ed to the media great numerisself niet of the Lovprison ; be honested by a

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CHAP. and they sent Barnabas thence to intended to bring hinn forth, as CHAP.

Antioch, who when he was come, Peter was sleeping between two 11.
and saw the kindness of God, was soldiers, bound with two chains, Peter reso ·
glad, and exhorted them all to and the keepers before the door, cued by an

cleave to the Lord, with fixed pur-/ were watching the prison: behold! !
24 pose of heart ; for he was a good an angel of the Lord presented him-7
man, and full of the holy spirit, self, and a light shone in the room,
and of faith ; and a great number and the anyel smote Peter on the
was added to the Lord.

side, and awoke him, saying, Barnabas. Then Barnabas departed to Tar-1" Rise up quickly," and the 50 Antioch.

sus to seek Saul: and when he had chains fell off his hands. And 8

found him, he brought him to An- the angel said unto him, “ Gird
26 tioch; and for a whole year they thy cout about thee, and bind on

assembled themselves with that thy sandals ;” and he did so.
church, and taught a great multi-T'henthe angel sarth to him: “Cast
tude; and the disciples were first thy upper garment about thee, 9

called Christians at Antioch. and follow me." And Peter went

27 Now in those days some pro-out after him, and knew not that Agabus phets came down from Jerusalen what was done by the angel was Foretells a

a to Antioch, one of whom, named real; but thought that he saw a

Agabus, rose up, and signified by vision. And when they had passed 10
23 the spirit, that there was going to the first and second guard, they.

be a great famine throughout all came to the iron gate that leadeth
the land of Judea ; which came to to the city, which opened to them

pass accordingly, under Claudius of its own accord. So they went
29 Cesar. Then every one of the dis- out of the prison, and as soon as

ciples, according to his ability de- they had gone through one street

terinined to send relief to their bre- the angel left him.
30 thren of Judea, which they also Upon this Peter came to himself, 11

did, and sent it to the elders by and said, “ Now I know certainly acknow.
the hands of Barnabas and Saul. that the Lord hath sent his angel, and

goodness CHAP. Now about that time king'Herod hath delivered me from the hand of of God, XII.

put forth his hands to afflict some Herod, and from all the expecta- and informs ames is of the 'church. And he killed tion of the Jewish people.” And his Eilled, and Lomes the brother of Job

nd James the brother of John with the after some consideration, he went to 12 Peter imrisoned. sword; and when he saw it pleased the house of Mary, the mother of

the Jews, he proceeded to seize John, surnamed Mark, where

Peter also. Then were the days of many were gathered together, and
4 unleavened bread. And when he praying. Now when Peter had. 13

had apprehended him, he put him knocked at the door of the porch, a
in prison, and set a guard of six-maid-servant named Rhoda, came
teen soldiers over him; intending to up to listen, but knowing Peter's. 14
bring him out after the passover to voice again, did not stay to open
5 the people. Peter therefore was the door for gladness, but ran in
kept in prison ; but earnest prayer and told them that Peter was stand-
was made by the church unto Goding before the porch. And they said 15
for him.

Junto her, “ Thou art mad.” But
6 Now the very night before Herod she confidently affirmed that it was


brode andre some from the


d; and other of John'wei killed

Ocket Now Oed together.


* The more early and more aged con- the Great.

i The evangelist. • Herod Agrippa, grandson of Herod

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ders the


CHAP. so. Then they said, “ It is a mes-, nistering to the Lord, and fasting, CHAP.

• senger from him." But Peter con- the holy spirit said, “ Separate me si 16 tinued knocking; and when they now Barnabas and Saul for the of- 2

had opened the door and seen him, fice to which I have called them.”

they were greatly astonished; but So the church, after fasting and 3 17 he waved his hand for them to be praying, and laying hands on them,

silent, and related to them how the sent them away; and they, after 4 Lord had brought him out of the being thus sent forth by the holy prison, and he said, “ Tell these spirit, went down to Seleucia, and things from me to 'James and the thence took ship for Cyprus; and 5 brethren." Then he departed and when they had reached Salamis, went to another place.

they preached the word of God in 18 Now as soon as it was day, there the synagogues of the Jews; and Herod ore was no small disturbance amongst they had John for their assist

the soldiers what was become of ant. soldiers thatguard- Peter. But Herod, after seeking Now after passing over the island 6 ed Peter him in vain, and examining the of Cyprus, as far as Paphos, they and coming to be ex. keepers, ordered them to be put to

to Paphos

found a certain magian, a Jewish is the ecuted,

death; and he went down from false prophet, named Bar-jesus, of Cyprus,

Judea, and continued in Cesarea. who was with the deputy-governor convert

20 Now Herod had a quarrel with of the country, Sergius Paulus, a post and soon the Tyrians and Sidonians. But man of understanding, who called

es they came to him with one consent, to him Barnabas and Saul, and demiserably.

and having made Blastus the king's sired to hear the word of God. chamberlain their friend, desired | But the magian, otherwise called 8

peace, because their country was Elymas, opposed them, seeking to 21 fed by the king's country. And turn aside the deputy from the

on a day appointed, Herod, in his faith. Then Saul, who was called 9

royal robes, sat on his throne, and Paul also, filled with a holy spirit, • made an oration to the people. set his eyes on him, and said, 0,10 22 And they cried out, “ It is the full of all guile and all mischief,

'voice of a god, and not of a man.” thou son of the devil, thou enemy
23 And immediately an angel of the of all righteousness, wilt thou not

Lord smote Herod, because he cease to pervert the right ways of
gave not glory to God; and he the Lord ? Behold! therefore, the

was caten by worms and expired. hand of the Lord is now against 11

24 And the word of the Lord grew, thee, and thou shalt be blind, not Paul and and abounded : and Farnabas and seeing the sun, for a time.” And

S Saul returned from Jerusalem, af- immediately there fell on , bim a
return to
Antioch. ter fulfilling their office, and mist and darkness; and he went

brought with them John, whose about seeking some to lead him by
surname was Mark.

the band. Then the governor, 12 CHAP. Now there were in the church at when he saw what was done, be

X . Antioch, certain prophets and teach-lieved ; being astonished at the They are ers, as Barnabas, and Simeon called doctrine of the Lord. sent out by Niger and Luciusof Cyrene,and Ma-1 Now when Paul and his compa- 13 an intima. tion of the naen, who had been brought up with ny bore away from Paphos, they They pro. will of hea-s Herod the tetrarch, and Saul ; came to Perga in Pamphylia. But och in

and while they were publicly mi-John departed from them, and re- Pisidia.




I Son of Alpheus, our Lord's kinsman, highly aggravated guilt in a Jew.
author of the first general epistle which bears 3 Herod Antipas, son of Herod the
his name.

* Not reproving such blasphemy was ' : A sea-port town on the coast of Syria.


CHAP, turned to Jerusalem. And they « Brethren, sons of the race of CHAP. XIII.

went on from Perga, and came to Abraham, and whosoever of the Antioch, where they entered the Gentiles among you feareth God, 26

synagogue on the Sabbath-day, unto you the doctrine of this salva15 and sat down. And after the tion hath been sent; for the inha- 27

reading of the law and the pro-bitants of Jerusalem, and their rulers,
phets, the rulers of the synagoguenot attending to this doctrine, nor
sent unto them, saying, “ Bre- to the declarations of the prophets,
thren, if ye have any word of ex-, which are read every Sabbath-day,

hortation to the people, speak.” fulfilled them by condemning

16 Then Paul stood up and waved Jesus. And though they found no 28 Paul's his hand, and said, “Ye men of just cause of death in him, desired the syna

Syman Israel, and ye of the Gentiles who Pilate that he might be slain. So 29 gogué. . 'fear God, hearken. The God of after accomplishing all that had 17 this people Israel chose our fathers been written of him, they took him

for himself, and made them prosper | down from the cross, and laid him
when they sojourned in the land of in a tomb. But God raised him up 30

Egypt, and brought them out of from the dead; and he was seen 31 18 it with an high arm ; and for the many days by those who had come

space of forty years fed them in the up with him from Galilee to Jeru, 19 desert. And when he had destroy-salem, who are his witnesses to

ed seven nations in the land of the people. And we declare unto 32

Canaan, he divided their country you glad tidings of the promise 20 among our fathers. And after made unto the fathers, how God

these things, during four hundred hath performed this for their chil

and fifty years he gave them judges, dren, by sending Jesus to us; as 33 21 until Samuel the prophet. And indeed it is written in the second

afterward they desired a king; and psalm, Thou art my son, this
God gave them Saul the son of day I have adopted thee.' Now 34

Kish, a man of the tribe of Ben- that he raised him from the dead, 22 jamin, during forty years. And to return no more to corruption,

when God had removed him, he the scripture hath thus declared,
raised up unto them David to be I will give you the sure and gra- Isaiah, .

their king; to whom he also gave cious promises made to David.' ". 3. 3. Sam. this testimony, “I have found Wherefore it saith also in another 35 Xili. 14. i 4. David, the son of Jessc, a man place, " Thou wilt not suffer thy Psalm

after my own heart, who will per- Holy One to see corruption. For * 23 form all my pleasure." Of this David, after he had served the will 36

man's race, hath God, according of God in his own generation, fell

to his promise, raised unto Israel, asleep, and was gathered to his 24 a Saviour, Jesus : when John had fathers, and experienced corrup

first preached, before his appear- tion; but he whom God raised, 37

ance, the baptism of repentance to did not experience corruption.
25 all the people of Israel. And « Be it known therefore unto 38

John, as he was fulfilling his course you, brethren, that through him
said, "Whom think ye that I forgiveness of sins is proclaimed
am? I am not the Christ; but unto you; and an acquittal from 39
behold, one cometh after me, the all those sins from which ye could
sandals of whose feet I am not not be acquitted by the law of
worthy tỏ untie.'

Moses. Take care then that this 40

* Who have embraced the religion of . In his public character, as king of Ise the Jews.

| rael.


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CHAP. declaration of the prophets come į God, and the chief men of the city, CHAP: XIII. not upon you, “Behold! ye de and raised an uproar against Paul

XIII. spisers, and be astonished, and hide and Barnabas, and drove them out i. s.

yourselves; for I perform a work in of their territories. But they shook 51 your days, a work which ye will off the dust of their feet against not at all believe, though a man them, and came to Iconium. . And 52

plainly declare it unto you.” the disciples were filled with joy and

42 Now, as Paul and Barnabas with the holy spirit. Some of were going out of the synagogue, Now, at 'Iconium, Paul and CHAP. the Gentile the people desired that the same proselytes

Barnabas went together into the to judaism doctrine might be delivered to them synagogue of the Jews, and spake in They come believe. on the next Sabbath. And when such a manner that a great multi

43 the congregation broke up, many tude, both of the Jews and Greeks,

of the Jews, and of the devout pro | believed. But the unbelieving Jews 2
selytes, went with Paul and Barna stirred up the Gentiles, and made

bas, who spoke to them, and per their minds ill affected to the bre-
· suaded them to continue in the thren.' The apostles abode how-3
gracious gospel of God.

ever a long time there, speaking 44 And on the following Sabbath, freely concerning the Lord, who The Jews almost the whole city came toge- | bore testimony to his gracious.docenviously, ther to hear the word of God. But, trine, by granting signs and wonapostles, when the Jews saw the multi-ders to be performed by their hands.

45 tudes, they were filled with cn- So the multitude of the city was 4

vy, and contradicted those things divided, and part held with the
which were spoken by Paul, adding Jews, and part with the apostles.

also wicked speeches to their con- But when both the Gentiles and 5
46 tradiction. Then Paul and Barna- the Jews,with their rulers,had a de-

bas, with great presence of mind, sign to assault and stone them,
, said unto them, “ It was necessary they were aware of it, and escaped 6
that the word of God should be to Lystra and Derbe, cities of Ly-
spoken first to you ; but since ye caonia, and to the neighbouring
put it from you, and do not think country ; and there they preached 7
proper to accept this offer of ever-the gospel.

lasting life, behold! we turn to the And there was a man at Lystra, 3
47 Gentiles; for thus hath the Lord who had no use of his feet, having Barnabas

commanded us, saying, “I have been lame from his birth, and never and takes xlix. 6.

given thee for a light to the Gen- walked : this man was listening to for gods, tiles, that thou mayest be for sal- the speech of Paul, who looked on account

of Paul's vation to the extremity of the stedfastly at him, and perceiving oest earth.”

that he had ' faith, so as to be re- lame man, 48 Now when the Gentiles heard stored, said with a loud voice, and drive this, they were glad, and glorified“ Stand upright on thy feet ;' and 10 Sheni away. God, and as many as were well dis- he rose up with a leap, and began

posed, believed unto eternal life. to walk about. Now when the 11 49 And the word of the Lord was pub- multitudes saw what Paul had

lished throughout all the country. done, they lifted up their voices, 50 But the Jews stirred up the Gentile saying in the language of Lycaonia,

women of rank, who worshipped. The gods are come down to us

this do not think caonia, and Derbe, cities se

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!A town of Lycaonia in the Lesser Asia,

* Those who believed in Christ.

? That he was disposed to believe the gospel,

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and Paul the Lord' and they preaching 25

CHAP, in the likeness of men.” And they church for them, and praying, and CHAP. V. called Barnabas, Jupiter; and Paul, fasting, they commended them to ?

XV. 12 Mercury, because he was the chief the Lord, on whom they had be13 speaker. Then the priest of Jupi- lieved. And after they had pass- 24

ter, the guardian-god of the city, ed through Pisidia, they came to
brought oxen, and garlands, to the Pamphylia ; and after preaching 25

gates, and together with the multi-the word at Perga, they came down
14 tude was going to offer sacrifice. But to Attalia, and thence sailed away 26
: when the apostles, Barnabas and forAntioch, from which place

Paul, heard of this, they rent their they had been recommended to the
clothes, and rushed in among the favour of God for the work which

multitudes, crying out, and saying, they had fulfilled. And when they 27 15“ Sirs, why are ye doing thus were come, and had gathered the

We too are but men of like infir- church together, they related what
mities with yourselves, declaring God had done by their means, and
unto you glad tidings, that ye may how he had opened the door of
turn from these vanities to the liv- faith to the Gentiles; and they
ing God, who made heaven and continued there a good while with .

earth, and the sea, and all things the disciples. 16 in them; who in the ages past suf- Now, some men came down CHAP.

fered all the Gentiles to walk in from Judea, and taught the bre- * 17 their own ways, though he indeed thren, saying, " Unless ye be Dispute by no means left himself without circumcised according to the cus-abo

necessicy of testimony, doing good by giving tom taught by Moses, ye cannot be circumrain from heaven, and fruitful sea- saved.”. As therefore Paul and cision.

sons, and filling your hearts with Barnabas differed with them much 2 18 food and gladness." And by these in opinion, and could not settle the

words they could hardly restrain dispute, the brethren determined
the multitudes from offering sacrifi- that Paul and Barnabas, with some
ces to them.

other of their number, should go 19 Then some Jews from Antioch, up to Jerusalem to the apostles and Paul reco- and Iconium, came thither, and elders about this question. They, 3

he having gained over the multitudes, therefore, being thus sent by the cruel treat- stoned Paul, and dragged him out church, passed through Phenicia, ment he of the city, supposing him to be and Samaria, declaring the convere

, dead. But while the disciples sion of the Gentiles, and caused with Bar- were standing around him, he great joy to all the brethren. Now, 4 n:bas to arose up, and went into the city. when they were come to Jerusalem, Antioch.

And on the next day he departed they were received with approbation 21 with Barnabas to Derbe. And by the church, and by the apostles

when they had preached the gospel and the elders, and related what
to that city, and had made many God had done by their means, and 3
disciples, they returned to Lystra, how believers of the, sect of the

and to Iconium, and to ' Antioch, | Pharisees had risen up, and said, 22 confirming the minds of the disci-:hat it was proper to circumcise the

ples, and exhorting them to con-| Gentiles, and command thein to
tinue in the faith, saying, that keep the law of Moses.
through many afflictions we must Accordingly the apostles and the 6

enter into the kingdom of God. elders inet together, to consider 23 Then after appointing elders in the this matter, and after much des

from the

receiy returns

i In Pisidia.

In Syria.

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