9 iny mouth. Then the voice ined to the Lord. Then the re- 22

answer said a second lime from port of these things reached the
heaven, "What God hath purified, ears of the church in Jerusalem,


The capital of Syria.

3 His power enabled them to work mi? Or uncircumcised Gentiles, as Peter racles. had done at Cesarca.

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