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CHAP. shook his upper garment, and said thren, and sailed thence into Syria, CHAP. 4. unto them, “ Your blood is upon in coinpany with Priscilla and Aqui- *

your own heads, I am pure; hence-la, who had shorn his head at Cen- He con.forth I will go to the Gentiles.” | chrea, for he had made a 'vow.

converts in 7 So he departed thence, and went These Paul left at Ephesus, where different

to the house of a man named Jus on his arrival, he had gone into the cities. tus, a Gentile, who worshipped synagogue, and reasoned with the 20 God, whose house was very near Jews; and when they desired him 3 the synagogue." But Crispus, the to remain longer with them, he conruler of a synagogue, believed in the sented not; but parted from them, Lord with all his house : and ma- saying, “I must by all means keep 21 ny of the Corinthians, on hearing the approaching festival at Jerusathe word, believed it, and were lem ; but I will come again unto baptized.

you, God willing. So he went 22 among . Then the Lord said to Paul in a from Ephesus ; and after landing whom he makes ma

vision by night, “ Fear not, for I at Cesarea, and going up to Jeruny converts, am with thee, and no one shall salen, and saluting the church, being en. come upon thee to hurt thee, but he went down to Antioch : and 23

l in speak and be not silent; for I have when he had staid some time there, vision.

many people in this city: and he he passed through the country of
staid amongst thein a year and six Galatia, and Phrygia, in order,
months, teaching the word of confirming all the disciples.

Now a certain jew, named Apol- 24 12 And when Gallio was governor los, born at Alexandria, an intel. A pollos Gallio re- of Achaia, the Jews rose up with ligent inan, and able in the scripact against

sestoer one consent against Paul, and tures, came to Ephesus. This with great him. brought hiin to the judgment-seat, man was instructed in the doctrine efficacy at

13 saying, “ This man persuadeth of the Lord ; and being of a zeal- Ephesi

people to worship God contrary to ous disposition, was constantly 25 14 the law." - And when Paul was speaking and teaching concerning · about to open his mouth, Gallio the Lord, and exactly, for one

said to the Jews, “ If this were a who knew only the baptism of ' · matter of injustice, or wicked mis John. Accordingly he began to 26

chief, ye Jews, it would be rea- speak with freedom in the syna

sonable for me to bear with you : gogue ; but when Aquila and Pris15 but if it be a question about words cilla heard him, they took him to

and names, and your law, look to them, and explained to him the

it yourselves, for I will not be doctrine of God - more exactly. 16 judge of such matters ;" and he And when Apollos was disposed to 27

removed them from the judgment- go forwards into Achaia, the bre-
17 seat. Then several of the Greeks thren, after 3 exhorting him, wrote,

took Sosthenes, the ruler of the to the disciples to receive him
synagogue, and beat him before courteously ; and when he was
the judgment-seat; but Gallio did come among them, he helped the
not regard it.

believers much by his gift ; for he 28 18 .But Paul, after staying there was constantly arguing against i he

many days longer, left the bre-Jews, with great power, publicly,

eachech Christ

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* A person of the sweetesi and mildest nence from wine for a certain number of disposition, brother to the Stoic philosopher. days. Soe Number's, vi. 3. in Bible at Seneca.

• Probably a Nazarite's vow of absti- ; To execute so good a purpose,

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CHAP. by proof from the scriptures, that went about as 'exorcists took upon CHAP . Jesus was the Christ.

them to call over those who CHAP. Now, while Apollos was at Co- had evil spirits, the name of the The gospel XIX. rinth, Paul having passed through Lord Jesus, saying, “ We adjure prospers

1 and prevails Paul im- the upper parts of the country, you by that Jesus whom Paul mightily. parts the

came to Ephesus ; where he found preacheth.” Now the seven sons 14
spirit to
twelve certain disciples, and said unto of Sceva, a chief priest of the Jews,

thein, “ Did ye receive the holy were among those who did this. .
2 spirit, when ye believed ?" And Then the evil spirit answered, “ I 15
they said unto him, " We have know Jesus, and I am acquainted
not even so much as heard, whe- with Paul; but who are ye?” Then 16
ther there be a holy spirit.” the man, in whom the evil spirit
3 Then he said unto them, “ Unto was, leaped on them, and overpow-

what then were you baptized ?"ered them so much, as to make
- And they said, "6, Unto John's them free from that "house naked,
4 baptism." Then Paul said, " John and wounded. Now this became 17
indeed baptized with a baptism of known to all, both Jews and
repentance, saying unto the people Greeks, inhabitants of Ephesus; .
that they should believe in one and fear fell upon them all, and
who was coming after him ; mean the name of the Lord Jesus was
3 ing Jesus.” So when they heard | inagnified. And many who believ- 18

this, they were baptized into the ed came, confessing and declaring
6 name of ihę Lord Jesus. And af- their deeds. Many of those also, 19
ter Paul hadlaid his hands on them, who had used magical arts, brought
the holy spirit came on them, and their books together, and burned

they spoke in different languages, them in public, and the value of
7 and prophesied. And the men them altogether was reckoned to be
were twelve in all.

fifty thousand * pieces of silver. So 20 8 Now Paul went into the syna mightily did the word of God grow and succeds gogue and discoursed for three and prevail. in his

ne, months with great freedom, per | Now after these things were end- 21 preaching, Enough" suading men concerning the king-ed, Paul purposed in his mind, Paul pot. some op- dom of God. But as some conti- when he had passed through Mace. Pose

visit Rome pose him. nued hardened and unconvinced, donia and Achaia, to go to Jerusa

9 reviling this doctrine before the lem, saying, “ After I have been
multitude, he left them, and took there, I must see Rome also.” So he 22
away the disciples; disputing daily sent into Macedonia two of his mi.

in the school of one Tyrannus. nisters, Timothy and Erastus; but he
10 And this he did for two years, so himself continued a while in Asia. .

that all the inhabitants of this part Now at this time there arose 23
of Asia heard the doctrine of the no small disturbance about this doc- Disturb.
Lord Jesus, both Jews and Greeks. trine. For one Demetrius, a sil-


iance raised 11 And God wrought extraordinary versmith, who made silver 'inodels trius,

miracles by the hands of Paul. of Diana's temple, furnished no 13 Then some of the Jews who smallemployment to the workmen,

s to


i Persons who pretended to cast out de 4 Probably these were attic drachms, the mons, or heal malignant and inveterate dis- value of one of which was nine pence; the cases, by solemn adjurations.

whole sum, therefore, was 18751. .• The man affecting to speak by the im- 5 Resembling the temple and image of pulse of the supposed indwelling demon.

3 Without their upper garments.


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is there the ephesians is the great

CHAP. These, and all employed in this í And when the town-clerk had CHAP. $14. business, he called together, and appeased the multitude, he said, 25 said, " Sirs, ye know that our " Ye men of Ephesus, what man The town. prosperity ariseth from this employ- is there, who knoweth not that the cerca

peases the 26 ment; and ye see and hear that city of the Ephesians is the guar- tiot,

this Paul, by his persuasions, hath dian of the temple of the great
turned aside a considerable multi-goddess Diana, and of the image
tude not only of Ephesus, but of which fell down from Jupiter?
almost all Asia, affirming that Since therefore these things cannot 36

these which are made with hands be contradicted, ye ought to be 27 are no gods. So there is not only quiet, and to do nothing rashly ; .

danger that this occupation should for ye have brought hither these 37
come into contempt, but also that men who are neither robbers of
the temple of the great goddess Di- temples, nor blasphemers of your
ana should be despised, and her goddess. Wherefore if Demetrius 38
magnificence destroyed, whom all and the workmen with him have

Asia and che whole world worship- an accusation against any one, 28 peth.” And when they heard court-days are kept, and the gover

this, they were full of wrath, and nor is here ; let them bring their

cried out, saying, “ Great is Din charges against each other : but if 39 29 ana of the Ephesians." And the ye want any thing concerning other .

whole city was filled with confu- matters, it shall be determined in a
sion; and having seized Gaius and lawful assembly. For indeed we 40
Aristarchus, men of Macedonia, are in danger of being called in
Paul's fellow-travellers, they rush-question for this day's meeting,
ed with one consent into the there being no reason for it, nor

shall we be able to give an account
30 Then Paul was desirous of go- of this riotous concourse.” And 41
Paul is ing in among the populace; but the when he had thus spoken, he dis-

tad disciples would not suffer him. missed the assembly. from going And even some of the chief magis- Now, when this uproar ceased, CHA".

XX, into the trates of Asia, that were his friends, Paul called unto him the disciples, * e; sent to him, entreating him that he and taking leave of them, departed Paul and would not venture himself into the to go into Macedonia ; and when he

¡ come to 32 theatre, Now some of the popu- had gone over those parts, and had Troas;

lace were crying one thing, and given much exhortation, he came
some another ; for the assembly into Greece ; and after staying there 3
was in confusion, and the greater three months, he was going to sail

part knew not for what purpose for Syria ; but upon a plot being laid 33 they were come together. Then for him by the Jews, he purposed

Alexander was put forward from to return through Macedonia. Now 4
among the multitude, the Jews en-Sopater of Berea, accompanied
couraging him to explain the him ; but Aristarchus and Secun-
case to the people ; and Alexander, dus of Thessalonica, Gaius of Der-

waved his hand, and would have be, Timothy of Lystra, and Tychi-
34 made a defence to them. But cus and Trophimnus of the procon- 5

when they knew him to be a Jew, sular Asia, went before and waited
they all cried out with one voice, for us at Trons. So we sailed away 6
for about two hours, " Great is from Philippi, after the days of un-
Diana of thc Ephesians."

I leavened bread, and came unto


* Lest they should be taken for Christians,

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CHAP. them at Troas, in five days ; where, they came to him, he said unto CHAP: XX. we staid seven days.

them, “ Ye know, from the first 7 And upon the first day of the day, since I came into Asia, in where he where he week, when we had assembled to what manner I have conducted


onaucted the Ephe. resus. ' break bread, Paul discoursed to myself with you the whole time, sian elders, Eutyclius.

the disciples, intending to depart serving the Lord with all humility of in an interon the morrow, and continued his mind, and with tears, and trials est

Spathetic 8 discourse until midnight. And which befel mc from the lyings in peech;

there were many ? lamps in the up- wait of the Jews, and that I have 20 per room, where we were assem- not kept back any thing, which was 9 bled. Now a certain young man profitable to you, but have shown

named Eutychus, sitting in the it to you, and have taught you pubwindow, as Paul discoursed so licly and in private, announcing 21 long, was seized with a deep sleep, both to Jews and Greeks the gusand sinking down with sleep, he fell | pel terms of salvation, repentance

from the third story to the bottom, toward God, and faith toward our 10 and was taken up dead. Then Lord Jesus Christ. ..

Paul went down, and fell upon him, " And now, behold, I go to Jeru- 22 and as be closely einbraced him, salem to be bound according to the

said, “ Do not disturb yourselves, prediction of the spirit, not know11 for his life is in him.” So Paul ing the things which will befal me

went up again, and having broken there ; except that the holy spirit 23 bread and eaten, and conversed as in every city pronounceth, saying,

long time, even till break of day, he “ Bonds and afflictions await thee.” 12 then departed. And they brought But I'make no account of any such 24

the young man alive, and were thing, nor do I regard even my life • not a little comforted.

of any value to myself, in compari13 Then we went forwards to the son of finishing my race with joy, He sails ship, and bore away for Assos, and this ministry, which I received

mas meaning to take up Paul there ; for from the Lord Jesus, requiring to Miletus ;

so he had appointed, intending me earnestly to declare the gracious 14 himself to go by land. And when gospel of God. And now behold ! 25

he came up to us at Assos, we I know that ye all, among whom I

took him in and came to Mitylene. have gone preaching the kingdom 15 And sailing thence on the next of God, will see my face no more.

day, we arrived over against Chios, Wherefore I declare unto you this 26 but the day after fell in with Sa- very day, that I am pure from the mos: and after staying in Trogyl blood of you all ; for I forbore not 27

lium, we came on the second day to tell you the whole will of God.
16 to Miletus. For Paul had deter- “ Take heed therefore to your- 28

mined to sail by Ephesus, that he selves, and to all the flock among
might not lose time in Asia ; for he whom the holy spirit hath made
was hastening to be at Jerusalem, you overseers, to feed the church of
if it were possible for him, by the the Lord, which he Spurchased with
dav of Pentecost.

his own blood. For I know this, 29 17 Now, from Miletus, Paul sent to that after my departure, grievous

Ephesus, and called to him the el-wolves will enter in among you, not 18 ders of the church. And when sparing the flock, and from among 30

from Trcas

I To partake of a love-feast, which con-charged with holding dark and clandestine cluded with the eucharist.

meetings. 2 Paul probably chose to have several 3 Procured at the expence of his life, lights in the room, that he might not be

selves withings to "Therefore: land

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CHAP. yourselves will men rise up, speak- our way, all the disciples of Tyre, CHAP.

XXI. ing perverse things to draw away with their wives and children, ac31 disciples after them. Therefore, companying us beyond the city : ..

be watchful, and remember that and we kneeled down on the shore
for three years, night and day I and prayed. And after taking leave 6

ceased not to admonish every one of each other, we went into the 32 with tears. And now, brethren, I ship, and they returned home.

commend you to God, and to his ! But we to finish our course, from 7 gracious word, which is able to edi- Tyre came to Ptolemais, where from which fy you, and to give you an inheri- we saluted the brethren, and staid be proceeds

to Cesarea. 33 tance among all the saints. I have with them one day; and on the

coveted no one's silver, or gold, or morrow we departed, and came to 3 34 apparel : yea, ye yourselves knowo Cesarea, where we entered the

that these very hands have minis- house of Philip, the evangelist, one

tered to my necessities, and to those of the seven almoners, and abode 35 who were with me. I have given with him. And this man had four 9

you an example, how, even by la-daughters,virgins, who * prophesied.
bouring in this manner, ye ought Now, as we continued there se- 10
to assist the weak, and to remem- veral days, a certain prophet, nam- He persists
ber the saying of the Lord Jesus, ed Agabus, came down from Ju-

solution to " It is more happy to give than to dea : and taking Paul's girdle, and go to Jerureceive.

binding his own hands and feet salem. 36 And when he had thus spoken, with it, said, “ Thus saith the ho- 11 and takes he kneeled down, and prayed with ly spirit: So the Jews at JerusaObate leave them all. And they all weptlem will bind the man that owneth of them. much, and fell on Paul's neck, and this girdle, and will deliver him in

38 kissed him, sorrowing most at his to the hands of the Gentiles."

declaration, " That they would When we heard these things, both 12
see his face no more.” And they we, and they of that place, besought

accompanied him to the ship. hiin not to go up to Jerusalem. CHAP. Now, when we had separated But Paul answered, “ What are 13

• from them, and were at sea, we ye about weeping, and breaking
He stays came by a straight course to 'Coos, my heart? for I am ready not only
a Tours and on the next day to · Rhodes, to be bound, but even to suffer
town of and from thence to? Patara ; and death at Jerusalem, for the name of
Phenicia ; having found a ship sailing over to the Lord Jesus.” So,when he would 14

2 Phenicia, we went on board and not be persuaded, we ceased, saying,
3 bore away. Now, when we had “ The will of the Lord be done."
discovered Cyprus, and had passed Now, after those days, we made 15
by it, on the left hand, we kept our ourselves ready, and went up to Je. He arrives
course toward Syria, and landed at rusalem, and some of the disciples ier

Tyre ; for there the ship was to un- of Cesarea went also with us, bring-
4 Joad her burden. And having met ing one Mnason, a Cyprian, an ear- 16
with disciples, we remained there ly disciple, with whom we were to
seven days : and these said to Paul, lodge. And when we were come 17
by the spirit, that he should not go to Jerusalem, the brethren receiv-
5 up to Jerusalem. Now, when those ed us gladly. And on the day fol- 18

days were ended, we departed on lowing, Paul went with us to the

an affer

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Two islands not far from Crete, towards the north, and north-east.

* A sea-po.t of Lycia, in the Lesser Asia.

3 A city on the coast of the Mediterranean, to the south of Ptolemais,

Or were teachers of religion.

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