a les segretli the word, and All these things spake Jesus to CHAP

dereth it, who accordingly the multitudes in parables, and each fint, and bringeth forth, without a parable lhe spake not un- 34 se & hundred, one sixty, one to them. This was fulfilled the 35

word of the prophet, saying, " I Fejut forth to them another pa- will open my mouth in parables, I a les sering, "The kingdom of will atter things kept secret from

rearea is like a man who sowed the foundation of the world."

sest seed in his field ; and during Then Jesus left the multitudes 36
the time of sleep, his enemy came and went into the house, and his Parable of
aut sewe weeds among the wheat, disciples came near to him, saying, so

Sy explained. 15 and went way. So when the " Explain to as the parable of the

Jade srang ap, and brought forth weeds in the field. And he an-37 fruit, then appeared the weeds also swered, “The sower of the good then the servants of the houshold seed is the Son of man ; the field is 38 came near, and said unto him, the world; the good seed are the

is didst to not sow good seed children of the kingdom : and the istio field, whence then hath it weeds are the children of the evil saese weeds And he said unto one; the enemy who sowed the 39

Eren, An enemy hath done this. seeds is the devil; the harvest is the The servants said unto him, Wilt end of the world, and the reapers know, therefore, that we go and are the angels. As therefore the 40 o pick them out But he said, weeds are picked out and burned

Xay, lest whilst you pick out the up in a fore, so will it be at the end Keeds, ye root ap the wheat with of this world. The Son of man 41 sofaen. Let both grow together un- will send forth his angels, and they

til the harvest, and in the time of will gather out of his kingdom all harvest I will say to the reapers, the faithless and the workers of iniGather together first the weeds, I quity, and will cast them into a 42 und bind them in bundles to burn furnace of fire: there will be wailing then, bat lay up the wheat in my and gnashing of teeth. Then will 43 bam?

the righteous shine forth like the 31 He put forth to them another sun in the kingdom of their Father. o we garde, saving, “ The kingdom of He that hath ears to hear, let him si se heaven is like a grain of mustard hear.

seed, which is indeed one of the “Again, the kingdom of heaven is 44
2 enlles kinds of seeds; but when I like treasure hidden in a field, which Hidden
it is own up, it is one of the when a man hath found, he shideth treasures

greatest of herbs, and becometh it, and for joy thereof goeth and
a tree, so that the birds of the air selleth all that he hath, and buyeth

come and roost in its branches,” the field.

33 He spake to them another para- “Again, the kingdom of heaven is 45 of lessen, ble, “The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking goodly Goodly

like leaven which a woman took, pearls, who when he hath found pearls. and mixed with three measures of one of great price, sold all that he 46 meal, till the whole was leavened.” had, and bought it.

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CHAP. “ Again, the kingdom of heaven in prison because of Herodias his CHAP.
XIV. 1:
at is like a net cast into the sea, and brother Philip's wife: for Johnhad 1
The net, gathering together fishes of every often said to him, “ It is not law-

48 kind : Which when it was filled ful for thee to have her.” And he 5

men drew to shore, and sitting wished to put him to death, but

down gathered the good into ves- feared the multitude, because they 49 sels, but cast the bad away. So it accounted John as a prophet. But 6

will be in the end of the world; the when Herod's birth-day was kept,
angels will come forth and separate the daughter of Herodias danced

the wicked from the righteous, and before them, and pleased Herod ; 50 cast them into a furnace of fire ; upon which he promised with an 7

there will be wailing and gnashing oath to give her whatever she should 51 of teeth. Jesus saith unto them, ask. But she being set on by her 8

“ Understand ye all these things ?” mother, saith, “Give me here the 52 They say unto him, “Yes, master.” head of John the Baptist on a dish."

Then said he unto them, “ There- And the king was sorry, yet be- 9 fore every scribe or teacher of cause of the oath and the guests, he truth that is instructed for the ordered it to be given her; and 10 kingdom of heaven, is like a house sent to have John beheaded in the holder who bringeth out of his prison. And the head was brought 11

treasury, 'things new and old.” on a dish, and given to the damsel,
53 And, when Jesus had finished who carried it to her mother. Then 12
Treatment these parables, he departed thence; his disciples went and took away
his towns-
Soy and when he was come to Naza- the body and buried it, and came

reth his own town, he taught in and told Jesus. When Jesus heard 13
their synagogues in such a manner that his fame had reached the ear's
that they were astonished,and said, I of Herod, he withdrew thence in

“Whence hath this man such wis- a vessel tó a lonely place privately, 55 dom and these miracles? Is not but the multitudes heard of it and

this the carpenter's son? is not his followed him by land from the
mother called Mary? and his bre cities,

thren James and Joses, and Simon And Jesus went out of the vessel, 14 56 and Judas ? and are not all his and saw a great multitude, and had First miras

sisters with us? whence then hath pity on them, and cured their sick. Cle of the 57 this man all these things ?" And And in the evening his disciples 15

they revolted at him. And Jesus came to him, saying, “ This is a
said unto them, “A teacher is not lonely place, and the day is far
without honour, except in his own spent, send the multitudes away,

town and in his own family.” that they may go to the towns and
53 And he did not many mighty works buy themselves food.” But Jesus 16

there, because of their unbelief. said unto them, “ They need not CHAP. At that time? Herod the Tetrarch go, do you give them food to cat."

* heard of the fame of Jesus, and said | And they say unto him, “ We have 17 Account of to his servants, "This is John the l here but five loaves and two fishes." of Sokot the Baptist ; he is risen from the dead, He said, “ Bring them hither to 18 Baptist. and therefore these mighty works me.” And when he had com- 19

are wrought by him.” For Herod manded the multitudes to sit down
had apprehended John and put him on the grass, he took the five

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Instructions suited to each person's case of what was before under the dominion of

Herod Antipas, son of Herod the Great. one person.
Tetrarch signifies a ruler over a fourth part


CHAP. loaves, and two fishes, and looking wind ceased. Then they who were CHAP.

up to heaven blessed God, and in the vessel came and did him *
brake the loaves, and gave them to obeisance, saying, “ Truly thou

his disciples, and the disciples to art a Son of God."
20 the multitudes. And they all ate! And they passed over and came 34

and were filled ; and twelve pan-into the country of Gennesaret. Cures great

niers full of the remaining frag- | And when the men of that place mul 21 ments were taken away. And they knew him again, they sent into all 35

who had eaten were about five the country round about, and
thousand men, besides women and brought unto him all who were dis-

ordered ; and these besought him 36
22 And immediately Jesus con- that they might touch only the
Jesus strained his disciples to get into the border of his garment, and as
walketh on vessel, and go before him farther many as touched it were perfectly
the water.

on, while he sent the multitudes cured. 23 away ; and when he had sent the Then come near to Jesus, Scribes CHAP,

xv. multitudes away, he went up a and Pharisees from Jerusalem, say

mountain apart to pray, and was ing, “Why do thy disciples trans- Replies to 24 there in the evening alone. But gress the tradition of their forefa- the objec

ation about the vessel was now in the midst of thers? for they wash not their washing.

the lake, tossed by the waves; for hands when they eat bread ?" But 3 25 the wind was contrary. And in he answered, “Why do ye also set

the 2 fourth watch of the night Jeaside the commandment of God by

sus went to them, walking on the your tradition ? For God com-4 26 lake; and when the disciples saw manded, saving, Honour thy Exod.

him walking on the lake, they father and inother; and he who IX, 12. were troubled, saying, “It is an revileth father or mother shall be xxi. 21.

apparition;" and they cried output to death.' But ye teach, that 5 27 through fear. But Jesus immedi- a man may say to his father or his

ately said unto them, “ Take cou-mother, that by which I might 28 rage, it is I, be not afraid," and have profited thee is an offering to

Peter answered him, and said, God, and so not honour his father

« Master, if it be thou, bid me come or his mother. Thus ye have made 6 : 29 to thee on the water ;” and he the commandment of God of none

said, “ Come;" so Peter went effect by your tradition. Ye hypo-7

down from the vessel, and walked crites, well did Isaiah prophesy of 30 on the water towards Jesus. But you, saying, ". This people hon-8

perceiving the wind boisterous, he oureth me with their lips, while Isaiah was afraid, and when he began to their heart is far from me, but in XXIX. 13.

sink, he cried out, saying, “ Master, vain do they worship me teaching 9
31 save me.” And immediately Jesus doctrines which are only the com-

stretched forth his hand, and mandments of men." And he 10
caught him, and saith unto him, called to him the multitude and

“ O thou of little faith, wherefore said unto them, 6 Hear and under-
32 didst thou doubt?” And when stand. Not that which goeth into 11

they had entered the vessel, the the mouth 4 defileth a man, but that

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4 No kind of meat or drink makes a man Sometime between three and six in the sinful, but the quantity may through intemmorning.

I perance, which is a vice of the mind.


AP which proceedeth out of the mouth and did him obeisance, saying, CHAP. defileth a man.”

1" Master, help me!" But he an- XV. 12 Then his disciples came to him swered, “ It is not right to take Pharisees and said, “Knowest thou that the the children's bread, and throw it cased. Pharisees when they heard thy dis- to the 4 dogs," and she said, 27 13 course revolted at thee!' And he's True, master ; and yet the dogs

answered, “ Every plant which eat of the crumbs which fall from

my Father hath not planted shall their master's table.” Then Jesus 28 14 be rooted up. Regard them not, I answered, “O) woman! great is

they are blind leaders of the blind. thy faith, be it unto thee as thou
But if one blind man lead another, wishest," and her daughter was well

they will both fall into a pit.” from that very moment. 15 Then answered Peter, and said unto Then Jesus departed thence and 29 .

him, “ Explain to us that saying came near the lake of Galilee, and

which displeased the Pharisees. went up a mountain, and sat down

16 And Jesus said, “ Are ye also yet there. And great multitudes came 30 Nature of without understanding ? do ye not near to him, having with them lame heyet perceive that whatsoever enter- people, blind, dumb, those that

eth into the mouth goeth into the had lost a limb, and many others,

stomach, and passeth through the and laid them down at Jesus's feet, 18 body into the vault! But those and he' cured them : so that the 31

things which proceed out of the multitudes wondered when they

mouth come forth from the heart, perceived that the dumb spake, 19 and defile the man ! For out of those who had lost a limb were

the heart proceed evil thoughts, made whole, the lame walked, and
murders, adulteries, fornications, the blind saw; and they glorified

thefts, false testimonies, evil speak- the God of Israel.
20 ing. These are the things that de- ! Then Jesus called his disciples 32

file the man, but to eat with un- unto him, and said, “I have com- Second
washen hands defileth not a man.” I passion on the multitude because

the loaves. 21 Then Jesus went thence and they have now continued with me withdrew into the parts about Tyre three days, and have nothing to eat,

a l i 22 and Sidon. And behold a Cana- and I am unwilling to send them

anitish woman coming from the away fasting, lest they grow faint
borders of that country, cried out, on the road.” And his disciples 33
and said unto him, " ()! Master. say unto him, “Whence should
thou son of David ! have pity on we have so many loaves in the de-
me, my daughter is grievously af- sert, as to satisfy so great a multi-

flicted with a demon.” But he tude ?” And Jesus saith unto 34 23 answered her not a word. And his them, 6 How many loaves have

disciples came near, and besought ye?" And they said, “ Seven,
him, saying, “? Send her away, and a few small fishes,” And he 35

for she cometh crying after us." commanded the multitudes to sit
24 Then he answered, “I am not down on the ground: And when 36

sent but to the lost sheep of the he had taken the seven loaves and 25 house of Israel.” Then she came the fishes, and given thanks to

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CHAP. God, he brake them, and gave to seven loaves of the four thousand, CHAP. V. his disciples, and the disciples to and how many baskets full ye took 37 the multitude. So they all ate and away? How is it that ye do not 11

were satisfied, and seven baskets perceive that I meant not bread

full of remaining fragments were when I told you to beware of the 38 taken away. Now they that had leaven of the Pharisees and Saddu

eaten, were four thousand men, cecs ?” Then they understood 12
39 besides women and children. And that he did not bid them beware of

he sent away the multitudes and the leaven of bread, but of the
went into a vessel, and came into doctrine of the Pharisees and Sad-
the-borders of Magdala.

CHAP. And the Pharisees and Sadducees Now when Jesus came into the 13

do came to try him by asking him to parts of Cesarea in the 3 dominion Peter acPharisees show them a sign from heaven. of Philip, he asked his disciples, kn

in re. But he answered them quire a

and said, saying, “ Whom do the people say Jesus to be sign,

"When it is evening, ye say it that I the son of man am !” And the Christ,
3 will be fair weather, for the sky is they said, “ Some say John the or Messiah,
red, and in the morning, it will be Baptist, some Elijah, and others 113
rainy weather to-day, for the sky is Jeremiah, or one of the prophets."
red and gloomy. Ye hypocrites, He saith unto them, “ But whom 15
ye know how to discern the face of say ye that I am." Simon Peter 16

the sky, but can ye not discern the answered, “ Thou art the Christ,
4. signs of the times ? An evil and the son of the living God." And 17
wicked generation seeketh after a Jesus answered, “ Happy art thou
sign, but no sign shall be given it Simon, son of Jonah, for 4 flesh
except the sign of Jonah the pro- and blood hath not revealed this to
phet.” And he left them and went thee, but my Father who is in hea-

ven. And I also say unto thee, 18 5 Now when his disciples were that thou art truly named Peter, Caution come to the other side of the lake, which is by interpretation a rock..

mit the they found that they had forgot and upon thee as a rock along with the Phaii- ten to bring any bread with them. my other Apostles I will build my sces. Then Jesus said unto them, “ See church, and the gates or authority

that ye beware of the leaven, of the of those who have the power of in-
7 Pharisees and Sadducees. And they ficting death shall not prepai!
reasoned among themselves, say- against it. And I will give unto 19

ing, “ This is, because we have thee the keys of the kingdom of
8 brought no bread with us." When heaven, that thou mayest admit
Jesus perceived it, he said unto converts into it, and whatsoever
them, “O ye of little faith! why thou shalt bind or declare obliga-
reason ye among yourselves, be tory on earth shall be bound in

cause ye have brought no bread! heaven, and whatsoever thou shali 9 Do ye not yet understand? Do loose on earth, shall be loosed in

ve not remember the five loaves of heaven.” Then he charged his

the five thousand ; and how many disciples to tell no man that he was 10 panniers full ye took up; nor the the Christ.


i The signs or proofs of this being the 3 Thus distinguished from another Cesarea time of the appearance of the Messiah among on the coast of the Mediterranean. you.

4 It is not a mere human conjecture, That is, the bad doctrine of the Phari- but an inference derived in a wise and honest sees ; sometimes it is used for bad practice manner from the miracles which God enables and example.

Ime to do.

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