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prised at

P. PAUL, an apostle (not from one thing of you. Did ye receive CHAP.

1 men, nor by any man living the spirit from the performance of the · upon the earth, but by Jesus the law, or from obedience to faith? riority of

Christ after his ascension into Are ye so unwise as to look for other
heaven, and God the Father, who perfection from the flesh, after
2 raised him from the dead) and all beginning in the ''spirit ? Have 4

the brethren that are with me to so many things been done for you
3 the churches of Galatia: Favour be in vain? if indeed they have been
to you, and peace from God our in vain. Now, did we, who sup- 5

Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, plied you with the spirit, and 4 who gave himself for our sins, that wrought miracles among you, do · he might take us to himself, out these things from a performance of

of the present wicked age, accord- the law, or an obedience to faith,

ing to the will of God our Father: as Abraham believed God, and it 6 5 to whom be glory for ever and ever. was reckoned unto him for righte- '. Amen.

ousness. Understand, therefore, 7 6 I wonder that ye are so soon that those who are of faith, are the The apes- transferring yourselves from him only sons of Abraham : and the 3

. who called you into the favour of scripture, foreseeing that God would the unstea. Christ, to a different gospel; which justify the Gentiles by faith, gave diness of indeed is not sometimes one thing this joyful promise long ago to

and sometimes another; but there | Abraham, “ All the Gentiles will Genesis
are some who trouble you, and be blessed in thee.” So those *1. 3
wish to alter the gospel of Christ. who are of faith are blessed with 9 .
8 But if even we, or an angel from hea- faithful Abraham. For as many 10

ven, should preach any gospel unto as profess a performance of the law
you, besides that which we have are liable to acurse; for it is written,

preached unto you, let him be reject--6 Cursed be every one that conti- Deuter. 9 ed. As we told you before, so I now tinueth not in the performance of ***

tell you again, if any one preach all the precepts of this book of the
any gospel to you, besides that law." (Moreover, that no one can 11
which ye have received, let him be be righteous before God by the

law, is plain from this scripture) CHAP. () unwise Galatians! who hath" The righteous by faith shall live.” Hab.

1. bewitched you from obedience to But the law is not of faith, for it ". 4. Reasons the truth ? before whose eyes Jesus saith, “ The man who performeth Levit.. pon the

"Christ crucified, was so clearly re-| these things shall live by them.” XV111. So peat supe- presented. I wish to know this Now Christ hath bought us from 13 .

his con. Teits.

ii. 26.


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vith them

1 Some Judaizing Christians had incul- Christians were not bound to observe the
cated on the Galatians the necessity of con- ceremonial law.
forming to the law of Moses, and had thus · The gospel.
perverted them from the true gospel. The 3 The carnal ordinances of the law.
Apostle's main object in this epistle, which 4 The religion of Christ, which is in its
was written from Corinth or Ephesus, in own nature spiritual, and was confirmed by
the latter part of A. D. 52, or the begin- the gifts of the spirit of God.
ning of the following year, is to show that




other dis

sts of the

CHAP. this curse of the law, by being indeed, brethren, called unto li- CHAP.

made a curse for 'us; for it is berty, only use not liberty as an 14 written, “ Cursed is every one that occasion for the flesh; but serve Exhorts

them to hangeth on a tree,” that the bles- each other in love. For the whole mutual sing of Abraham might come on law relating to one another, is love; the Gentiles, through Jesus Christ, fully performed in one command. 14 that we might receive the promise ment, even in this, “ Thou shalt Levit. of the spirit by faith.

love thy neighbour as thyself.” *: 10 24 The law was our conductor unto But if ye bite and devour one ano- 15 The gos- Christ, that we might be justified by ther, take heed that ye be not con

's faith : but now this faith is come, sumed by one another. tinctio is of we are no longer under a conduc Now I say, walk spiritually, and 16 no value. tor, for ye are all the sons of God, practise not fleshly lusts; for the to abstain

from the 27 by faith in Christ Jesus. For as desire of the flesh is in oppositions

many of you as were baptized unto to the spirit ; and that of the spirit Aesh; 28 Christ, have put on Christ. There to the Hesh; and these things are 17

is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither so contrary to each other, that ye
slave nor freeman, neither male do not what ye could wish. But 18

nor female ; for ye are all one in if ye be spiritually led, ye are not
29 Christ Jesus. And if yeare Christ's, under the law. Now the works 19

then are ye Abraham's offspring, of the flesh are manifest, they are

and heirs according to promise. adultery, fornication, uncleanness, CHAP. Brethren, I beseech you, be as lasciviousness, idolatry, poisoning, 20

. I am ; for I also am . as ye are. enmities, strifes, rivalries, wrath, He re. Now ye know with what weakness disputes, divisions, heresies, envy

of the flesh I preached the gospel ings, murders, drunkenness, re- 21 their fr. to you at first, and that s trial of vellings, and such like, concernmer kind- mine in the flesh, ye did not scorn ing which I tell you beforehand,

or disdainfully reject, but received as indeed I told you before, that

me as a messenger of God, as the practisers of such things will
15 Christ Jesus himself. How happy not inherit the kingdom of God.

were we then in each other ! for But the fruit of the spirit is love, 22
I declare unto you, that had it joy, peace, long suffering, kind, and to live
been possible, ye would have pluck-ness, *goodness, faithfulness, meek- spiritually.

ed out your very eyes, and given ness, temperance: against such 23 16 them to me. Am I therefore be- there is no law. Now they who 24

come your enemy, when I tell you are Christ's have crucified the flesh, . 17 the truth? The seal of some for with its passions and desires.

you is not for your good, but from Since we are alive from a state of 25 a wish to shut you out from us, sin through the spirit, let us walk

that ye may be zealous of them. also by the spirit. Let us not be 26
18 It is good indeed to have a zeal at vain-glorious, provoking one ano-

all times for a good person ; and ther, envying one another.
not only when I am present with Brethren, if a man be overtaken CHAP.

in any fault, do ye, that are spiri- Le CHAP, I wish that they who are unset-tual, restore him to a sense of his mildness,

tling you may lament it. Ye were duty in the spirit of meekness, and other

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minds them of



ness to him.

hot in hetisers of you beforehand

vous, ye would that my

ur enemhezeat of but from

Sine through thpirito




* Treated by men as if he had committed! 3 Some bodily infirmity, thought to be of
a crime worthy of death.

a paralytic nature.
• Disposed to accord with you in the 4 A disposition to acts of beneficence,
most friendly manner.



value to

CHAP. each of you considering himself, , lest they should be persecuted for CHAP.

lest he also be overtaken. Bear the cross of Christ. For neither virtues re- one another's burdens, and thus do they that are circumcised keep Circumci. commend fulfil the law of Christ. Now let the law; but wish to have you cir- Juli

sion of no him who is taught the word, make cumcised, that they may glory in Christians

him that teacheth partaker in all your flesh. But far be it that I 14
7 bis good things. Be not deceived, should glory, except in the cross
God is not to be imposed on; for of our Lord Jesus Christ; by

whatever a man may sow, that will whom the world is crucified unto
8 he also reap. He who soweth to me, and I unto the world. For in 15

the flesh, will from the flesh reap Christ Jesus neither circumcision
destruction ; but he who soweth to availeth any thing, nor uncircum-
the spirit, will from the spirit reap cision ; but a new creature. And 16
9 everlasting life. But let us not be as many of you as shall walk by this
weary in well-doing ; for in due rule, peace and mercy be upon

season we shall reap, if we faint not. them, and upon the Israel of God. 10 As therefore we have opportunity, Finally, let no man trouble me, 17

let us do good to all men, but es- for I bear in my body the Smarks of Concio

pecially to the household of faith. being a sufferer in the cause of the 12 As many as wish to make a fair Lord Jesus. The favour of our Lord

show in the flesh, such would com- Jesus Christ be with your spirits.
pel you to be circumcised, only. Amen.



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that are a

CHAP. DAUL, an apostle of Jesus Christ, dispensation by Christ, according CHAP.

I. I by a divine appointment, to the as he chose Sus for himself in him, t'he ad- saints, and faithful in Jesus Christ, before the foundation of the Jewish the Gen

that are at Ephesus : Favour be to state ; that we might be holy, and thes, . 2 you, and peace from God our Fa- withoutspot before him. He having 5

ther, and our Lord Jesus Christ. long ago in his love appointed us

3 Blessed be the God and Father of his adopted sons, through Jesus The apos- our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath Christ, according to the good pleaGod for hic liberally bestowed upon us every sure of his will, to the praise of goodness to spiritual blessing in the heavenly that glorious kindness, with which 6

1 The Jews were at this time allowed to A. D. 61. He was carried prisoner to
exercise their religion in all parts of the Rome, and during the first year of his con-
Roman empire, without molestation : cir-finement there, which was not very close,
cumcised Christians were considered as Jews; he wrote this epistle to confirm the Ephe-
if uncircumcised, they were persecuted. sians in the religion of Christ, in which he
... All genuine Christians.

had instructed them, and to keep them
3 The marks of stripes and stoning, which from submitting to the Mosaical rites, by
plainly denoted him to be a' fim'and zeal- giving them the noblest, and most glorious
ous follower of Christ.

views of the gospel. The latter end of the
4 Ephesus was 'a celebrated and much epistle, according to the apostle's usual me.
frequented city of the Lesser Asia, in which thod, contains practical directions and ex-
the apostlc, having resided three years, had | hortations.
completed a very flourishing church of 5 The apostle often affectionately speaks
Christians. See Acts xix, i0, and xx, 31. I of the Gentiles under the terins we and us.



a new

CHAP. he graciously favoured us through heritance, which he hath given CHAP.

that beloved son, in whom we have you among the saints; and what is 7 redemption, even the remission of that extraordinary greatness of his 19

sins through his blood, according power towards us believers, ac8 to the riches of his favour, which cording to the working of his he hath made to overflow on us, in mighty strength, which he showed

all wisdom and understanding. in Christ, by raising him from the 20

9 Making known to us that mys-dead, and setting him at his own in offering tery of his will, according to the right hand in the heavenly dispenthem the blessings of 8

of gracious intention, long ago deter-sation, above all empire and autho- 21 the gospel, mined in himself, concerning arity, and power, and dominion,

10 dispensation to take place at the and every name that is named, not

accomplishment of the proper time, only in this but also in the future
to collect unto himself, under one age, and hath put all things in sub- 22
head, all things both in 'heaven and jection under his feet, and hath ap-

upon the earth, in Christ; in whom pointed him a head over all things
11 we also obtained our lot, under an to the church, which is his body,

appointment made long since, ac- the fullness of 'him who com- 23 cording to a purpose of him who pletely filleth all things.

performeth all things by the deter-| And God hath given life to you, CHAP. 12 mination of his own will, that we who are now dead to trespasses and

who have hoped in Christ from the sins, in which ye once walked, ac- The gospel first, might be to the praise of his glo- cording to the manners of this sy

spiritual 13 ry. In whom ye also who heard and world, in conformity to the ruler life to meng

believed the doctrine of the truth, of this empire of darkness, the or creates even the gospel of your salvation, 'spirit that now showeth its powerf

were sealed by the holy spirit of in the sons of disobedience; among
14 promise, which is an earnest of our whom we all likewise formerly led 3

inheritance, for a deliverance of our lives, in the lusts of our flesh,
those whom he hath gained out of performing the inclinations of the
the world for himself, unto the flesh, and of our perverse minds,
praise of his glory.

and were on account of our actual 15 Therefore, upon hearing the vices true children of punishment, He prays faith, which is among you in the even as the rest of the Gentiles.

y Lord Jesus, and your love to all the But God, in his abundant mercy, 4 fully sensi-saints, I cease not giving thanks in on account of the great love with ble of the your behalf, by making mention which he loved us, made us, who 5 favours

had of you in my prayers, that the Gods are now dead to sins, alive together received. of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Fa- with Christ (by favour ye are deli.

17 ther of glory, would give you a vered); and raised us up together, 6

spirit of wisdom, and of an under- and placed us together in the hea

standing of revealed truths, by a venly dispensation in Christ Jesus,
18 knowledge of himself, having the that he might show to the ages 7

eyes of your minds enlightened, so that are coming, the extraordinary
as to know what is the hope arising riches of his favour in his kind-
from his having called you, and ness to us through Jesus Christ.
what the glorious riches of that in- By favour, I say, ye are delivered 8

a fresh


they 1

? The Jews.

cessary, spiritual, and heavenly gifts. This
. The Gentiles.

is to be understood only of the time of
3 Christ, who supplieth the members of the extraordinary gifts of the holy spirit.
his spiritual body, the church, with ail ne. I ^ The prevalent temper of the world.

etween he form

Christia tate of

CHAP. through faith, and this not of your-dation of the apostles and pro- CHAP, li selves; it is the gift of God: not phets, Jesus Christ himself being

IV. 9 by works; so that no man can the chief corner-stone, by which 10 boast: for we are God's workman- the whole building, fitly joined to-21

ship, created in Christ Jesus unto gether, is growing up into a holy
good works, for which God pre temple in the Lord, by which ye 29
pared us long since, that we might also are built up together into a
walk in then.

spiritual habitation of God. 11 Wherefore, remember that ye For this cause I Paul am the pri- CHAP. Contrast were once Gentiles in the flesh, soner of Christ Jesus in behalf of 111.

, called uncircumcision, by that the Gentiles, inasmuch as ye have He prays Gentile and which is called circumcision in the heard of the dispensation of that that they

al may be dutresent flesh, a circumcision made with kindness of God, which hath been ly sensible

he hands : and were at that time shown ineon your account. Where- of the love iphesians. without Christ, aliens from the fore I pray that I may not faint in of

of Clirist. 12 community of Israel, and strangers these my tribulations for you, which

to the 'covenants : having 110 hope are your glory, as being endured

of the promise, and without God; for your sukes, and for the same 14 13 men of this world. But now ye, cause I bend my knees to the Fa

who were once afar off, are come ther, by whose name the whole fa- 15

near through the blood of Christ. mily in heaven and earth is called,
14 For he is our reconciliation ; he that he would grant you, according 16

hath made both parties one, and to his glorious riches, to be strength-
destroyed that sign of enmity, the ened with power through his spi-

*partition wall which kept them rit, in the inward man, so that 17 15 asunder, having abolished through Christ may dwell through faith in

his body the cause of enmity, even your hearts; and that being root-
the law of the commandments conced, and founded in love, ye and all 18
sisting in ordinances, so as to cre- the saints may be able to compre-
ate of the two one new man in hend the breadth, and length, and

himself, by making peace between depth, and height of the goodness of 16 Jews and Gentiles; and so as to God in calling the Gentiles, and to

reconcile them both, now become know the love of Christ, which in- 19

one body unto God, after slaying deed surpasseth knowledge; so that 17 the enmity by the cross, and com- ye may be filled with all the’fulness

ing to preach glad tidings of peace of God. Now unto him who 'is 20

to you afar off, and to them at able to do very abundantly above 18 hand ; for through him we both all that we ask or think, according

have this admission to the Father to the power displayed in us, to 21
by one spirit.

him be glory in the church by Christ 19 So then ye are no longer strangers Jesus, through all generations for hristians and sojourners, but fellow-citizens ever. Amen.

ly with the saints, and of the house. I therefore, a prisoner on account CHAP. la temple, hold of God, built upon the foun- of the Lord, bescech you, that ye


1 The patriarchal and Mosaic covenants, 4 This language, as in the former pawhich promised the Messiah.

ragraph, is taken from architecture. The • Alluding to the wall in the temple, foundations of stately buildings, like the which the Gentiles were not permitted to temples at Jerusalem and Ephesus, were pass.

deeply laid. 3 The spiritual dispensation of the gos- 5Every perfection which God can compel, which was one and the same to Jews municate. and Gentiles,

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