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suaded to

the vows


CHAP. house of James, and all the elders! And when the seven day's fired CHAI,

do were present ; and when he had sa-for the continuance of their vor's,
19 luted them, he declared particular-were almost ended, the Jews of He is vio.

ly what things God had wrought Asia, seeing him in the temple, set echt so
among the Gentiles by his mi- all the multitude in an uproar, and dragged

laid hands on hin, crying out, out of the 20 Now, when they heard these " Men of Israel, help! This is the temple i He is per- things, they glorified God, and man who is teaching all men every 28 assist four

of said unto Paul, “ Thou seest, where against this people, and the men who brother, how many thousands of law, and this place, and besides, were under Jewish believers there are, all zeal- hath brought Greeks also into the vi et ous for the law. But they have temple.” (For they had seen before 29

been informed concerning thee, with him Trophimus, an Ephesian, 21 that thou teachest all the Jews, who whom they supposed that Paul had

live among the Gentiles, to forsake brought into the temple.) And the 30 Moses; commanded them not to whole city was in motion, and the circumcise their children, nor to people ran together, and seized

walk according to the customs of Paul, and dragged him out of the 22 the law. What then is to be done? temple, and immediately the doors

A multitude will certainly get to- were shut.

gether, for they will hear that thou Now, as they were about to kill 31 23 art come. Do this, thercfore, him, tidings came to the captain of but resexo which we advise thee: There are the guard, that all Jerusalem was in

sias, and

by among us four men, who have a confusion; so he took with him carried to 24 vow on them. Take these with immediately soldiers and centuri- the castle

thee, and ' purify thyself with ons, and ran down upon them; and 32 them, and be at expence for them, when they saw the captain and the that they may shave their heads, soldiers, they left off beating Paul. and all may know that those things Then the captain came near and 33 of which they were informed con- laid hold on him, and ordered him cerning thee are nothing, but that to be bound with two chains, and

thou thyself also walkest in obedi-enquired who he was, and what he
25 ence to the law. But as to the Gen-had done. But as some cried one 34

tile believers, we have sent by let- thing, and some another, among the
ter our judgment, that they only multitude, the captain was unable
keep themselves from what is offer- to know the certainty, because of
ed to idols, and from blood, and the uproar, and therefore ordered

from things strangled, and from him to be carried into the castle.
26 fornication. Upon this, Paul took And when Paul came upon the 35

the men with him, and on the next steps leading into the castle, it so
day he purified himself, and went happened that he was carried by
into the temple with them, declar-(the soldiers, owing to the violence
ing what would be the end of the of the people; for the multitude of 36
days of purification, and intending the people followed, crying out,
to stay there until an offering were “ Kill him.”
made for every one of them.

And as Paul was about to be taken 37

'Put thyself in a state of separation, or indemnify Nazarites, abstinence, with them, for the remainder of 3 Called Antonia, adjoining the temple, the days which will complete their vow. where a body of Roman soldiers were kept

• In furnishing their sacrifices as well as to preserve peace amongst the Jews, especi. thy own. It was a common and popular ally at their great festivals. act in such Jen's as could afford it, thus to

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CHAP. into the castle, he said unto the And I answered, “Who art thou, CHAP. XXII.

captain, “ May I be allowed to Sir ?' And he said unto me, I am XX 38 speak to thee.” The captain said, Jesus of Nazareth, whom thou art

“Canst thou speak Greek ? Art persecuting.' Now they who were 9
thou not that'Egyptian, who some with me saw indeed the light, but
time ago made a disturbance, and understood not the voice of him

led out into the desart four thous- who was speaking to me. And I 10 39 and ruffians ?" But Paul said, “I said, “What must I do, Sir? And

am a Jew, of Tarsus, in Cilicia, a the Lord said unto me, · Arise, go
citizen of no mean city: and I be- to Damascus; and there thou wilt
seech thee, suffer me to speak unto be told of all that is appointed for
the people.”

thee to do. But as I was unable 11 40 Then Paul, when leave was giv- to see, because of the excessive m the en, stood upon the steps, and brightness of that light, I was led

waved with his hand unto the peo- by the hands of my companions to Vresses ple, and a great silence taking place, Damascus. Now one Ananias, a 1: people, he addressed them in the Hebrew religious man, according to the HAP. tongue, saying, “ Brethren and fa- law, well spoken of by all the Jews ball, thers, hear my defence, which I who dwelt there, came unto me, 2 make now unto you.” (Now when and said, as he was standing by me,

they heard him speak in the He-1 Brother Saul, recover thy sight;' 13. brew tongue, they were the more and I looked upon him that very 3 silent: and he went on,) " I am a moment.

Jew, born in Tarsus, a city of Ci- " Then he said, “The God of our 14 licia, but brought up in this city, fathers hath specially chosen thee being instructed at the feet of Ga- for himself, to know his will, and maliel, according to the exactness to see the righteous Jesus, and to of the law of our fathers, and zeal-hear a voice from his mouth; for 15 ous in the service of God, as ye are thou shalt be his witness to all men 4 all this day. And I persecuted of what thou hast seen and heard. this doctrine unto death, binding, And now, why delayest thou ? 16 and delivering into prisons both arise, be baptized, and wash away 5 men and women, as even the thy sins, taking upon thyself his high priest and all the elders can name.' Now, after my return to 17 bear me witness, from whom I re Jerusalem, as I was praying in the ceived letters also unto the bre-temple, I fell into a trance, and saw thren, and went to Damascus, to Jesus, saying unto me, Make 18 bring bound unto Jerusalem those haste, and get thee quickly out of also that were there, that they Jerusalem; for they will not receive might be punished.

thy testimony, concerning me.' 6 “ But it came to pass, as I was on And I said, “Lord, they know that 19

the road near Damascus, about I have been accustomed to impri-
noon, that a great light from hea- son, and beat throughout the syna-
ven suddenly flashed around me, gogues, them who believe on thee.
7 and I fell to the ground, and heard And when the blood of thy witness 20
a voice saying unto me, Saul, Stephen was shed, I stood by, con-
Saul, why persecutest thou me?' senting to his death, and taking care

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* An impostor, who, pretending that he • That is, before his conversion to christie would miraculously take Jerusalem, was put anity. This character served to win the to flight by Felix, and six hundred of his attention of the apostles hearers. men killed on the Mount of Olives,


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CHAP. of the upper garments of his mur- | myself with a good conscience be-. CHAP.

4. derers.' But he said unto me, fore God, even to this day.” Upon **1.
21 • Go, for I will send thee hence far this, Ananias the high priest com- Whilst
off to the Gentiles.”
manded those who stood, by to police

his cause 22 And they gave him an hearing to smite him on the mouth. Then he is ill He is in these words, and then lifted up their Paul said unto him, “God will treated by

voices, saying, " Away with such smite thee thou 'whited wall: for order of hement a fellow from the earth, for it is sittest thou to judge me according priest. clamours of not fit that he should live.” And to the law, and yet commandest me the people, as they cried, and shook their upper to be smitten contrary to the law ?”

23 garments, and threw dust into the And the standers-by, said, “ Dost 4
24 air, the captain ordered him to be thou revile God's high priest ?”

brought into the castle, and ex- Then Paul said, “I knew not 5
amined by scourging, that he might brethren, that he was the high

know for what cause they cried out priest, otherwise I would not have
25 so against him. And when they expressed myself in this manner;

had stretched him out with cords, for it is written, " Thou shalt not Exodus,
Paul said to the centurion, who revile a ruler of thy people.” xxi
was standing by, “ Is it lawful for Then Paul, perceiving one part 6

you to scourge a Roman-citizen, to be Sadducees, and the other Pha- The Pha26 and uncondemned ?” Now, whenrisees, cried out in the council, risees take

!, his part the centurion had heard this, he “ Brethren, I am a Pharisee, the against the went and told the captain, saying, son of a Pharisee ; concerning the Sadducees. “ Take care what thou art about, hope of a resurrection of the dead,

for this man is a Roman-citizen.” I am now judged.” And when he had 7

27 Then the captain came up and said this, a dissension arose between and the said unto Paul, “ Tell me, art thou the Pharisees and Sadducees, and brought be.

hea Roman - citizen ?And he the multitude was divided ; for the 8 fore the said, “ Yes.” Then the captain Sadducees maintain that there is no Sanhedrim. answered, " I bought the freedom | resurrection, and no angel, or spi

29 of that city with a great sum.” And rit, but the Pharisees allow 3 both,

Paul said, “ But I was born free.” And there was great shouting; and 9
Upon this, they who were going to the Scribes on the part of the Pha-
examine him by scourging, imme- | risees rose up, and strove earnestly,
diately left him; and the captain al- saying, “ We find nothing amiss

so was afraid, when he knew that in this man; and if an angel, or a
30 Paul was a Roman-citizen. Now, spirit have spoken to him, let us

on the morrow, wishing to know not fight against God.” So a great 10
from the Jews the certainty of what dissension taking place, the captain,
he was accused, he loosed him through fear that Paul would be
from his bonds, and ordered the torn in pieces by thein, ordered
chief priests, and all their council, the soldiers to go down, and to
to meet, and brought Paul down, take him by force from among

and set him before them. | them, and bring him into the CHAP. Then Paul looking earnestly up- castle.

on the council, said thus, “ Bre-| Now the night following, the 11 thren, I have always conducted | Lord stood by him, and said,

next d


Meaning the whited wall of a tomb, Ananias had been dispossessed of his
fair without, and polluted within. There office, and had now taken upon him a trust
seems to have been too much warmth in this to which he was not entitled. '
re, ly.

3 Spiritual beings, and a resurrection,

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Is him

than 1 and they Paul on one of clix the govern pur- 25

CHAP, « Take courage Paul, for as thou charging him, “ Tell no one what CHAP:

XXUI. AMII, hast testified of me at Jerusalem, I thou hast signified to me.” The Jews so must thou testify also at Rome." Then he called unto him two 23 inspire to 10 And when it was day, some of the centurions, and said, “ Make rea- Lysias Jews combined together, and bound dy two hundred soldiers, to go as sen

" to Cesarea 12 themselves by an oath neither to far as Cesarea, and seventy horse- with a let· eat nor drink, until they had killed men, and two hundred spearmen, ter to Felix, 13 Paul; and more than forty had at the third hour of the night: and 24 lit taken this oath together; and they provide them beasts, that they set

went up to the chief priests, and Paul on one of them, and convey
elders, saying, “ We have bound him safe to Felix the governor."?
ourselves under a great curse, that And he wrote a letter to this pur- 25

we will taste nothing until we have I pose: .
15 killed Paul. Now, therefore, do 66 Claudius Lysias to the most 26

ye and the council signify to the excellent governor Felix, send-
captain, that he bring Paul down eth, greeting: This man, who had 27
unto you to-morrow, as if ye were | been seized by the Jews, in a body,
going to determine more exactly and was on the point of being kill-
about him, and we are prepared to ed by them, I rescued by coming
destroy him before he can come to up to him with a band of soldiers;

and have since learned, that he is
16 Now Paul's sister's son heard of a Roman citizen. And being de- 28
it the plot this plot : and came up and went sirous of knowing their charge.
I by

ve into the castle, and told Paul of it. against him, I brought him down ul's ne- Then Paul called one of the centu into their council, but I found him 29 iew. rions to him, and said, " Take accused only upon some questions 17 this young man to the captain ; for of their law; and nothing laid to

he hath something to tell him.” his charge worthy of death, or of
18 Accordingly the centurion brought bonds. But having been informed 30

him to the captain, and saith, of a plot laid against the man, by
" Paul the prisoner called me to the Jews, I sent him immediately
him, and desired me to bring this to thee; and have given notice to ..

young man, who hath something his accusers, also, to bring their 19 to tell thee.” So the captain took charges against him before thee.

the young man by the hand, and Farewell.”
going aside privately, asked him, Then the soldiers, according to 31

" What hast thou to tell me?" their orders, took Paul, and con- who defers 20 And he said, " The Jews have veyed him by night to Antipatris ; his true

agreed to ask thee to bring Paul and on the morrow, leaving the accusers down into the council to-morrow, horsemen to go with him, they re- come. .

as if they were going to enquire turned to the castle; but the horse- 33 ?! more exactly concerning him ; but men came to Cesarea, and deli

do not thou be persuaded by them; vered the letter to the governor,
for inore than forty of them, who and presented Paul also to him.
have bound themselves by an oath, Now when the governor had read 34
neither to eat nor drink until they (the letter, he asked of what pro-
have killed him, are lying in wait vince Paul was ; and understand-
for that purpose, and are now in ing that he was of Cilicia, “ I will 35

readiness, expecting this promise give thee a full hearing,” saith he, jo 22 from thee.” Then the captain when thy accusers are also come.”

sent away the young man, after | And the governor commanded him

his trial

i XXIII. hall.

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on the higher into Cesarea and laid

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'Tertullus, before

CHAP: to be kept in 'Herod's judgment, ther, either in the synagogues, or CHAP:

about the city; nor can they prove CHAP. Now, five days after, Ananias, before thee what they now accuse 13

IV. the high priest, and the elders, me of. This, indeed, I confess 14 Ve is ac- came down to Cesarea, with one unto thee, that according to that ..Tertullus, an orator; and laid an doctrine, which they call a heresy,

information before the governor, so I worship the God of our faFelix, against Paul. And when he was thers, believing all that is written

2 called up, Tertullus began to ac- in the law, and in the prophets ;

cuse him, saying, “ That we en- having a hope in God, which 15 joy through thee great peace, and they also entertain, that there will much prosperity, arising to this be a resurrection from death, both of nation at all times and in all places, the righteous and the unrighteous. through thy prudent administration, And this is my endeavour, to have 16 3 we acknowledge, most excellent always a conscience without of 4 Felix, with all thankfulness. But fence towards God, and men. that I may not trouble thee too “ Now after many years absence, 17

far, I beseech thee to hear me of I came to Jerusalem to bring alms 5 thy goodness, a few words. Find- to iny nation, and offerings, at 18

ing then this man to be a pestilent which time some Jews of Asia found one, and a mover of insurrection me purified in the temple ; ' but among all the Jews throughout the with no croud, and without dis- 19

world, and a ringleader of the sect turbance ; who ought to have been
6 of the Nazarenes, and one also here before thee, and to have ac-

who presumed to profane the tem-cused me, if they had any charge
ple, we laid hold on him, and against me. But as it is, let these 20
would have judged him according very people here speak, if they
7 to our law : but Lysias, the cap- found any injustice in me before

tain, came up with great violence, the council, unless it be with re-21
and took him out of our hands, gard to this one declaration, which
& commanding his accusers to come I proclaimed among them, “ Con-

to thee; and by examining him thy- cerning a resurrection of the dead,
self, thou wilt be able to gain a I am this day judged before you."

knowledge of all those things, of Then Felix put them off by 22

9 which we accuse him." Now the saying, “ When Lysias the cap- Fel - Jews also assented, declaring that tain, is come down, after I have udement. - these things were so.

gained a more exact knowledge of 10 Then Paul, after the gorernor this doctrine, I will enquire fully His de had beckoned to him to speak, into your business. And he gave 23

thus answered, “ As I know thee orders to a centurion to have Paul
to have been a judge unto this na-in custody, but without confine-
tion for many years, I the more ment, and to hinder none of his

cheerfully enter on my defence.friends from serving him or coming
11 Now, thou must k:low that it is to him.

not more than twelve days since And after some days, Felix came 24
I went up to worship at Jerusalem ; / with his wife · Drusilla, a Jewess, Goes out

" office, an 12 and the Jens neither found me in and sent for Paul, and heard him pares: Pall

the temple, disputing with any one, concerning the faith in Christ. in custody nor bringing the multitudes toge- And as he discoursed of righteous- 25


I Heroi:he Great rebuilt Cesarea

Da.ghter of Herod Agrippa, a woman

of great beauty, whom Felix had seduced from her husband Azizus, king of the Emesenes.

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